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The last one... Canada better get used to

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Productivity at the bottom among the developed economies of the world.

The only country in G7 without high-speed trains.

GDP per capita as purchasing power: in the third dozen. But what would it be if the resource economy is taken out? How far from the absolute bottom?

Political system a boring and stagnating dead end.

Complacency and entrenchment in the past is never a good answer in a dynamic, rapidly changing environment. The country is moving into the third world tier and rapidly. The time is to see and act, but who or what can and will?

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We live in the 'land of plenty' . . . food and fuel in abundance, yet we collectively cower when foreign and domestic elected dipshits shame us into believing we can do nothing without their exalted guidance. We've become a sad land of blind and gullible sheep.  We don't deserve the gifts this land has for us.  Go hide under the bed . . . .

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1 hour ago, Contrarian said:

Get involved, help around, and vote, but can you really trust a politician?

The short answer is: no. And then why would anyone thinking rationally and clearly want to "get involved" with a squirrel wheel that never changes anything and cannot, factually for the very reason that is was designed, deliberately and consciously to prevent and avoid any meaningful change? Sounds like a brainless exercise to me.

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14 minutes ago, Contrarian said:

present solutions where you are then

I am doing just that. To escape evolutionary dead end you need to change, and in a meaningful, essential way. You don't want to. You'd rather not to. OK that is a choice and choices have consequences. Nothing else I could do or want to.

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2 minutes ago, Contrarian said:

Conservatives in the current framework, in a way I am unwilling to change? I am part the problem it seems. 

So, in other words, I am collaborating with the current system

Up to here: you are complacent and unwilling to observe objectively that the current system is inadequate to reflect and manage interests of a complex modern society. So yes, in a way, collaborating.

Then, it's your choice. It's nothing to do with me. But it will have clear consequences for you. A system that cannot adapt and evolve generally cannot be successful in the long term. Nothing to do with me. Only the law of evolution.

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Yeah that was about the most overkill show of power the arsehole managed. Even outdid the 'liberating' of an island the size of a postage stamp, selling drugs for Contra guns and convincing the Ayatollah to not release the hostages until Carter was gone.

But then again, his faults pale to the braggardly incompetence of the Orange 1diot.

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