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Are Jews fleeing French anti-semitism?


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Barricaded in Paris

In 2002, the same year Jean-Marie Le Pen's extreme right Front National party came second in the general election, the same year hundreds of anti-Semitic crimes were recorded, the same year Le Monde published an article so searing in its anti-Jewish sentiment that a French court has since found its writers and editor guilty of "racial defamation," French President Jacques Chirac admonished a Jewish editor to "stop saying there is anti-Semitism in France. There is no anti-Semitism in France."

In France the non-fiction bestseller for half a year was a book trying to prove that the attack against the Pentagon on 9/11 was faked, and never occurred.

With France's rapidly rising Muslim population, are the Jews right to flee, knowing they have no future in a Muslim France?

And can Europe be far behind?

In a survey conducted across Western European countries last year, Israel and the US were ranked one and two as the greatest threats to world peace. A separate survey several months ago found that almost 40% of Germans believed that the US itself was behind the 9/11 attacks, so as to provide an excuse for war against Muslim nations. In a separate survey in Germany, half of those polled indicated that Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians were as bad or worse than those committed by Germany against the Jews in World War 2.

American Thinker

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I recently read an article that explored this issue from a Canadian viewpoint. Some Jewish people are coming here from Europe as there is an established community. But I wonder how long it will take until some of the over 20 terrorist organizations we have operating in Canada to start copying the behaviours of their 'brothers' in Europe.

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With France's rapidly rising Muslim population, are the Jews right to flee, knowing they have no future in a Muslim France?

Yes they are right to leave France, but unfortunately because of the French language many of them are immigrating to Quebec.

Bad move. French Canadians have always been anti-semetic & presently still seem to identify with what they perceive to be "da liddle guy"...which to them are the Arabs, not the educated Jews.

They would do better to try & learn another language & immigrate to Israel, the US or the ROC. They won't be welcomed in Quebeciraq.

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