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Canadian taxpayers are being scammed by the GG, Rideau Hall, and the federal government

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We can do something about that unbound and unlimited entitlement extravaganza though. Not writing to you employee-representative (aka to Santa), no. Make your annual taxable income around 15K (25 with a family). And in a couple of decades, with a reasonable uptake, would work like a charm. Let's see how MPs, PS and CEO would happily sponsor all the generosity. Out of their, personal pocket.

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Just now, Moonlight Graham said:

Representing the King doesn't mean you get to live like one from the 1500's on the taxpayer's dime.

I agree, but if that's what she's doing, it's poor class, tone-deaf and selfish, rather than a scam.  

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4 hours ago, Moonbox said:

it's poor class, tone-deaf and selfish, rather than a scam.  

No, no not even close: because we can!. And one more time, the three pillars of Canadian political system (from day one to infinity - as aspired but in reality, to a deep possibly irreversible evolutionary dead end):

1. Cement the status quo, no possibility of real change.

2. Zero real accountability.

3. Gross to reprehensible and obscene culture of entitlement (+ p.p. 1,2)

Three simple axioms of political Canada explain everything, all that was, is and will come to pass.

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13 hours ago, Contrarian said:

I like the theory of "Direct Rule". 

Why not wake up the King in the morning to sign some papers, he travels around the world anyways at major events so he can represent Canada to save us some taxpayers money. 

and nowadays with technology King Charles can also join Microsoft Teams Conferences with staff members from Canada. 

I have no doubt Charles can find a way, if he will put the same energy as he does into logistics of his houses in Transylvania we will be ok.

He goes there often to relax, have been myself to visit his properties in Eastern Europe as a tourist: 


It might start a revolution in Québec City, but they riot there every couple of years anyways. 

I hope you remembered to take some garlic and a few wooden slakes.

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