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A change card in the big US political game


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That’s the role Kazakhstan is performing now under USA guidance. America unlike Russia and some neighbor countries is not our strategic partner both economically and politically. Americans mostly need us as sort of counterbalance or lobby structure or means of blackmail roughly in two paradigms. They call this ‘policy of responses to the situations’. One paradigm is that of their sophisticated relationship with Russia. The other one relates American vigorous penetration into Central Asia and its intention to influence such regional organizations as CIS, SOC, CSTO and others. Frankly speaking, this role for my country doesn’t make me so much happy. I wouldn’t like our long standing links with Russia and our other old allies in the region damaged by this role.

What makes me worry most is that Kazakhstan has been more and more involved into American orbit. Look how it stays. Presently there are 400 joint American-Kazakhstan ventures acting in this country and 100 or so companies wholly belonging to Americans. And they all are tools to define both domestic and foreign trends in major areas of Kazakhstan economy and politics. American lobby is very aggressive in Kazakhstan’s Parliament and Government. This ‘backstage government’ is firmly on guard of American interests in this country. Umpteen American NGOs here serve the same aim. Most worrisome is that our legal government is acting on the American nod as well. Further, I know of the practice initiated by American citizen James Griffen by the name. He claims to be a businessman but actually his major is planning of ‘special assistance programs’. And American ambassador Elizabeth Jones has been always very helpful with this effort. So during last 10 years the man by means of special ‘grants and subsides’ (‘bribes’ fit better) has been moving Kazakh officials from one position to another. Actually he has been in charge of career rotations of first-rate officials in ‘sovereign Kazakhstan’ (?)! The echo of it may soon come as rather unpleasant revelation for president Nazarbaev.

Other programs worked out by ‘Langley CIA wizards’ for our ‘newly independent nation’ make rather a long list, e.g. ‘assistance in export control and guard of borders’, ‘bio-industrial initiative’, ’50 year plan of military cooperation’, ‘foreign military investing and international military training and education’ and so on and so forth. Well, my favorite in the list is ‘adjustment of air defence and air space control system with its NATO analogue’. Is it exactly what Kazakhstan needs at the moment to develop into a well-off state?

Btw all those programs come costly to American congress. But I guess money is no problem for it when ‘loyalty’ of Kazakhstan’s political elite is at stake!

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