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This is the Beginning of the End ...


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In the meantime, dear #Northern, the war in Lebanon has got back on track , the one that went on hiatus in the 1980s, and which reduced a country that was considered the Switzerland of the Middle East to rubble: and in fact it was, having that country adopted, on a small scale, the same development model as Bern, that is, it had specialized in holding the sack, with its banks, against all the drug dealers, arms traffickers, mafiosi, corrupt, corrupters, pimps, various cutthroats and international tax evaders. And all this happens in a country that is already on the verge of bankruptcy. These continuous attacks, which correspond to an immediate (and automatic) retaliation by Israeli fighter-bombers, can only bring that prophecy closer: Jerusalem will be surrounded ...(1)

In the meantime, dear #Northern, the war in

1) From my Sacred Reference Text:

The siege

[20] But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know that its devastation is near. [21] Then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, those who are within the city leave it, and those in the country not return to the city; [22] for there will be days of vengeance, for all that has been written to be fulfilled.

The catastrophe and the times of the pagans

[23] Woe to women who are pregnant and nursing in those days, because there will be great calamity in the land and wrath against this people. [24] They will fall by the edge of the sword and be led captive among all the peoples; Jerusalem will be trampled on by the pagans until the times of the pagans are fulfilled.

Attack in Tel Aviv, an Italian tourist killed


"... An Italian tourist, Alessandro Parini, 35 years old from Rome, was killed in an attack carried out with a car thrown into the crowd on the Tel Aviv seafront , not far from the Italian embassy. In the attack there are at least 7 wounded, including British and two other Italians, "not serious". Confirming the identity of the Italian victim and the wounding of the other two was Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, who spoke to Parini's father to express closeness and condolences. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni also expressed her "deep condolences" for the death of Alessandro Parini and expressed "closeness to the victim's family, to the wounded, and solidarity with the State of Israel for the cowardly attack that hit him" ..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)

... and the Israeli Government, with this blatant attack, sees all its efforts to promote international tourism on its beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, and on that small stretch on the Red Sea, thwarted. Listen to me #Northern, this barefoot tour , all around the house, are you doing it, or not...?


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xenu wrote:Serafino I had already asked you but you didn't answer me so I'll try again: from the catastrophic messages you post it seems that you are worried. But what do you care, you know what a bang if the whole world exploded?

If you've noticed, I carry on my speeches inside four different shoes, or rather in 4 different languages. I rarely reply to someone, when someone asks me a question. And I do it, here and there, to try not to hurt anyone.

Am I worried? Yes and no. In the sense that I'm worried, because I'm sure I'll (and we'll) soon end up badly. But at the same time, I don't give a damn. I, roughly speaking, am as concerned as that caterpillar ...

Enlarge this imageClick here to view it at its original size.
What if things start to go downhill…?  - Page 14 Butterfly-and-cocoon-26051825

... who does not rest at the fact that he will soon have to leave his cocoon : afterwards, there is something immensely better. The Earth, the Carpenter's Son explained to us, in relation, is only the stool on which the Eternal Father rests his feet. Only, I've already copied it at least twenty times, all this mess, which has already begun, will twist more and more on itself, and things will get worse and worse. And he will not stop tormenting us until we have fulfilled that task which, if you read carefully, he has commanded us. Yes, we have always given a damn about these things, soon, willy-nilly, they will become our only obsession. You will become worse than me ... (1)

1) From my Sacred Reference Text:


[1] As Jesus went out of the temple, his disciples came to him to show him the buildings of the temple. [2] Jesus said to them, "Do you see all these things? Truly I tell you, there will not be stone upon stone that will not be torn down."

[3] And sitting down on the Mount of Olives, his disciples came to him and said to him privately, "Tell us when these things will be, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the world."

The onset of pain

[4] Jesus answered, “See that no one deceives you; [5] many will come in my name, saying, I am the Christ, and will deceive many. [6] Then you will hear of wars and rumors of wars. Be careful not to be alarmed; all of this needs to happen, but it's not the end yet. [7] Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom; there will be famines and earthquakes in various places; [8] but all this is only the beginning of the pains. [9] Then they will hand you over to execution and kill you, and you will be hated by all peoples because of my name. [10] Many will be scandalized, and they will betray and hate one another. [11] Many false prophets will arise and deceive many; [12] for the spread of iniquity, the love of many will grow cold. [13] But whoever perseveres to the end will be saved. [14]Meanwhile this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed in all the world, as a testimony to all nations; and then the end will come .


