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This is the Beginning of the End ...


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What do you think of this news, or the attack directly on the soil of the Russian state, in the Belgorod region , by a group of insurgents, probably aided by the Ukrainian army? Will it throw more fuel on the fire?

War comes to Russia, attacks in Belgorod against the "zombie Putin": the accusations against Kiev and the anti-Kremlin partisans


"... The war in Putin's house. Attacks continue in the Russian region of Belgorod, on the border with Ukraine, where in the last 24 hours the Kremlin's army has to face attacks claimed by the Russian partisans of Freedom of Russia. During the night several drones hit houses and a government building but would not have caused deaths or injuries. Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of the Russian region of Belgorod, urged residents not to return home, saying that the anti-terrorism operation keep going..." (CONTINUE IN LINK ABOVE)


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But why #Northern, could a very strong solar storm really destroy our internet network, cause a blackout that would last for years, and burn all our electronic circuits? Here is a video explaining everything in detail. And if you have a friend out there in North Dakota who has a degree in electrical engineering, ask him what he thinks would happen when this solar storm hits the hard drives where all of our data is now stored. Including the credit balance of your thriving bank account. Always remember this: some form of moth, one way or another, will have to make all our money disappear . In my opinion, these continuous explosions on the surface of the sun, and that sentence, are related. With a clockwork device.

Event of  Carrington


The video above is done in English. If you don't know English well, then read this article, obviously, after having translated it into your language, with the appropriate option on Chrome or Edge browsers.

What if the Carrington Event, the largest solar storm on record, happened today?

"...In 1859, British astronomer Richard Carrington saw a flash of white light on the surface of the sun. This was the Carrington Event, as scientists now call it, and it is the largest solar storm on record. It was linked to extraordinary auroras - the aurora borealis and australis - which were visible in the sky near both the poles and the equator, everywhere from Canada to Australia. The huge solar flare also caused power outages from Paris to Boston. While l he Carrington Event may sound like history, there are many concerns about what could happen if an event as powerful as - or even more powerful than - the Carrington Event were to hit Earth today, now that humanity is far more reliant on electricity .. ."(CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)



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It hasn't finished raining here in Italy yet, when floods arrive in Spain . The same movie there too: drought for months and months. Then, when it rains again, you get 6 months of rainfall, within a few hours. I ask you again #Northern: but will we have a real summer this year?

Spain, the floods that are hitting the country


"... It's raining in Spain, it's raining in Cartagena where this firefighter, like so many others, has been working for hours to limit the damage. Roads that look like rivers, cars submerged in water, motorcycles in the mud, clogged sewers. Here's how lives in a state of alert after months in which the country has had to face the worst drought in the last 70 years; there are those who try to protect the house, those who, even with bare feet, turn off the water from their shop ... (CONTINUED IN LINK ABOVE)



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The Merapi volcano in Indonesia has also awakened Which is added to all the others that, dear #Northern, I have reported you so far.

Indonesia's Merapi volcano erupts, spewing lava '

the-volcanos-last-majo-1.jpg avalanche

'.… Indonesia's Mount Merapi, one of the world's most active volcanoes, erupted on Tuesday, spewing lava more than two kilometers from the crater. Dramatic reports of lava escaping from the volcano's smoking crater have been published by the government-run Merapi Volcano Observatory..." (CONTINUE IN LINK ABOVE)



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A huge pimple has formed on the surface of the Sun, four times the size of planet Earth. By now, you #Northern know what these black dots mean on our star: the more they are present, the more frequent and powerful the solar storms will be. I report the news as I found it. As usual, you make the considerations yourself.

