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Animals as Pets

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On 10/17/2023 at 1:40 PM, impartialobserver said:

I am in the minority in that I have zero desire to have an animal in my house. Dogs are overrated IMHO

Many self-centered older American men are happy with a Filipina wife.

You know, like Woody Allen: Whatever works

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7 minutes ago, August1991 said:

We eat meat.

Not necessarily. Some are vegetarians. This is a thing that is modern and many youth are into this. They choose to avoid meat out of reverence for life. They will eat meat alternatives made of vegetable protein. Gives me indigestion but to each his own I say, you can still eat your chicken on a bun. I might eat one, or maybe be more modern and eat a tofu sandwich, which is fine with a little barbeque sauce.   ;)

We have two support animals. They display some degree of intelligence and they are affectionate. Always in a good mood and happy to see you. They also read your mood, and can sense when you are upset. Living with these creatures I learned they are intelligent and emotional, which changed my attitude towards animals and human beings.

Actually I like 'em better than you's guys.

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When I lost my wife, the dog kept my sanity. Would've sunk into a long dark depression if not for BarK! Bark!
Feed me!
Take me for a walk.
Let's go visit your daughter;s dog.
Go for a car ride
Let me on the bed, I'll cuddle you.
It's time for Hudson & Rex woof woof

He's also spent since spring doing bear patrol all along the edges of the property if I
step outside in the evening. And no one has to press the doorbell, he's it.
Disposer of pepperoni butt ends, sharer of peanuts & popcorn. Strikes fear into the hearts of BabyBel cheeses.

If you don't understand the value of pets, you never will. I was always a cat person, this is the first dog that adopted me.



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On 10/25/2023 at 11:58 PM, herbie said:

When I lost my wife, the dog kept my sanity.

I have to agree. After my first divorce, that pet was a welcomed distraction.

My best friend lost a fiancee in a surfing accident (fell off her board and in a freak accident, snapped her neck).

That was life altering for him. He struggled with substances, homelessness, but for him, it was the birth of his daughter that turned things around for him.

The power of companionship, or just having something to live for.

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On 6/29/2023 at 7:56 PM, August1991 said:

Imagine: My mother used to refer to barn cats and house cats.

Many farmers have barn cats and house cats. Barn cats keep the rodents in check but you wouldn't want most of them in your home. My daughter has barn cats on their farm but there is only one cat allowed in the house. 

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My last cat was something, communicated well and taught my dog everything when he was a pup. How to use the doggie door, how to open those gentle push doors and cupboards. How to do your business outside etc.

Got a kick how it used to run back and forth meowing and lead me to what it wanted. Look! The dog's out of crunchies. His water's out and he's too little to drink from the toilet.. I want a taste of what you're cooking... etc.
The dog's 5 now and still learning to communicate with humans. Finally knows to bark w different tones

- Someone's at the door (so Hicksville here the hillbillies don't know what doorbells are)
- there's a bear in the yard
- pick me up, let's GO somewhere etc.

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Used to have a hobby farm.

Remembering my girl chowing down and telling her Granma "We're eating Barney's bum!"
The kids named all the pigs after fat TV stars. Norm was the boar that liked beer in his trough at fire pit parties.
We had rabbits too, after eating one the ex gave all the live rabbits away to kids in the area. Their parents still hate her for that.
Chickens were for eggs.

At the time, meat in the store was far less than the cost of raising food animals. Too much work as well, the ex was zero help and the kids lost interest so we moved to town. She went back to the big city where people live in little boxes by a mall and mock property owners.

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