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Question for the pro-gun folks

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The claim made by the pro-gun crowd is that the weapons are needed in case the big evil government will send Soros agents to their home to seize them.  Satire.

Why such resistence for a bit of control? 

Warfare however is moving. A kid in his mom's basement can hack your house, your phone, car navigation system, etc.

What is the plan for the pro-gun crowd to adapt to such progress? 

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You must live in some city in Ontario right, here's a news flash life as you know life is not the same for everyone, I know god forbid the rest of the country does not adhere to your vision of the world. but there is many visions out there. I know mind blowing right...

It does not matter if you understand why gun owners want to keep something they legally purchased, and it does not matter if it scares you a lot. if you don't own one then what is there to be scared of? most gun violence is done by criminal elements, they prefer you to be scared. making their job easier. 

If you knew how much control there is already then even you would question why we need more. when it is already extensive. 

Owning or having firearms is like any tool you have, with 99 % of legal gun owners already following these extensive laws and policies, it has nothing to do with defending your home, zombies, or whatever another conspiracy you think gun owners have.  it is a tool, that is used to hunt, for sport, or to keep wildlife out of your yard. it's got nothing to do with aliens, Soros, or keeping liberals in check, it's got everything to do with your fear. 

If you think these new measures are going to keep you safer, then you drinking too much government kool-aid, most gun violence is done by criminals that don't follow the law to start with, they don't care about Justin's new gun laws, it's not that hard to get ahold of illegal guns if you want them, so to make it look like they are doing something about gun violence they are targeting legal gun owners.  Billions will be spent on further controls on legal gun owners, and only 350,000 over the next 5 years will be spent on illegal guns at the borders.  and if that makes sense to you, then you are part of the problem.

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I don't resist Canadian gun control

it's totally ineffective at stopping gun crimes

but I have no use for an AR or a Glock

those are not very powerful weapons to me

the perfectly legal unrestricted high powered long guns is where the firepower resides

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13 hours ago, Contrarian said:

The claim made by the pro-gun crowd is that the weapons are needed in case the big evil government will send Soros agents to their home to seize them.  Satire.

the Second Amendment in America does empower any individual nor organization to overthrow the government

the Well Regulated Militia is a States Right

so the model is the War of Independence / Civil War

States could cede from the Union, forming citizen soldier armies, with a lawful chain of command

there is no right for an individual nor organization to employ firearms against the state otherwise

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The steps for owning a handgun.....Criminals don't give a rat's ass for these laws.


Getting Your Handgun in Five Steps

1. Take Course and Exam

  • You must be over 18.
  • Find an instructor in your area and register for the Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) (two days, usually a weekend), followed by the Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course (CRFSC) (one day). Some instructors offer evening classes.
    • The courses are in a classroom. You won’t fire any guns.
    • You’ll learn safety rules, such as: Always treat all firearms as if they are loaded, and Never point a firearm at anything you aren’t willing to destroy.
    • You’ll learn the basics of handling different types of rifles, shotguns and handguns.
  • You’ll pass written tests about the law and practical tests about gun handling. You need to get a minimum grade to pass. If you pay attention to the instructor, you’ll pass.
  • After you pass, you’ll get a form to submit to the RCMP for your licence application.

2. Apply for a Handgun Licence

  • Submit your application to the RCMP with the $81.76 fee and a professional photo.
  • Wait for the RCMP and your CFO to run background checks, reference checks, and get approval from your partner or spouse, maybe even your ex.
    • If you pass all those, the RCMP will mail you your licence card after about 2 months.
  • After you get your licence, you can apply to buy a handgun.

3. Apply to Buy a Handgun

  • (Some provinces require you to be a member of a shooting club or target range before they will authorize you to buy a handgun.)
  • Find a seller: an RCMP-licensed gun store, or another person with a gun licence.
  • Show them your PAL so they can check its validity.
  • Request permission from the RCMP to transfer ownership to you.
  • Register the handgun with the RCMP.
    • Stores usually handle the transfer and registration.
  • Wait for approval, usually a few days to a few weeks. The store will call you.
  • Return to the store to pick up your gun if the purchase is approved.
  • Every time you buy or sell any handgun, you will need explicit permission from the RCMP.

4. Apply to Take Your Handgun Home, And Take It Home

Apply to Take Your Handgun Home

  • Apply to your provincial Chief Firearms Officer for an Authorization To Transport (ATT) firearms. If it is approved, they will indicate the authorized departure point (the store), arrival point (your home), and allowed travel dates and times.
  • As of now, this authorization is included with your licence in most cases, but the government may change that.

Take Your Handgun Home

  • Ensure your handgun is unloaded and disabled with a trigger lock, zip tie, or equivalent.
  • Place it inside a locked case or container. (Stores do this for you.)
  • Take your gun home by a “reasonably direct” route. The law doesn’t say what that means.

5. Lock Your Handgun in a Safe

  • Store your handguns at home, not your cottage, cabin, car, or storage locker.
  • Store them by law: unloaded inside a locked gun safe or vault, or with a trigger lock inside a locked container, cabinet, or room.
  • In some cases you need to store ammunition separately.
  • The point: Prevent anyone from touching your gear without your authorization (e.g., curious kids, unstable/impaired spouse, drunk guests).

A Few Other Points

  • Apply and pay to renew your licence on time every 5 years, or risk jail.
  • If you change homes, obtain CFO permission to transport your handguns to your new home, or risk jail.
  • Tell your Chief Firearms Officer within 30 days of moving, or risk jail.
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