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Canada's military is broken and falling apart.

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16 minutes ago, Army Guy said:

the win win part is Canada could now replace those meager numbers with brand new tanks, the army get some new equipment, whorah....

not necessarily

the Government could very easily go back to its "Canada doesn't need tanks" position from prior to Afghanistan

the Liberals are buying F-35, P-8 & Type 26

its very likely that the army will be starved to pay for the navy & air force

and in fairness, the army is in no shape to fight a conventional war in Europe

Canada would get much more bang for its buck by deploying F-35's, and doing ASW on the G-I-U-K Gap

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26 minutes ago, Army Guy said:

Everyone is a hero, and right now the liberals need every bit of help they can get. 

this government is in its death throes, they are just kicking & screaming as they go

the real problem is that the Conservatives are totally useless af

the Conservatives will find a way to throw away any advantage they gain by Trudeau blowing himself up

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36 minutes ago, Army Guy said:

 the liberals look like they are supporting the military whorah, on on the inter national front we are supporting Ukraine, plus increasing our NATO commitment GDP spending even closer to the 2 % mark more whorah...

except, NATO doesn't even have the stockpiles of weapons to keep up with the demands in Ukraine

and every other NATO country will be struggling to rebuild their own stockpiles

so even if Canada has the money to spend, there won't be much available on the market for Canada to buy

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  • 4 weeks later...

Justin is under pressure to send troops to Haiti from US president almost sure the US president does not know the current state of our military, or he would not be asking, Will Justin have the balls and tell him, or will he be a yes man, and be willing to accept he is out of his league and let our military pay with their life's for his incompetency or lack of balls . And what will Canadians do will they support our troops with new training and equipment or turn their back on them like Afghanistan. This conflict is a lose, lose opportunity, nobody wins, it is time to stand up and tell our allies we are not ready for any conflict, tell them to leave us alone for any military assistance, or present a plan to rebuild...

Canada’s military wary of U.S. request to take on Haiti mission | Watch (msn.com)

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What makes Biden think his voice is going to be heard in Canada , when all the other US presidents have been brushed off like dirt on our jeans...Everything that this country holds near and dear is in crises mode, or nearing collapse, we can't even control a few border points, patrol our own air space, our health care is in taters, or education system believes there is a one million genders, lets not forget we are all racists... How did Canadians let all this happen, with out saying anything...do we not care ?  

Biden visit puts Canadian defence spending, Norad modernization back under microscope (msn.com)

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