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First a trickle....Now a flood

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8 hours ago, eyeball said:

I'm not the one trying to make a case.

That's also pretty funny coming from someone who makes their case the way you do.

Your case has been made for you.

And it's falling apart.

All we've heard for 3 years is "your case."

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“On July 18th, I took my fiancé to the emergency room in Sussex NB due to a heart related episode. We were there from 6pm that day to 1 pm the next day. “The Hospital was very busy. They had 2 waiting rooms full of people, every examination room was full as well as the observation room beds full. There were ambulances lined up, waiting to offload patients. “Every single person that came in, (as we could hear pretty much everything from the observation room and beyond) was there due to reactions to the covid vaccine. Every person that was there had severe issues within days or even moments of having the vaccine. There were several issues including severe cramping and muscle, joint pain. Blood clots. Breathing issues. Numbness and loss of feeling in their limbs. Heart issues. “My fiance (and i) was basically the only person there who had not had the shot and was there for something unrelated to having had the vaccine. We were blown away by this discovery!!” After being there in the observation room for 19 hours, and going through 3 shifts of doctors, it was decided that he needed to be rushed to the Saint John hospital by ambulance for an emergency stress and dye test. BUT, because they had become so overwhelmed with people,whom were all cases of complications and reactions to the covid vaccine, I was told ( as I am a PSW) to take him home and keep him comfortable until they called from Saint John ,with a bed for him to be admitted there for the tests for his heart issues. Again, he had NOT had the vaccine and his issues were unrelated. We were told we had to make room for the people with reactions to the covid vaccines!! By the way.... that emergency call never came. We ended up talking to his cardiologist and had the stress test 5 weeks later, and finally he has been booked for nuclear stress testing on Sept. 8th. That's 8 weeks of WAITING. So what I'm saying here is.... that my Fiancè, who had a serious heart health issue, got trumped by those having reactions to the covid vaccine!!! They claimed they were worried about the Hospitals being overwhelmed with COVID PATIENTS, which never happened.... NOW THEY ARE OVERWHELMED WITH COVID VACCINE REACTIONS!!! SOURCE: ‘Ann Douthwright ’ email to author, September 02/21.

Report to MLAs-FINAL 210910C.pdf (strikinglycdn.com)


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“As everybody knows, I was really against taking the vaccine, but in order to see my mom who is on dialysis [in British Columbia]. I decided to take a leap of faith and take that first shot. My intuition even sitting in there was saying, ‘Don’t do it. Don’t do it.’ But, I did it so I could hug my mom. 24 hours later I suffered a minor stroke. And then 3 days after that I almost went into cardiac arrest. A week after that I almost went into cardiac arrest again. “I take aspirin every day. I carry nitro to open up my arteries if I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack. It’s very emotional stuff, but I still have a business to run, the very thing that I fought for a year ago. So, it’s hard to deal with all these medical things for doing something that the government said, ‘It’s safe, do the right thing.’ I did the right thing. I almost died. I almost lost my business again. My finances went down the tube. “I tried to stay a little bit private about it, but in the end everyone needs to hear these stories. They need to hear the vaccine-injured. They need to be aware and have informed consent about what’s going in their body.”

Natalie cannot risk taking a second dose of the vaccine which means she is not considered ‘fully vaccinated’ and, therefore, is not allowed to visit her mother after all because BC’s vaccine passport system does not allow medical exemptions.

“I feel disgusted that it’s come down to that and people in BC need to start standing up and saying no because for someone like me or hundreds of thousands of others that don’t want to take it or are scared to take it...that’s their choice. We shouldn’t be held hostage in our province because we don’t have the proper papers. B.C. Ferries for instance...they’re going to require that or any kind of travel or restaurants. My father, my mother, my sisters...one of my sons lives in Victoria, so it breaks my heart that I can’t even go over there because now I’m considered still in the ‘white zone’ with only one dose. “I refuse to get a second dose. I’m not going to risk my life to get a second dose to put me in the ground when I still have a young son to worry about. I think that’s the responsible thing to do.”



No, Natalie.  According to Eyeball and Dialamah, the responsible thing to do is kill yourself for the "greater good."


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Boy...these Rebel news reporters better be careful with these unfriendly vax attack interviews they've been doing in Davos.

This current one with some Pfizer big wig might be the most brutal one yet.