Huge sunspot four times the size of Earth visible without a telescope


"... One of the sun's sunspots has grown so large that it can be seen from Earth without magnification, but not without eye protection. Sunspot AR3310, a dark spot on the sun facing us, has grown to such a size that you don't need a telescope to spot it from Earth. South Korean astronomer Bum-Suk Yeom has uploaded a graph of the sunspot, showing its scale next to a tiny planet Earth..." (CONTINUE IN LINK ABOVE) 


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I've finally managed to reach a small Arab community , where I start explaining the same things I'm saying to you. Exactly here:

Forum Islamic Quote


Will they kick me out right away? Will I find some space and attention in that section reserved for non-Muslims? I do not know. What I know is that I have to try to do something right now. Contrary to what you do, dear @Dany26. Why, maybe you didn't realize it, but today is already May 24, 2023. And a strange summer of a very strange year is approaching.



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Objectively, it makes a certain impression to see Jeeps invading a province of the Russian Federation. Yesterday Putin said it was time to put an end to this war. And some equipment for launching tactical nuclear missiles has been moved close to Belgorod. The US distances itself, but I'm starting to worry that the Russians will start aiming.

War in Ukraine: US distances itself from Belgorod incursion into Russia

…Parts of the Belgorod border region were attacked on Monday, in one of the biggest cross-border raids since Russia invaded its neighbor last year. Russia later released images of abandoned or damaged Western military vehicles, including US-made Humvees. The United States has insisted it will not “encourage or permit attacks inside Russia." A State Department spokesman acknowledged reports "circulating on social media and elsewhere" that they had been use weapons provided from the United States, but said his country was "skeptical at this time of the veracity of these reports". In a press conference on Tuesday, Matthew Miller added: “it is up to Ukraine to decide how to wage this war”…(CONTINUE IN LINK ABOVE) - - - -

icon_exclaim.gif - icon_question.gifThe icon_exclaim.giforiginal icon_question.gifpost icon_exclaim.gifwas icon_question.gif here:
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Originally Posted by Mike Suburro

Sorry, but who is dany26?




@Dany26 is a friend of @Edouard de Montmonrency, and both are two users who write in a French discussion forum , identical to this one.

Also @Contrarian and @Michael Hardner are two gentlemen who write in a Canadian forum . A forum that uses English as its language and therefore, theoretically consultable and visible even by those who live in the United States. At least so I hope.

While Mrs @nataliala and @Сиамчик are, respectively, the administrator and a historical user of a forum of expatriates from Russia .

And @Vijay is a forum admin, based in India, where you can write in English. It's very popular, we usually talk about much more frivolous topics in there. But, nevertheless, a hundred people are taking a look at these 'weird' things I write every day.

Then there are @只想躺平 and also @江湖灵梦, who write in a forum of expats from China . In there, despite reading many, no one has ever replied to what I posted. But even there is a small group in there who are reading every day. And, I hope, you're wondering.

I also started posting in a Muslim forum, where there is a section open to non-Muslims. It took me a long time to find a place where I could write in the Arabic language , but I finally did it.

In short, since I don't have the gift of ubiquity, I came up with this idea to simulate it in some way. Do you have distant reminiscences, from the catechism, of the parable of the talents? I received only two hands as a dowry, I hope this trick will allow me to make them 2,000, then 20,000, and then many, many more. And all within a few months.

In this forum of yours I do not write a copy of my posts. I realized, going to double check what was written in the past, that some posts disappear after some timeAll things that didn't violate any law of the Italian (Banana) Republic, and didn't even contain swear words (I haven't put them in for some time, because the automatic translator doesn't translate them). And then I'm not allowed to write everything in a single thread, but I have to divide them each time by topic, or one for earthquakes, one for floods, one for war, etc, etc. And this loses the thread of the conversation. Finally, I'm not allowed to put, at the end of the post, the link to the translations of the post in other languages. And that's not good. Because those links are the guarantee that what is written is not tampered with. Or deleted.

For this reason, I am extending my voluntary ban by another week, i.e. until next May 31st 2023. The fact remains that, if you speak good English, good French, Russian, Chinese or Arabic, if you search around , you can continue reading what I write. Kiss, kiss to all of them below too.


