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If you can believe in your real beginning, you will know thyself.

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If you can believe in your real beginning, you will know thyself.

Knowing thyself is said to be the main way of gaining knowledge.

I took my wife time travelling, mentally that is, the other night, from our present time, down to where she first became aware of herself as alive. Her “I am” moment.

At her present time, I had her admit that she was working towards her best possible end to her life. Just as I and all those who are reading this do. We do this perpetually and constantly.

I then had her follow her timeline back to her beginning, having to admit that her best end was always her prime focus, as it is with all life. Amendment. She agreed to all times except for the “I am”. I don’t know what to make of this lack of logic after following a plain logic trail. This aside.

“I am”, read that as “you and I”, is quite selfish. Universal this in life.

Some thank God. I thank nature and my God, I am, should he/I end in being real.

We are all expressed by our DNA and chemistry. It produces a material dualism that has most of us thinking in a body soul way. 95%.

What is the best end to our bodies, given that our DNA is telling us we are the best of breed?

Read that as King or Queen, or Alpha/Beta in our physical animal reality.

What is the best end for our bodies and souls is that we should try to become leaders of humans?

What is the best end for our souls is to become leader of heaven. Remember that Jesus dethroning his father.

We are all born wanting to be masters of both the physical world, and the other imagined supernatural world, should it be real.

I still have my initial desire to show my best of breed fitness in both the physical and spiritual realms. I still want to be King or God.

Do you?

What are you doing to further your first thinking and goal in life on becoming our next King/God or Queen/Goddess?

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