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Thousands In Canada Being Euthanized Who Are Not Terminally Sick


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48 minutes ago, Contrarian said:

Karl Marx and the Bible/Quran were interpreted by human beings for political reasons which lead to atrocities in history.

Fact:  Islam has nothing to do with the Bible.  It is an entirely different religion founded by one individual in the southern part of Arabia.  Its belief system includes the use for force and that is how it was spread.  You should not use the Quran and the Bible in the same sentence.  They are not the same.  If the Bible had been followed by everyone there might not have been many wars or fighting all the time.

Fact:  Almost all of Europe were under the control of the Roman Church which is not a Biblical church.  But they still had to defend themselves against many barbarians in parts of Europe and from the expansion of Islam.

Actual Bible believers have always been a relatively small number of people and they did not control empires and countries.  Many of them were persecuted and wiped out by Rome.

When you make broad generalizations you are not really telling the truth about history.  History is complex and many countries and people were simply defending themselves against barbarians and aggressors.

The Communists claimed to be atheists and they killed about 100 million people in the Russian revolution and the Chinese revolution.  There have been many wars fought for control of countries, resources, security,  and hate.  Religion had a part in some of it but was not the main cause.  But again much religion is not Biblical and Bible believers were not the cause of the wars and tyranny.  Blaming Bible believers for the wars is a straw man argument.  Only the ignorant fall for that one.

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The simple truth is euthanasia or doctor-assisted dying is strictly based on the world system or secular humanism. The world system is portrayed in the Bible in the book of Ecclesiastes.  It describes life as despair, hopelessness, and without any meaning.  Euthanasia is the natural outcome of that kind of life.  The term "under the sun" used in Ecclesiastes reflects that world view or thinking.  The secular humanist way of thinking is confined to nature and human reasoning.  In contrast with that, the rest of Bible gives hope, comfort, and belief in a future salvation in paradise. 

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