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City of Markham places HR director on leave for saying N-word during guest lecture

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A high-level human resources employee at the City of Markham has been placed on leave after she said and displayed the N-word while giving a guest lecture to students at George Brown College.

My commentary:

Now, you are a high-level human resources employee at the City of Markham. Ok. So, you are dealing with racist incidents, and are involved in that world where is your job being in Human Resources to pay attention to every word you say.  

Maybe she is a radical libertarian in using words, fine. Ok. So, regardless, of how you think at home that one should use the "N-word" while trying to make an academic point, you should know by now, that this will not play well with any student that will pull off their phone and you will end up a star. So, did she value her work? Did she practice any of this material the night before? Of course, she has not, or maybe she is a racist herself some radical left-wingers will say, but not enough proof of that. If her history surfaces, sure. 

So this employee ended up a star now. How can you not respect your work? You deserve your faith, then. 

I will not name her, the CBC is doing that alongside her picture, you can go there and get your fix, I promote the CBC enough as it is. 

  • What are your thoughts on this? 

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Whats the context?

Like, if someone used a racial slur while assaulting an Asian person due to covid, yes the slur sucks, but why should it be censored?

If she said the words out of context, she should be fired.

The leave tells me they are just trying to water down the crap storm this has caused, and take advantage of the short attention span of many, to much later reinstate her, all while paying her throughout.

Sorry, but I think the world would be far less hate filled, if people questioned all the hate seeking material that was pushed to them under guise of news.

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Perspektiv said:

but why should it be censored?

I don't have the answer to that. 

but is the reality that if one says that word, even in an academic setting, people pull up their phones, and one becomes a star. 

so if you are a HR director, why would you use it? knowing what will happen?! 

Answer: mediocrity, probably did not read her material, hence why she apologized right after.

The story is on the CBC. 

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