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"Shameless": Antifa back in Atlanta with their "antics"

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13 minutes ago, Infidel Dog said:

True, but even if you're prone to believe it all it says is the committee believes there was no cause to believe on Jan. 5 that Antifa would be there en masse the next day causing conflict with Trump supporters.

No problem. Nobody is contending that. The contention is antifa and other bad actors were on the capitol grounds well before the Trump ralliers arrived preparing the ground for an attack on the capitol.

And if R&R's heroes on Liz and Nancy's Kangaroo court even considered that I've yet to hear it.

Ok, maybe a little bit.

Something like "Mr. Epps are you a bad guy?"

Epps: "Who me? Hell no. I'm sweetness and light."

"Fine. You can go now."


But most people already know the Jan 6 report is not worth the paper it wastes.

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14 hours ago, Nationalist said:

But most people

Who is "most people?" Correct yourself, "most people in my circle, the right wing radio circle". 

Unless you have a poll or some sort of documentation to present, why should I believe you? 

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4 hours ago, Contrarian said:

Who is "most people?" Correct yourself, "most people in my circle, the right wing radio circle". 

Unless you have a poll or some sort of documentation to present, why should I believe you? 

Do at least try to be realistic. 

Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger were the only "Republicans" Pelosi would allow on her kangaroo court.

she wouldn't allow the Republicans choices to be on her kangaroo court and she would not allow any questions about her role in leaving the capital unprotected. Plus...she refused to release all the video.

it was nothing more that Libbie theater. 

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On 1/23/2023 at 6:47 PM, Hodad said:

At this point, whenever violence happens right wing politicians and media are sure to shout "Antifa!" But WTF does that actually even mean? It a boogeyman, for the most part, but even separating that out, if some violent actor goes too far, gets arrested and says "Yeah, I support the Antifa movement." what does that actually mean? Antifa isn't a visible organization. It's isn't a club. There are not chapters. There's no organization. There's no leadership. There is no guidebook. There are no rules. There is no set agenda.There is no membership. And anyone who wants to support the movement can do so. So who is to blame? Is the whole organization responsible? Oh wait, there isn't an organization. So what meaning is to be derived from saying "Antifa did it!"? 

So yes, it's more an idea than anything else. Some people may take action in support of some or all of the ideas associated with Antifa, either implicitly or explicitly. But nobody controls who or what an "Antifa" is. 

If you have some deeper knowledge of an actual Antifa organization, please feel free to share.


And yet how do you know what events to gather or what the timings are, someone has to be on social media spreading the news telling people where and when to go, thats leadership, thats a sign of organization, and there is always someone directing the flow on the ground, be it the guy on the bull horn or someone else...You may think your organization is invisible, but there is always a trail to follow. 

Those that were arrested with domestic terrorism charges , guilty or not guilty, try and explain that to your employer, or on a future job interview...see how that goes, or maybe it is for a loan for a new car or home later down the road, these actions are going to be life changing...

Who's to blame, well if you get arrested then your to blame, you commit a crime then your to blame...

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