I worry Ezra and Avi might find themselves strapped to wooden chairs in some dark Swiss room and that's the last anybody will ever hear from them.


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Japan officially downgrades Covid to seasonal flu status | Daily Mail Online

But here in Canada, Trudeau still wants everyone running around in terror like chickens with our heads cut off. 🙄



Japan will start considering Covid as being equivalent to the seasonal flu — a sign of the attitude shift toward the pandemic.

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida announced on Friday that Covid would be reclassified to disease category five from the current level two.

But symbolically, it shows how major countries are finally learning to live with Covid rather than treating it like an immediate public health emergency.



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And in London, there were demonstrations and marches again.  People put stickers with the names of their vaccine injured and dead loved ones on the windows of the BBC, the march of the gene modification injured & killed: people hold photos to remember those who were killed by the injections and this speech:




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Identification of druggable host dependency factors shared by multiple SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern | bioRxiv


I have always taken NAC during my lifetime, but I've been taking it more the last 3 years.



Antioxidant drugs, such as N-acetyl cysteine (NAC), were effective against all variants both in human lung cells, and in a humanised mouse model. Our study supports the use of available antioxidant drugs, such as NAC, as a general and effective anti-COVID-19 approach.


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UK FOI request from ONS:


Please supply deaths caused solely by covid 19, where covid is the only cause of death listed on the death certificate, broken down by age group and gender between feb 2020 up to and including dec 2021.




COVID-19 deaths and autopsies Feb 2020 to Dec 2021 - Office for National Statistics (ons.gov.uk)


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3 hours ago, Infidel Dog said:

This comedian linked below does an SNL style "Do you remember" comedy routine on stuff "They"  would like you to forget:

What do you think about the new FOI'ed documents from the DOD that show the American military was running the whole show, paid Pfizer $10 billion and absolved them of all liabilities, described the shots as "countermeasures" and "Prototypes" and described the whole thing as a "demonstration"?

It actually clears up some issues I had - like the FDA rubber-stamping the shots for all age groups.  I watched part of the FDA proceedings when they wee discussing jabbing children and it was weird seeing doctor after doctor after doctor after doctor testify about the issues with myocarditis and begging them not to jab children and then they went ahead and did it anyways.  Like they were going to okay them, no matter what.

The "countermeasures" denotes this was a military thing, not a pubic health thing.  A retired pharma exec went over the documents and contracts and said it was like nothing she'd ever seen before.

I'm kind of waiting for more info, but it's interesting.

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On 1/20/2023 at 5:55 PM, OftenWrong said:

Yeah, you've missed the point entirely. The cart is before the horse.

I've said none of those things. No one else here says them, as far as I see, except you and a few other bogus zealots. ;) 


You've and the majority of poster in this thread have said over and over that Covid isn't serious, that the deaths have been overstated.  And you clearly agree with @Goddess that the vaccine is dangerous.  Stop lying.

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40 minutes ago, Goddess said:

Here is the "nutshell" of what happened with the DOD, BARDA, pharma papers:  The documents (redacted) are available online:

Thread by @IamBrookJackson on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App


Brook Jackson is the pharma whistleblower who is suing.

Man am I ever glad I went "anti-vax" after they sucked me into the first shot.

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46 minutes ago, dialamah said:

You've and the majority of poster in this thread have said over and over that Covid isn't serious, that the deaths have been overstated.  And you clearly agree with @Goddess that the vaccine is dangerous.  Stop lying.

Not sure who you mean by "majority of posters in this thread" but it doesn't matter. If it's who I think we're too busy taking a victory lap to care.


As more “normies” have started waking up to the reality that the Covid-19 “vaccines” are ineffective and dangerous, a lot are finding new way of defending their decisions to get jabbed rather than admitting it was a mistake. Conservative comic Scott Adams, who is most famous for creating the Dilbert comics, is not one of those people. He’s now admitting that “anti-vaxxers won” in regards to their decision.

In fact, he admitted it over and over again. Watch:


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1 hour ago, dialamah said:

You've and the majority of poster in this thread have said over and over that Covid isn't serious, that the deaths have been overstated.  And you clearly agree with @Goddess that the vaccine is dangerous.  Stop lying.

I agree with those statements, but with some qualifications. It's not what you accused me of earlier, so stop lying yourself.