@leno lazzari, @Mike Suburro, @attila621, @Shiiva, @Narel Jarvi, @Vladimir Ilyich

@Indra88, @Giò, @don Peppe, @WalterA


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There is another volcano that is showing signs of restlessness. It is a volcano in the Hawaiian Islands . Which is added to all the others that you #Northern, by now, know by heart.

Volcanologists: Kilauea not erupting, but showing signs of 'increased unrest'


“… Volcanologists say Kilauea is not erupting, but it is showing signs of “increased unrest.” Researchers from the United States Geological Survey monitored high earthquake rates below the summit, including more than 100 quakes Saturday alone. This includes a magnitude 3.7 earthquake that was felt in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and surrounding communities. Gas emissions remain low at this time, but magma is believed to be collecting below the summit. The alert level of the volcano remains alert..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)



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Damn, in the end they arrived too, the Brain Eating Amoebas . I always remind you that you don't have to blame me #Northern, because of this news. There's nothing dumber than hitting a thermometer with a hammer just because it tells you you have a fever.

Live Science Live Science Brain-eating amoebae are a new concern in the northern states of the United States


“…The report describes a case in which a woman in her 30s was taken, unconscious, to a hospital in an unspecified Midwestern state after experiencing severe headaches, sensitivity to light, nausea, and confusion. Initially was reported as suffering from a suspected case of bacterial meningitis or brain inflammation caused by bacteria.In an interview with the woman's spouse, however, a public health nurse learned that the patient and her family had gone to a beach of a freshwater lake four days earlier and she had submerged her head under the water. (PAM symptoms typically arise one to 12 days after N. fowleri enters the nose)..." (CONTINUE IN LINK ABOVE)


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Super Typhoon Mawar is gaining strength. And aim, straight, straight, at the US military base on the island of GuamWhich is opposite the Philippines. Have you ever wondered why the United States, England, France, have the right to own islands in the Pacific, the Atlantic, the Indian Ocean, sometimes 10,000 kilometers away from their home, and if the China, using some rocks off its coast, throws some concrete on it, and builds an airport, so is that a violation of international law? Mystery.

Fear of typhoon Mawar: gusts of wind up to 280 km on the island of Guam


“… Forecasts predict catastrophic winds for Guam, the US territory in the Pacific that hosts a critical military outpost. Category 4 Typhoon Mawar, with wind gusts of up to 280 kilometers per hour, could strengthen to reach category 5. There is great fear because one of the most destructive events in the history of the island could repeat what happened with typhoon Karen in 1962. The images of the surveillance cameras document the arrival of the storm, which according to the National Weather Service will pass “directly” over the island unleashing torrential rains and extreme flooding…” (CONTINUE IN LINK ABOVE)



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The flood alert returns to Piedmont. The anticyclone which, until now, has always stationed above Italy this season, this year, has decided to stay in Africa. The perturbations arriving from the Polar Circle arrive on our country, and are blocked. The clash between cold and warm air masses causes violent, sometimes disastrous, precipitations. How long will this #Northern way go on? Will summer never come again?

Bad weather, the orange alert is back in Piedmont


"... The orange alert is back in a part of Piedmont, the same one touched by the most intense bad weather last weekend. From today's afternoon, "showers and thunderstorms are arriving, extending from the Alpine sectors to the rest of the region, locally very strong and persistent close to the northwestern foothills and adjacent lowlands" ... (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)



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How beautiful are these #Northern fireworks. They are also free. Maybe it's just me, but they're also becoming more and more frequent . In my opinion our planet, which like all the others is moving within the Universe, will soon cross an area of space full of stellar 'dust', i.e. many small pebbles. Which will soon make our nights, and even our days, much more restless. "The sun will be darkened, the moon will no longer give its light, the stars will fall from the sky and the powers of heaven will be upset".

