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Hello Canadians


Please read this CTV article with an open mind. Then read the rest of this post.   Come back with an opinion on whether or not the article leads you to believe that this bill addresses serious violent crimes of minor tobacco and drug charges.



This is the government's policy:



Am I misreading the CTV article? Does it seem to be a misrepresentation of bill C 5. 
To me it seems to be fake news,  please let me know if I am off base.
These are the actual charges that bill c5 will change. They seem far more serious than the article claims. What do you think?
The bill is also centered on a false premise, that systemic racism is real. The beliefs that a single variable, race, determines incarceration. Not behavior or drugs or mental health or parenting or culture, but race.
Sure, 20% of the population is Asian but they are 6% of the incarceration rate is an inconvenient truth but let's ignore behavior and free people from systemic racism.
This bill wants black and indigenous people to NOT go to jail for robbery with a firearm because...." Systemic Racism".
Please read the real charges this bill will impact below:

To address the overincarceration rate of Indigenous peoples, as well as Black and marginalized Canadians, MMPs for the following offences would be repealed:

  • Using a firearm or imitation firearm in commission of offence (two separate offences)
    • Paragraphs 85(3)(a) and (b): MMPs of 1 year (first offence) and 3 years (second and subsequent offence)
  • Possession of firearm or weapon knowing its possession is unauthorized (two separate offences)
    • Paragraphs 92(3)(b) and (c): MMP of 1 year (second offence) and 2 years less a day (third and subsequent offence)
  • Possession of prohibited or restricted firearm with ammunition
    • Paragraphs 95(2)(i) and (ii):  MMPs of 3 years (first offence) and 5 years (second and subsequent offence)
  • Possession of weapon obtained by commission of offence
    • Paragraph 96(2)(a): MMP of 1 year
  • Weapons trafficking (excluding firearms and ammunition)
    • Subsection 99(3): MMP of 1 year
  • Possession for purpose of weapons trafficking (excluding firearms and ammunition)
    • Subsection 100(3): MMP of 1 year
  • Importing or exporting knowing it is unauthorized
    • Subsection 103(2.1): MMP of 1 year
  • Discharging firearm with intent
    • Paragraph 244(2)(b): MMP of 4 years
  • Discharging firearm — recklessness
    • Paragraph 244.2(3)(b): MMP of 4 years
  • Robbery with a firearm
    • Paragraph 344(1)(a.1): MMP of 4 years
  • Extortion with a firearm
    • Paragraph 346(1.1)(a.1): MMP of 4 years
  • Selling, etc., of tobacco products and raw leaf tobacco
    • Subparagraphs 121.1 (4)(a)(i),(ii) and (iii): MMPs of 90 days (second offence), MMP of 180 days (third offence) and MMP of 2 years less a day (fourth and subsequent offence

Am I wrong or are woke politicians willing to see people robbed and killed just to virtue signal?

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