... all the men. Everyone. From the first Eskimo who fishes at the North Pole, to the last of the natives who goes hunting in the islands of Papua New Guinea. The criterion is always the same, and it is very simple: if he has asked us to do that thing, we will do that thing. And exactly as he asked us to do. Not like our @EMV does, which filters out the gnat, and swallows entire cathedrals (complete with subway turnstiles at the entrance).

What if things start to go downhill…?  - Page 14 Icon_exclaim

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Originally posted by Amati
All world trade in all
goods, all oil, all ip gas, all
gold, anything made in China etc etc… represents yes or no 9% of daily Forex transactions ($7.5 trillion)… and globally the $ participates in almost 90% of transactions… no currency has either the liquidity or the necessary volumes… but not even remotely. That is, even if only out of
inertia, like it or not, the role of the $ will remain ' for quite some time.
It took 3-4 decades of close convergence in Europe with similar and/or complementarity economies to make L Euro and avoid the failures of multinational currencies as in the past… best wishes with this…

If you want to have a laugh with years and years of similar forecasts, all you have to do is click on the link and read the bullshit about it that all convinced forum participants have been shooting for years… all convinced

You forget one thing ...


... that this is a special time. In which things happen that have never happened in the past. Not even that gentleman I spoke to a month ago would have ever expected that almost half a meter of water would fall on his head in just two and a half hours. Still, it happened. And the car that he had parked just before in front of his garage disappeared. But another one appeared instead of him. But above his garage ...

The images of Cantiano submerged in water: "one year's rain fell"

... this morning, it was a beautiful sunny day. Yesterday, the forecast was for good weather. But half an hour ago, the sky suddenly closed, and threw down a heavy monsoon rain. So much so that I was thinking about moving the car, and putting it on that usual hill, high up. And in which, from the calculations I've made, even if a torrent were to arrive from the top of that hill, it would deviate in another direction, and would not overwhelm my car. We all blame climate change. But all these things happen for another reason. They happen because they have to happen ...


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This thing is getting more and more exciting #Northern... It's a shame that, to the two of us, they've already told us how it ends. That is, that this is not what we will have to die of. Much more, and perhaps, much worse. But not of this…

North Korea tests a submarine drone ready for a nuclear attack


”…North Korea said today that it has conducted a new test of a submarine dronefrom nuclear attack, in response to joint military exercises by the South and the United States. Testing of this "strategic underwater weapon system" took place from April 4 to 7, the official KCNA news agency said. The Haeil-2-type craft traveled a "simulated underwater distance of 1,000 kilometers," he added. North Korea announced on March 23 a first test of this unprecedented device, which could "produce a large-scale radioactive tsunami ". The weapon "detonated accurately underwater," KCNA added, stating that the test "demonstrates the reliability of the strategic submarine weapon system and its lethal strike capability"..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)

... "I foretold everything to you", this was said by the Son of the Carpenter, in front of the temple, to those who wanted information, precisely regarding these days. He told them, but he also told us both, dear #Northern. Ah, since to do the Catechists of Last Instance and Almost Out of Time, you need to get a minimum of knowledge of the Scriptures immediately, I'm putting below the links to the books of the Bible, translated into various languages. There is no time to read everything. It would be nice to do that. But you read (or reread) only the four gospels, and all the letters of the apostles. But do it, with other eyes, and other ears. The ears that begin to hear ...