Two meteors lit up the Italian skies in just one night


"... The first meteor manifested itself around 10.20 pm and ten cameras of the Prisma network immortalized it, including Montelupo Fiorentino and Chianti. It was filmed from an altitude of 75 kilometers, while traveling at 15.8 kilometers per second and was extinguished at 28 kilometers with a speed of about 8 kilometers per second. A luminous trail in the sky lasted six seconds. The second fireball was taken up by the two Prisma cameras of Sardinia, Sardinia Radio Telescope and Gennargentu, and from a camera in Corsica. In this case the event lasted 8 seconds..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)


The original post was here:


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Do you want to see #Northern that American politicians, this time, are capable of plunging their country into financial chaos? And with their country, also the rest of the world financial system, which has its common denominator in the dollar. How many years have you lived in #Northern North Dakota? In all this time, have you ever dreamed of seeing someone storm the US Parliament, or see the federal budget at risk of insolvency? But above all, why did everyone go mad now, and at the same time?

Markets in Chaos: US Default Is Really Scary


”… Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has already repeatedly warned that the federal government may not have enoughmoney to pay all its bills from June 1, increasing the risk of a damaging default. While the risk of a default, which would be historic and could trigger a recession, is negative for the US, investors worried about the repercussions on the global economy have turned away from riskier assets. Reports that the Treasury has asked federal agencies if they can delay upcoming payments have added to tangible fears of a crisis…” (CONTINUE IN LINK ABOVE)


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After bird flu and monkeypox, here comes the swine fever . It seems to be on a Noah's Ark, but transformed into a floating hospital.

African swine fever, dead wild boars found in the Salerno area


"... The disease already present in Italy, especially in Sardinia for decades and since the beginning of 2022 in Liguria and then in Piedmont, Lazio and lately in Calabria, is spreading  right through the wild boars. The discovery of the carcasses of the five wild boars in an advanced state of decomposition took place on May 20, in the province of Salerno, in the Cerreta Cognole forest. The remains were immediately transferred to the Southern Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of Portici (Naples) which, with biomolecular investigations carried out on Sunday 21 May, gave positive results for the presence of the African swine fever virus ..." (CONTINUE IN LINK ABOVE)


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Officially, the hurricane season begins in June. But American meteorologists, this time, must anticipate their work. In my opinion, that's not a good sign.

Hurricane season starts next week. Meteorologists are already looking at a system in the Atlantic


“…The absence of severe shear conditions combined with very warm ocean temperatures across the Atlantic could indicate that, despite El Niño, this year's Atlantic hurricane season could be more active than traditional El Niño years. Only time will tell..." (CONTINUE IN LINK ABOVE)


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Holubice   découvre  les avantages et  les inconvénients  des nouvelles  technologies , il ne sait même  pas   que ces  faits  ont toujours  existé , seule différence   il nous est maintenant   possible  avec  les NT de communication  ,de savoir   qu'un chat  a été écrasé   hier à 17h12  dans un quartier de Delhi !!

donc rien de nouveau, si ce n'est  la rapidité, de l'information  et de la désinformation   pour faire passer   ses  propres  idées, même   si  elles  sont  totalement  débiles !!

----- translated ---------

Holubice discovers the advantages and disadvantages of new technologies, he does not even know that these facts have always existed, the only difference is now possible for us with the NT of communication, to know that a cat was crushed yesterday at 5:12 p.m. in a district of Delhi!!

so nothing new, except speed, information and disinformation to get your ideas across, even totally stupid!!




"These are facts. And in this world there is nothing more stubborn than a fact"


This is what the devil himself said to the two officials of the Museum of Atheism in Moscow, a few moments before they ended up under the tram. Have you read the free "Master and Margarita" by the Russian writer Bulgakov? I advise you to read it, or reread it. There is something magical about this book, which mixes the story of the two poor lovers, oppressed by the blind and stupidly ruthless Soviet bureaucracy, with the story of Ponzo Pilato.

