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What Canadians don't want. A higher population through immigration

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12 hours ago, RedDog said:

As a disabled retiree, on nice summer day I relax on a coffee patio with a similar friend on the fringe of downtown to solve world problems.

It’s impossible not to notice able bodied Somali men in their 20s, 30s and 40s on the patio drinking coffee and yelling in jibberish all afternoon.

The Somalis have overrun the nearby Ho Chi Mihn Trail (107 ave) which is now all Somali. (Where did the Vietnamese go?) It’s all Somali now.

My point is, why are grown men sipping coffee all afternoon in the sun? Why aren’t they working?

More importantly, how did they get into Canada in the first place to sip coffee in the sun all day?

Somalis prefer not to work, it seems. If compared to other refugees, even other refugees from cosmopolitan middle east countries like Afghanistan or African gems like Ethiopia Somalis stand out for their lack of employment. 81% of Chinese refugees are employed after five and ten years. For Vietnamese and and Columbians its about 71% It's 74% for Pakistanis. For Somali men - a meagre 41% are employed after ten years. In fact, the longer they're here, the less they work. They're the only group whose employment numbers fall from their first year to their fifth year to their tenth year.

Maybe they're just all out selling drugs and shooting each other down in the streets. I'm given to understand they do that a lot.


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4 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

We don't need refugees, we take them in...

While thousands of Canadians are in tents or under tarps and ER wards have taxpayers sleeping on the floor. People who paid taxes all their lives.

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As useful as immigration may be, but it can be very harmful if we are not selective on who comes to Canada and will be a voter in three years time. We do not want those with no respect for women or no respect for other religions or no respect fort equality and rights to be citizens and policy makers in this country. In addition those with extreme political or religious views should be banned from coming to Canada. 

Also the high number of immigration has pushed up housing prices so that Canadians themselves cannot afford housing. It is simple logic. You do not invite strangers to your home when you don't have room for your own kids lol.

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