The Bible (CEI version, in Italian)

The Bible (in almost all the languages of the world)
(On the site above, someone has put links to all the known translations of the bible, all reachable from a single page. Everyone searches there for the language they need, and then save that page in your computer's 'bookmarks' and cell phone)

Lots of #Northern stuff, lots of stuff. And then, in my opinion, we only have 5 and a half months to do everything. Because everything, if you've been careful, must be finished by the summer . That is, before the cold. And if it all ends in time, or if it goes over, it will all depend on us two #Northern. Plus, of course, from everyone who has read us up to here. Remember: he is looking for many reapers . In this case, for the latest crop ... (1)

1) From my Sacred Reference Text:

Mission of the seventy-two disciples

[1] After these events the Lord designated another seventy-two disciples and sent them two by two ahead of him to every city and place where he was about to go. [2] he said to them: «The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. So ask the lord of the harvest to send out laborers for his harvest. [3] Go: behold I am sending you as lambs among wolves; [4] Carry no purse, no knapsack, no sandals, and don't greet anyone along the way. [5] Whatever house you enter, first say: Peace to this house. [6] If there be a son of peace, your peace will come upon him, otherwise it will return to you. [7] Stay in that house, eating and drinking what they have, because the workman is worthy of his wages. Don't go from house to house. [8] When you enter a city and they welcome you, eat what is set before you, [9] cure the sick who are there, and tell them: The kingdom of God has drawn near to you. [10] But when you will enter a city and they will not welcome you, go out into the squares and say: [11] Even the dust of your city that clings to our feet, we shake against you; but know that the kingdom of God is near. [12] I tell you that in that day Sodom will be treated less harshly than that city.

Poverty of the crowds

[35] Jesus went about all the cities and villages, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom and curing every disease and infirmity. [36] Seeing the crowds he felt compassion for them, because they were tired and exhausted, like sheep without a shepherd. [37] he Then he said to his disciples, "The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few! [38] Ask therefore the lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest!"


Meanwhile the disciples prayed to him: «he, Rabbi, eat». [32] But he answered, "I have food to eat that you do not know." [33] And the disciples asked one another, "Has anyone brought him food?" [34] Jesus said to them, "My food is to do the will of him who sent me, and to do his work. [35]Do you not say: There are still four months and then comes the harvest? Behold, I say to you: Lift up your eyes and see the fields that are already white for the harvest . [36] And he who reaps receives wages and reaps fruit for eternal life, so that he who sows and he who reaps may enjoy it together. [37] Here indeed the saying is fulfilled: one sows and one reaps. [38] I have sent you to reap what you have not tilled; others worked and you took over their work .'



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The Chinese do not stop. Will the Americans stop them...?

Taiwan, Chinese military maneuvers: 9 warships and 71 fighters test total encirclement


"... Nine warships and 71 aircraft were detected near Taiwan, part of which crossed the midline of the strait separating the island from the mainland, the island's defense ministry said. The planes included Chengdu J-10, Shenyang J-11 and Shenyang J-16 jet fighters, it said. "This is a serious warningagainst collusion and provocation between the separatist forces of 'Taiwan independence' and external forces", reads a statement by the People's Liberation Army (PLA). The "Joint Sword" exercises are "a necessary action to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” The Taiwanese military said missile defense systems had been activated and air and sea patrols sent to track the Chinese aircraft. jeopardize regional security and stability", reads a statement from the Ministry of Defense..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)

... and if the Chinese do what they have threatened,i.e. these boardings with their Coast Guard are starting to take place, what's going on #Northern, we're starting to firing gunboats...?


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Here you go, dear #Northern, after rekindling the conflict with the Gaza Strip, and starting the war again with Lebanon, here is Israel starting to bomb Syria . The why, by now, you know better than me. Only Jordan and Egypt would be missing, and then we went back to the sixties. That is, as happened in those years, it would be surrounded again by all its enemies ...

Israel responds to rocket fire from Syria. Tensions skyrocket in the Al-Aqsa mosque


"... Israel's artillery has responded to rocket fire from Syria. It is the sparse statement from the Tel Aviv army. Shortly before the response attack, alarm sirens had sounded in several locations: in Natur and Avnei Eitan in the Golan Heights. One of the rockets fired from Damascus landed on Israeli territory in an open area in the southern heights, while another landed on Jordanian territory. The Liwa al-Quds militia, which operates alongside regime forces of Assad in Syria, took responsibility for rocket fire, saying it did so "in response to attacks on al-Aqsa mosque"..." (CONTINUE IN LINK ABOVE)


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[quote="Admin"]Dear, I suggest you open a new topic, because this one is now too long and your latest posts are losing visibility . [/quote]

I put you links in 4 different languages, which point (also) on your forum. This is the best way to “excite” search engine listings when they do their research. Of course, I have just started with your forum, it must be given time to settle.