Must see the trend, dear @Dany26. If crises, diseases, wars, eruptions, stars falling from the sky are, or are not, on the increase. If you ask a friend of mine, who lost three cars underwater, he has no doubts. Even this gentleman, who was the leader of the Italian Communists, as you have seen, has mystical regurgitations. But he is from Bologna. One of the areas affected by the flood a week ago. The news below is from an hour ago. 

Deluge in Asti, 100 mm of rain in two hours


Original message here:




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Tactical nuclear missiles , i.e. those with little power, which in generals' jargon means bombs, roughly like those of Hiroshima, were designed to be used just when things, on the front of a war, are not going well. I think I read somewhere that, if the Ukrainian territory is hit by nuclear weapons, the NATO countries have hastened to say that they will not intervene in its defense. And here, in the end, all these months of murdered people, of cities completely destroyed, what will it have been for? Only to empty dozens of warehouses of cannons, ammunition, and obtain billions of dollars of new orders from the military industrial sector?

Ukraine, live news: The Wagners withdraw from Bakhmut. Moscow deploys nuclear weapons in Belarus


“…The F-16s in Kiev, now arriving, the defeats on the ground and the acts of sabotage, seem to have put Russia into a corner, increasing the risk that it will resort to the use of nuclear weapons. And it is not a The announcement that Russian non-strategic nuclear weapons are being deployed in Belarus would be good news, which would be Moscow and Minsk's response to NATO's activities in this area, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said. does not transfer control of these weapons to Belarus and the decision on its use rests with Moscow..." (CONTINUE IN LINK ABOVE)



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Meanwhile, Hurricane Mawar , which just passed through the island of Guam, has gained more energy, and has moved to category five. Now we need to understand if it will end up on the Philippines, or on Taiwan, or on JapanBut what do you care #Northern? You're in North Dakota anyway. And @Dany26 sleeps peacefully too, he's in Marseille anyway.

Super Typhoon Mawar becomes the strongest tropical cyclone of 2023


“…Mawar will remain offshore for the next few days. We will therefore need to watch when Mawar takes a series of turns starting early next week. The later and the less sharp the curve, the greater the potential threat to the northern Philippines, Taiwan and Japan next week. People in these areas should monitor this forecast in the days ahead and be prepared in case it eventually becomes a threat..." (CONTINUE IN LINK ABOVE) 


The original post It was here:




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More challenges ahead #North. Iran has just unveiled its latest ballistic missile. This will only hasten Israel's plans to incite carpet bombing of anything moving on these military bases. And it's easy to imagine what the answer will be, now that Iran has vast arms production capabilities. As far as you know now:

“But when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies, then know that its devastation is near. (21) Those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, and those who are in the village do not return to the city, (22) for these will be days of vengeance, and everything that is written will come true” 

Iran unveils latest version of ballistic missile amid broader tensions over nuclear program


”…Regional tensions likely played a role in Iran's missile exhibition on Thursday. A miniature example of Jerusalem's Golden Dome of the Rock in the Al-Aqsa mosque complex, a sacred site in both Islam and Judaism that Jews call the Temple Mount, stood next to the mobile launcher Iran sees Israel as its archenemy and arms militant anti- Israelis in the Palestinian territories and surrounding countries.Tensions between the two nations are high, particularly as Iran enriches uranium closer than ever to military-grade levels.Khorramshahr would be able to reach Israel..." (CONTINUE IN LINK ABOVE)



The original post was here:


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And after Spain, it is now Algeria that has been hit by the flood.

Floods in Algeria, two dead in the north: even a 7-year-old girl


"... Several provinces in northern Algeria were hit by violent floods, which claimed the lives of two people, including a 7-year-old girl. The Civil Protection of Guelma reported that the child's body, missing since May 24, was found in a valley ..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)


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The World Health Organization is stealing my job. That is, it is spreading health terrorism with both hands. Because there are so many viruses and bacteria that are smoldering in various parts of the world. And the chances of any of them spreading everywhere are very high. But above all, why did these misfortunes all meet right now #Nordistisco? Couldn't they wait for the others to leave?

