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CBC Story on Rogers Network Outage

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I haven’t seen a thread on this, the apparently nation wide Rogers cell phone network issues, which lasted for most of Friday.


“The Canadian economy, and everyday life, is tethered to our communications networks, and when they go down, like Rogers did for much of the day Friday, there is no universal Plan B to keep widely-used – and vital — services online.”

The CBC itself is suggesting you need a plan B for outages such as this.  We’ve been warning about this need.  What if you couldn’t pump gas or buy needed groceries because of this on Friday?  Keep a few hundred in cash in your home.

it’s simply buying insurance against network failures.

Was anyone affected by this?  I’m with Fido and I had no network all day.

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Luckily our home internet provider is with Shaw.  But I read that people were ‘outraged’ at the lack of service.  One online headline mentioned thousands of people affected, that is so grossly inaccurate it’s stunning.

Rogers has 11 million subscribers.  So it’s millions.  

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When I found that my home lost internet last Friday morning, I wasn't surprised. Two weeks ago, I received a message from Rogers like: "...we are going to upgrade your internet service in your community. The internet may be on and off sometimes. Please don't call us..."

On route driving to work, I leaned from 680News that the failure wasn't only limited in a community but Canada-wide and phone service also failed.

When I arrived the company I worked for, everything which needs internet stopped working. In the afternoon someone from a neighbor company knocked the door, asking if we had internet or phone service. Obviously no one in his company used to listen news during breakfast or driving to work.😜

On Friday evening during driving back home, I dropped in an ESSO to fill my car and found every pump had a note on it "Please prepay inside shop, cash or VISA only". WTH was my first thought but I soon realized that I was lucky because at least their in-store VISA POS reader used a none-Rogers line. During the filling, I noticed many cars turned away after drivers saw the note, probably because they had neither cash nor VISA cards in their pockets.

On Saturday morning, my home internet began coming back. I posted a joke under the news of the Rogers vice executive said they had not found the root cause of the outage:

(Friday morning)

CEO of Rogers: ...finally, according to your prime ministerial decree, we have completed building our new pure made-in-USA tech network to replace the old Huawei tech network.

Trudeau: Congratulations! Good job! From now on, Canadian will be able to enjoy security-concern-free internet service.

CEO: Will you do us the honor by launching our new network?

Trudeau: Sure!

(Trudeau pressed the LAUNCH button)

Trudeau(panic): What's going on? What's happening? Have I done something wrong...?😢


(Saturday morning)

Trudeau: Finally, I can use my Rogers phone to call you. So what's the problem?

CEO: We don't know, We have just switched back to old Huawei system....😂


(A week later)

US Tech: .....weird, everything looks good. Hardwares good, softwares good...wait, what's this?

Rogers Tech: It's the software we used to block possible backdoors of Huawei hardwares, though no backdoors have been found yet.

US Tech: So I have found the problem. Unlike Huawei hardwares, our hardwares are not compatible with the software.😜


Trudeau: Finally Canadian will be able to enjoy security-concern-free internet service.

And just a few minutes ago,  my neighbor knocked my door: "Your internet is working now? Mine is still not working, and my daughter's cell phone is also not working...."😒

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10 hours ago, sharkman said:

Thanks, that’s quite a post!  I’m not a fan of Rogers or Huawei, but I’d sure like to know what caused the outage.

Apparently they were doing a hardware maintenance and something went wrong.

""We now believe we've narrowed the cause to a network system failure following a maintenance update in our core network, which caused some of our routers to malfunction early Friday morning,""




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