Trust me. I started working in the field of electronics and information technology in 1983. I know what I'm talking about. And if you wanted me for a one-day consultation in your office, you had to pay me 500 euros for my right hand and 500 euros for my left hand. What to do thousand...


... I would put you a link to an ad hoc explanation, but the 7 days have not yet passed to be able to start putting links here yourself. Obviously, this thing is mutually convenient for everyone who "hosts" my posts in different languages. Because it also increases the “ranking” of their sites.

The only one getting nothing here is me. At least, on this earth... (1)

1) According to my sacred text of reference:



Fulfillment of the law

17. Do not believe that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I did not come to abolish, but to accomplish. [18] Verily I say unto you, until heaven and earth have passed away, not one iota or sign of the law shall pass away, except all be fulfilled. [19] Whoever, therefore, transgresses even the least of these precepts, and teaches men to do the same, will be considered the least in the kingdom of heaven. But whoever keeps them and teaches them to men will be considered great in the kingdom of heaven .


... in very condensed synthesis, the super elusive algorithm of Google, and other search engines, only sees around it if someone "talks" about a certain site: the more sites there are that return to another site, or have links pointing to it, and score more purchases (and consideration) in internet searches. If you want, it works like when there was wood to be cut in the Wild West, at Apache fort... (2)

2) How to understand if the next winter will be cold:


In winter time the sergeant- major orders the soldier to make wood.
When the soldier returns with the wood he says to him:
"But will this wood suffice for the winter?" Will it be cold or will it be cold?
Go to the Indian at the top of the mountain and ask him!”
The soldier goes to the Indian and asks him:
“Ah, big boss, the sergeant wants to know if this winter will be cold or cold!”
The Indian answers :
“It's going to be cold cold!”
the soldier returns to the commander and says to him:
“The Indian says it's going to be cold cold!”
“well, go get more wood then...”
the soldier returns in the woods for a new load
. Back at the fort he again meets the sergeant major who asks him:
"And if instead of being cold cold, it was cold cold cold? Go see the Indian and ask him !"
the soldier returns to the Indian and asks him:
"Ah, big boss! the sergeant major wants to know if it will be cold cold or cold cold cold?"
The Indian replies:
"This winter will be cold cold cold!"
The soldier returns to see the sergeant major to tell him:
“Sergeant! The Indian says it's going to be cold cold cold!
"GOOD!" exclaims the sergeant.
"Go back into the woods and make more wood..."
the soldier leaves and returns with another load of wood.
On his return he meets the sergeant again who asks him again:
"And if this winter was cold cold cold cold instead of cold cold cold?"
“I ask the Indian!
“Ouch big boss, the sergeant would like to know if it will be cold cold cold this winter or if it will be cold cold cold cold?
and the Indian replies,
"This winter will be cold cold cold cold!"
At this time, the soldier becomes suspicious and asks,
"Sorry big boss, but how do you know how cold it will be this winter?"
And the Indian replies:
"I don't know, look how much wood they make in the fort !"



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Originally posted by conterici
Poor helpless Palestinians. Brandishing sticks, stones, knives and fireworks and setting up barricades is the Arab way of expressing faith in Allah. Then if someone puts them in line by chasing them to the mosque, there is talk of a violation of international law as that |diot Jordanian foreign minister said. Rockets, on the other hand, are not a violation, nor are they an overreaction. That's the Temple in Jerusalem the mosque doesn't even have to be there. It must be said.

Your speech is very interesting ...