WHO Warns Of Coming Pandemic 'Even Deadlier' Than COVID-19


"… "The threat remains that another variant will emerge, causing new waves of infections and deaths. The threat remains that another pathogen will emerge with even more lethal potential" he declared. He added that when the next pandemic knocks on the door, we must be ready to "respond decisively". Ebola, Marburg, Middle East respiratory syndrome and Zika are among the "priority" communicable diseases " identified by WHO. While some measures are in place to counter its spread, an unknown disease could also emerge. Pranab Chatterjee, a researcher in the Department of International Health at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, spoke to the National Post. According to Chatterjee , disease X is a WHO code indicating a disease caused by an as yet undiscovered germ…” (CONTINUE IN LINK ABOVE)


The original post was here:




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Meanwhile #Nordistic, the soil of the Campi Flegrei continues to mutter.

Earthquake today in Naples, three shocks in 20 minutes in Campi Flegrei: the strongest of magnitude 1.6


"... Another eventful morning for those who live in the Campi Flegrei supervolcano area : three earthquake shocks followed one another in a short interval of time from each other today, Thursday May 25. The first shock was recorded at 10.57 am and is the most intense: the magnitude was 1.6 on the Richter scale; the earthquake occurred at a depth of 2.6 kilometers and was distinctly felt by the population, both in the western area of Naples and in Pozzuoli and Quarto, in the middle of the Campi Flegrei caldera..."



The original post was here:   




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Will they go from words to deeds? Do you #Northern think we will soon see the glow of atomic explosions on Earth again? After all, with half the world supplying Ukraine with armaments, what is the only way Russia can defeat its adversary?

Lukashenko warns the world: “Moscow has started transferring nuclear weapons to Belarus” "


"... The great fear of nuclear power is taking shape: Vladimir Putin, as he announced two months ago, has started transferring nuclear weapons in Belarus. This was confirmed by the president of Minsk, Alexander Lukashenko, quoted by Tass: "Putin informed me that today he signed a decree on our actions to bring nuclear weapons to Belarus". However, Lukashenko does not say more, refusing to reveal the number of nuclear warheads received. It wasn't even clear, while he was in Moscow for a regional summit, whether such weapons have already arrived on his territory..." (CONTINUE IN THE LINK ABOVE)


The original post was here:
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Originally Posted by zarathustra

T'as l'air heureux!!! dis donc

-------- translated -----

You look happy!!! HEY




No. I'm not happy with what's happening. Because these floods have already hit my city twice already. And I've suffered damage myself. Luckily, I had the good idea of not buying a house on the ground floor, with a garden and a doghouse, as my Lady wanted. The fact is that, dear @zarathustra, I don't know what to invent anymore, to convince you that the time has come for everyone, each for her language, to start giving me a hand. And she remembers: the more frequent and destructive these catastrophes become, the more it is a sign that they love us. Because it means she intends to hurry with this matter. (1)

1) From my Sacred Reference Text:

When therefore you see the abomination of desolation, of which Daniel the prophet spoke, standing in the holy place - let the reader understand -, [16] then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains, [17] whoever is on the housetop must not go down to take the household stuff, [18] and whoever is in the field does not go back to take the cloak. [19] Woe to pregnant women and to those who will nurse in those days. [20] Pray that your escape does not happen in winter or on the Sabbath.
[21] For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not occurred since the beginning of the world until now, nor will there ever be again. [22] And if those days were not shortened, no living person would be saved; but because of the elect those days will be shortened.[23] Then if anyone says to you: Behold, the Christ is here, or: He is there, do not believe it. [24] For false Christs and false prophets will arise, and they will perform great signs and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even the elect. [25] Behold, I have told you before.



The original post was here:



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