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Canadians forced to pay $35 million for Pope's visit

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18 hours ago, -TSS- said:

Christianity is on decline all over the western world and no other creed as much as catholicism. Somewhat telling that the church in France must import its priests from its former colonies as the French people no longer want to be priests.

According to this Wikipedia item, whether it is declining is actually quite complicated and depends on the country and various factors.

Surprisingly in a Communist country like China, the article says Christianity is increasing but they don't have accurate statistics.  Of course that's not the western world.

However, these forecasts lack reliable data on religious conversion in China, but according to media reports and expert assessments, it is possible that the rapid growth of Christianity in China may maintain, or even increase, the current numerical advantage of Christianity as the largest religion in the world.[11"

So while it may be declining in many advanced first world countries, the article seems to be saying it may be in increasing in Africa, and in the southern hemisphere.   

There is also the question of which denominations are declining.  Some of the very large denominations, that are unbiblical, may be declining as more people in advanced countries decide they are non-religious, but some smaller more biblical denominations may actually be growing.  There also may be many people who don't belong to a denomination or attend a church for various reasons, that may be Bible believers, who would not be counted in surveys.  Covid and other viruses is still a risk of meeting in large groups like churches for older and immuno- compromised people.  The statistics may not be very accurate.

Decline of Christianity in the Western world - Wikipedia

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You're right. Secularisation is a very western thing. Elsewhere in the world, especially in the so-caklled third world countries, religion still reigns supreme.

However, speaking of catholicism in the western world nobody can deny it's gone down and fast. In Ireland only in the 1960's the mass -attendance was 90%-ish. These days it is like 10% and a few years ago they legalised abortion.

Poland has a reputation of being a devoutly catholic country. They still have banned abortion but they have a very low birth-rate. Pure catholics reject contraception.

Either most Polish people don't care about the church's position on contraception or most Polish people are virgins. Guess which alternative is more likely.

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You probably know better than me about catholicism in Central- America and South-America whether it is still as strong as it used to be some decades ago. I honestly don't know.

However, here ion Europe the Catholic Church is in a steep decline.


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We see the real reason why Canadians are forced to pay 35 million dollars for the Pope's tour in Canada.

Premier Legault today, Easter Monday, in a tweet pointed to Catholicism as an important and unique part of Quebec's history. 

"Legault on Monday morning shared on Twitter a column by nationalist writer Mathieu Bock-Côté, who suggested that Quebec's Catholic past enshrined in its people a culture of solidarity that distinguishes them on the continent."

While claiming to support secularism, Legault, Trudeau, and other Papist liberal political leaders gladly fork over 35 million dollars of Canadian taxpayer money for the Papal PR visit.

Premier Legault and Pope.jpg

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Canada bows and scrapes to the Pope and pays 35 million dollars for a papal visit to Canada.  Yet their scandals never seem to end.  The government stopped funding Hockey Canada because of sexual abuses and the way they were handled.  Why are we still funding Catholic schools and paying for papal visits?

Scandals that the Catholic Church doesn't want you to know about (msn.com)

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Strange how the federal government claims to be opposed to sexual abuse while they paid 35 million dollars of taxpayer money for the Pope's visit to Canada recently.

"There have been many cases of sexual abuse of children by priests, nuns, and other members of religious life in the Catholic Church. In the 20th and 21st centuries, the cases have involved many allegations, investigations, trials, convictions, acknowledgement and apologies by Church authorities, and revelations about decades of instances of abuse and attempts by Church officials to cover them up.[3] The abused include mostly boys but also girls, some as young as three years old, with the majority between the ages of 11 and 14.[4][5][6][7] "

Catholic Church sexual abuse cases - Wikipedia

The allegation is often made by defenders of the Catholic church that sexual abuse is just as bad or worse in Protestant churches.   However, this is doubtful because it ignores the reality that the Catholic church forbids it's priests to marry.  They are required to take a vow of celibacy and remain unmarried.  That is completely unnatural and is a major cause of temptation.

Priests are also in the position where their congregants are put in a position of trusting them as they confess to them privately.  People go to the confessional and are required to confess all their personal sins to the priest.  This gives the priest a certain power over every person under them.  This is not a part of the Protestant churches belief system.  In fact there are no priests in Protestant churches.  Ministers are permitted to marry and have families which means they are in a completely different situation.


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