... and since, from what I understand, you studied slices (and sirloin) at the schools, and that you certainly studied history in a much more in-depth way than me, you know very well that the city of Rome, according to the words of the poet Virgil, was founded by the hero Aeneas who, fleeing the city of Troy in flames, and carrying his father Anchises on his shoulders, built the City of the Seven Hills. Now I ask you: if tomorrow morning, off the mouth of the Tiber River, about twenty warships, sent from Erdogan's Turkey , peeped out and he said:

- We founded this city, we are the rightful owners of this land. You have 24 hours to dislodge, after which we will start firing our cannons and disembark our troops... -


Well, if good Edogan did something like that tomorrow morning, what would you think? But what did his drug dealer sell him...? Likewise, of people who leave one place, due to the destruction and carnage perpetrated by Emperor Titus, the one who razed the Temple of Jerusalem (except for a small piece...) in 70 AD, and these people return to that post after (about) 1900 years, and claim to get back the lands where their ancestors lived. There is no usucapione conceptin Israeli law? Here, in the Italian (Banana) Republic, it only takes 20 years to make the half hectare where, for twenty years, you have planted tomatoes and courgettes with impunity, and which belonged to another person, become yours. Do you want 1900 years not enough ...? I think that if we asked the usual Martian who passes, and that he sees everything from above, in a detached, impartial and objective way, he would tell us ... No, in my opinion he would say nothing more. We broke his |a//e too much, and he understood that we are incorrigible and senseless (... in means: He has enough ...)


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Here is another #North... Where are we now? I don't keep an exact account. Do you ? If you haven't already, could you do it for me...?


"... A strong explosive eruption occurred at Russia's Bezymianny volcano at 05:38 UTC on April 7, 2023. As a result, the Aviation Color Code changed to red. According to Tokyo VAAC and KVERT, the Video and satellite data show an ash plume rising up to 12 km (40,000 ft) above sea level, trending SE of the volcano Ash explosions up to 10-15 km ( 32,800 to 49,200 feet) could occur in the next few days, KVERT reported. Current activity could affect international and low-flying aircraft..." (CONTINUED IN THE LINK ABOVE)

...here we make beef with pesto #Nord... Fortunately we are heading towards summer... In short, 'beautiful', it remains to be seen whether it will really be... Listen, I would have even broken the |a//e (boxes) of empty writing. How about, maybe as a precaution, you start giving me a hand.


The original post was here:

https://forum.termometropolitico.it/846433-eruzioni-vulcaniche-aumentando -post20822620.html#post20822620

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What were we just saying #Northern...? That Israel just needs to start shooting at each other with Jordan and Egypt, and then it will have all its borders surrounded by enemies...

Israel says Muslims barricaded in Al-Aqsa mosque are "dangerous crowd" after the 'Jordan's Warning


'...The Al-Aqsa Mosque is located on the Temple Mount, the highly contested holy site for Muslims, Jews and Christians. The site is under the management of the government of Jordan and Jewish religious law prevents it from visit Jordan's Foreign Ministry on Saturday issued a statement warning Israeli officials that there are " disastrous consequences" for Israel's "continued violation" of the sanctity of the mosque and the right of Muslims to worship Ramadan while Israel intends to remove the faithful again from the holy place..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE) ... I think

that we started with the fourth gear engaged ...


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And if many of the Russian volcanoes of Kamchatka have started to grumble, their cousins who are on the other side of the sea, in Alaska , seem not to want to be outdone ...

“…It is quite rare for me to say that an eruption is “imminent”. After all, volcanoes are unpredictable. However, due to the sheer intensity of surface earthquakes that have become shallower over time, the possible deformation of the ground and of possible harmonic tremor, I feel it is safe to say that one or both of these volcanoes will erupt at some point in the next 2 weeks. Of course, there is still a double-digit percentage chance that both volcanoes will not erupt .... " (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)

... and they are subjects capable of doing great things ...

Science An Alaskan volcano was at the origin of the "great cold" in ancient Rom


"... The period that followed the assassination of Julius Caesar, in 44 BC, is described by historical sources as a two-year period characterized by unusually cold temperatures , poor agricultural crops , faminesand political instability in various areas of the Mediterranean - all factors that would contribute to the end of Republican Rome (27 BC) and the Ptolemaic Kingdom of Egypt (30 BC). For a long time historians have thought that a volcanic eruption was at the origin of that unfortunate period, but now those suspicions have materialized: according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, that sudden atmospheric turmoil was triggered by the eruption of a mountain rooted on the other side of the world, that of the Okmok volcano, in Alaska, in 43 a. C." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)

... and think that you will also have to go around barefoot , dear #Northern...


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Originally Posted by dDuck
Some clarifications need to be made. Native Americans actually suffered genocide especially in the 600 and 700 by viruses and bacteria...

Oh yeah... Viruses and bacilli, which spread easily. Especially through gifts...

The massacre of Native Americans. How and why the Europeans exterminated the natives


"... The natives initially did not oppose the colonizers, who, moreover, did not mix with them and did not give life to mestizo populations, as happened in Mexico and South America. However, even in the North they had wars and massacres took place and infectious diseases spread.In at least one case smallpox was intentionally spread by the British, who in 1763 distributed infected blanketsto natives in the Great Lakes area, causing an epidemic that killed 400-500,000 people. The extermination continued in the nineteenth century, after the formation of the United States, which gradually extended its territory towards the West, in lands inhabited by indigenous peoples..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)

... document yourself, about what Francisco did Pizarro, in South America, or the highly civilized English, during their Opium Wars, when they carpeted Afghanistan with thousands of hectares, cultivated with opium, with which to submerge the Chinese empire, and annihilate it with drugs. By comparison, the Colombian king of narcotics is a little boy who peddles marijuana in the classroom. The White Man is, by far, the most bloodthirsty,


"When you have cut down the last tree, when you have caught the last fish, when you have polluted the last river, only then will you realize that you cannot eat all the money accumulated in your banks" The original post was here:

Original message here: 


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This here, it seems to me, is a new one, meaning that it adds to those that we two, dear #Northern, have listed in recent days...

Colombia, Nevado del Ruiz volcano threatens to belch. Orange alert already from last week: closed the schools located within a radius of 10 kilometers from the crater


"... The Nevado del Ruiz volcano, in the Caldas department, in Colombia, is at risk of eruption. The authorities, therefore, have ordered the evacuation of 2,500 families who live near the volcano and who could be in danger in the event of seismic activity. Schools within a radius of 10 kilometers from the crater also closed: at the end of the Easter holidays, next week , students will attend lessons only in online mode..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)

... at this rate, dear #Northern, we'll sooner say those who haven't started smoking again, than those who are still calm.


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Oh, finally it's starting to get serious #Northern... And now that they're fighting , which of the two will win...? In my opinion, we will never know #Northern. I could also be wrong but, in my opinion, as has already happened with the Covid pandemic, as soon as we emerged from the purgatory of the disease, we entered the nightmare of thermonuclear war. And here too, something else will emerge, the tips of which we can already see sticking out of the ears which, out of fear, will make us suddenly forget the confrontation of these earthly fathers...

Taiwan, Beijing simulates attack and accuses: "US ship illegally entered the China Sea"


"...Tension between China and the US during Beijing's war exercises around the island. The Southern Theater Command of the People's Liberation Army of China said, through a spokesman, that it had organized naval and air forces to "track down and monitor" the USS Milius destroyer when it " illegally entered waters near China's Meiji Barrier Reef in the Nansha (disputed islands also known as Spratly, ed.), in the South China Sea" The US Seventh Fleet previously said that " the destroyer Uss Milius affirmed the rights and freedoms of navigation in the South China Sea near the Spratly Islands, in accordance with international law"..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)


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I was thinking about taking a #Northern ride... I hate going on vacation when there are kilometer lines on the highways, like this Easter bridge, I thought I'd take a ride next week. I wanted to show the peninsula of Sorrento , and Capri, to my children. But I think I'll go north instead. Even a walk in Trentino, where there is that bear that eats tourists, maybe it's better ...

Earthquake today in Campania, shock in the Campi Flegrei: fear in Pozzuoli


"... Earthquake in Campania, in the Campi Flegrei, at 5:54 today. Of magnitude 2.7, it occurred at a depth of 3 km. This was communicated by Ingv (National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology). As stated on the Facebook profile of Pozzuoli, "the Vesuvian Observatory has communicated to this administration the occurrence of a seismic event of magnitude 2.7 ± 0.3 located in the Solfatara-Pisciarelli area. The earthquake occurred at 5.54 am, local time, at a depth of 2.7 km. The event may have been accompanied by a roar felt by the inhabitants of the coastal areas" ..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE) 

... when it starts to rain, it rains on the head of including on that of us Italians ...


The original post was here:https://vivaibidelli.forumattivo.com/t636p25-e-se-le-cose-cominciassero-a-precipitare#1764

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Perhaps, it is the case that I bring the trip forward...

Marche earthquake, fear between Pesaro and Ancona: coast anxious about the shock


"... The earth trembles at Easter. An earthquake of magnitude 3.1 (according to data from the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology), occurred at 16:02 with its epicenter in Torrette di Fano, in the province of Pesaro and Urbino. The estimated depth at which the quake occurred was approximately 9.6 km. clearly warned by the inhabitants along the Marche coast, involving Pesaro, Fano, Senigallia and Ancona. No damage to people or things was reported. ..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)

... roughly, 100 years ago, in the sea in front of my house, with its epicenter right next to that red dot, there was one of the most destructive earthquakes in modern Italian history. The big earthquake toy has had just enough time to wind up the mainspring 


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Oh, this will surely be the soothing gesture that will ease the tension, dear #Northern... Take a warship, and point it, straight, straight, towards the artificial , militarized island just built by China...

The destroyer of the US Navy sails close to a militarized and artificial Chinese island, receiving rebukes from Beijing


“…The US Navy announced on Monday that one of its guided-missile destroyers sailed close to an artificial islandChina in the South China Sea, drawing allegations from Beijing that the vessel "illegally trespassed" in the area. The "freedom of navigation operation" conducted by the USS Milius off Mischief Reef - which a US admiral last year said was one of at least three islands China has built and militarized in the area - came as the China sent nearly a dozen warships and 70 fighter planes to Taiwan..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)

... how long can we go on like this, dear #Northern, before we get hurt ...?


The post original was here:


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16 hours ago, Contrarian said:

Hello, traveller. I understand you may be a religious person and believe that the Doomsday is coming. That's fine. You're entitled to your views. I don't need 5 different responses around the board. I'll just post my opinion and move on. Also, please consider posting as "plain text" and then doing some work to format it. Some text may be invisible, and for those who are not good with technology, it may be difficult to read. If you want to push your messages effectively, this is free advice from me to "Paste as Plain" and then do the work. Marketing is everything today. 


I have tried, but it doesn't work. When I past, it delete all the links, photo links and video links. I should rewrite completly the text. I am going to write them (also) in Russian now, so I can not. It seams to me they are pretty well formatted. The text has a black backgroud as I use a black theme in all my browser. 

As for Marketing, all you are reading this posts will be my marketing. As I am just a ...


... match. You will do the rest...




Original posts here:


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These days mark the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, which ended the violence between the Irish and the English in Northern Ireland. Do you think #Northern, will the clashes subside, or will we see real guerrilla scenes ...?

Northern Ireland: Protesters throw petrol bombs at police during a parade


“… On the 25th anniversary of the agreement, protesters were keen to reiterate that the peace deal is seen as a betrayal of republican ideals. The Good Friday Agreement, also known as the Good Friday or Belfast Agreement, ended three decades of unrest in Northern Ireland and was signed in the capital Belfast on 10 April 1998 by the Government of the United Kingdom and the Irish Northern Ireland, although geographically part of the island of Ireland, was going through strong periods of tension and violence that ended with the treaty .." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)


The original post was here:

https://forum.termometropolitico.it/...l #post20824555

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Here's another #Northern. The news is four hours ago. I guess I figured out what the next nightmare will be that will sweep away, overnight, the worry and fear of war...

Shiveluch, one of Russia's most active volcanoes erupted on Tuesday shooting a vast cloud of ash far up into the sky

"... VLADIVOSTOK, Russia, April 11 (Reuters) - One of Russia's most active volcanoes erupted on Tuesday shooting a vast cloud of ash far up into the sky and smothering villages in drifts of grey volcanic dust, triggering an aviation warning around Russia's far eastern Kamchatka Peninsula. The Shiveluch volcano erupted just after midnight reaching a crescendo about six hours later, spewing out a ash cloud over an area of 108,000 square kilometres, according to the Kamchatka Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Geophysical Survey. Lava flows tumbled from the volcano, melting snow and prompting a warning of mud flows along a nearby highway while villages were carpeted in drifts of grey ash as deep as 8.5 centimeters, the deepest in 60 years ..." (CONTINUA NEL LINK SOPRA)

...and that, waiting for its cousins, the ones across the Bering Strait in Alaska, to answer the call. Listen, I would have even bothered to shout: - Wolf, wolf...!". Here, by now, a whole pack of wolves has arrived. And you, none of you, including you #Northern, hasn't still lifted a finger, i.e. he didn't even dare to copy and paste a post of mine somewhere. Let alone if you're willing to get rid of all your bank accounts, and go around barefoot, to be Catechists by Ultima Instance, Almost Out of Time Maximum ...


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Superbugs found in Los Angeles sewers… 
Discovery of antibiotic-resistant superbugs in Los Angeles sewage raises concern 


 Resistant bacteria to colistin, an antibiotic of last resort, were detected for the first time in Los Angeles County wastewater, suggesting the germs are circulating more widely in the community than previously thought, according to USC researchers. Scientists fear that widespread antimicrobial resistance would usher in an era where common infections and minor wounds can once again kill. "We may get to the point where we can't fight infections with antibiotics," Smith said, "so we're entering sort of a post-antibiotic world." Colistin is an old antibiotic considered the last line of defense against certain infections, including those resistant to carbapenems, another class of antibiotics of last resort..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)

... well, soon, dear #Northern, we could remember all the fear of Covid, as if it were a cold. That is, for a trivial wound , you end up with your feet forward ... (... it means: you die ...)


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Will a second #Northern war front really open? Is it ever possible that troubles add up to other troubles, without ever taking a break...?

Putin's threats and Kazakhstan's alarm: «We are the next Ukraine» "


... That's what the kids in Astana think, the capital of the former Soviet bloc country that shares a 6467 km border with Russia. For the Kremlin's propaganda «Nazism is growing here too, this territory belongs to us». Chronicle of a country in an increasingly unstable balance and its young people who want to decide their own future. "If it happens, it can only be here." The girl points to a point below. Beyond the window you can see nothing, only the swirl of the snowstorm. But underneath, somewhere, there must be the immense esplanade of the boulevard Nourzhol. «There could be millions of people, many more than in Maidan square»..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)

... if I remember correctly, just a few weeks ago, the US Foreign Secretary paid a visit to Kazakhstan. Probably, to agree on arms supplies. To defend themselves, of course. And the latest moves that China and Russia are making in Central America, or rather their making friends with some countries a few kilometers from the US borders, and it is the mirrored response. What a mess #Northern, what a mess ...


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My anteroom period is over, and I finally managed to insert my first post (visible to all) in a Russian discussion forum ... Forum

Russian America

... the forum is frequented by Russians, I write in Russian me too, obviously translating everything with automatic translators. The computer on which that forum was installed, as I understand it, is not physically within the borders of the Russian Federation, and therefore there is no censorship. I do everything with those steps that I have explained to you with my guide, step by step, with which (I hope) many of you will start making the Catechists of Last Instance, Almost Out of Maximum Time. And now, if anyone can suggest me a political discussion forum in Japanese , and in Spanish, where you can write something right away, without having to wait weeks in the lobby, let me know (@Shiiva... Karasciò...!)


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Now this #Northern too... The first man to die of bird flu. The news comes (once again) from China. Now, given the precedents, the question arises: is he one, or is he a million ...?

China records first known human death from H3N8 bird flu, WHO says


“…A woman in China became the world's first known human victim of H3N8 avian flu, the World Health Organization (WHO) said. A woman in China became the According to the World Health Organization (WHO ), the strain has been around since 2002 and is known to infect horses, dogs and seals, as well as birds. It was not known to infect humans until two non-fatal cases emerged in China in April and May last year. In a statement, WHO said the virus could not spread easily to humans and that "the risk of spreading to humans at the national, regional and international levels is considered low..." ( CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)


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