Why not post something of value, all of you, rather than simple nay-saying, ridicule, jeering, icons. You give me nothing of substance or value to answer with, besides jeering in kind.

Maybe some of you like to come here and "blow off steam" like this forum is some sort of therepy. I am not interested in that kind of discussion.

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On 1/20/2023 at 10:49 PM, Goddess said:

While Delta was MORE infectious, it was LESS deadly. 

Don't buy the hysteria: The Delta variant is actually less dangerous (nypost.com)

I know you're a huge "OMGOMGOMG! Cases! Cases!" kind of guy, but we're not talking CASES here, we're talking DEATHS.

That article is from July 2021. Much of the negative effects of Delta happened much after. Into Q4 of 2021. 




All variants of covid have affected mainly the elderly and those with multiple co-morbidities.  The average age of death with covid has always been, and still is - in the 80's.

So SOMETHING happened in Q3 2021 that caused younger people to suddenly start dying and becoming disabled.

The deaths that are alarming actuaries are not covid deaths, they are "other cause" deaths - specifically heart and circulatory issues, neurological disorders and stroke.  Is it "just a coincidence" that all their deceased customers were recently injected with an experimental injection known to cause heart and circulatory disorders, neurological disorders and strokes?

No, this is not covid.


So this is a conspiracy of yourse, as many would say these deaths are from COVID. 



Notice how excess deaths have RISEN in all age groups, after vaccination started for each respective age group:


If the inoculations were effective, shouldn't we see deaths trending DOWN?  If effective vaccines were the reality, shouldn't those slopes be going the other way, especially since strains have gotten continuously LESS virulent?

Instead we see mortality for ALL age groups continue to rise, even through 2022:

SOMETHING happened in 2021, 2022 that INCREASED deaths all over the world (Note Sweden in this chart):


Do you know of a virologist who will suggest that a virus would switch to targeting the younger, heathier population in the second year of a pandemic?  And AFTER mass vaccination?

Here are the same countries comparing Q1 in 2021 (when no one was vaxxed) to Q1 2022 at the height of mass vaccination:


This is all theorizing. There are people on the other side of this spectrum that believe COVID destroys one's immune system that will kill or make people sick of other illnesses because they've been infected with COVID. 

You're all insane. 





Since mass vaccination, there is also 3.5 million MORE Americans of working age, who are now too disabled to work:

Here it is broken down by men & women.  This jives with reported adverse events affecting more  women than men, as well (13% worse, according to reported adverse events):

This is happening all over the world.  Here is S. Korea, whose vax program only took off in Q3 2021 when they borrowed Pfizer doses from Israel:


Again all theory. You don't believe it's COVID because earlier variants didn't attack younger people and in your worldview if it did start killing younger people it means it was a serious disease that needed the interventions governments took. 

But you have ZERO!!!! evidence that Vaccine was the cause. 

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7 hours ago, Boges said:

as many would say these deaths are from COVID. 

They are not from COVID.  They are from heart and circulatory issues, neurological disorders and strokes - all the main adverse effects from the inoculations.  I have posted multiple studies that show the rate of these things is far higher from the inoculations than from the virus.  Far higher.


7 hours ago, Boges said:

You don't believe it's COVID because earlier variants didn't attack younger people

Find me some medical studies or virologists or immunologists who will say that viruses attack different age groups in the second year.


7 hours ago, Boges said:

Much of the negative effects of Delta happened much after. Into Q4 of 2021. 

You are incorrect in your timelines.  Also, the most deaths from the jabs occur #1 - in the first 48 hours and #2 - 5-6 months after.

Read the medical studies.  Look at the data.


7 hours ago, Boges said:

There are people on the other side of this spectrum that believe COVID destroys one's immune system that will kill or make people sick of other illnesses because they've been infected with COVID. 

You are incorrect.  

Read the studies in this thread.

7 hours ago, Boges said:

you have ZERO!!!! evidence that Vaccine was the cause.

I have more evidence than you do.

You have ZERO!!!! evidence that it isn't.


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Frontiers | Low Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D (Vitamin D) Level Is Associated With Susceptibility to COVID-19, Severity, and Mortality: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (frontiersin.org)


Vitamin D is an immunoregulatory vitamin and a potential lifesaver.

There were 14 studies comprising of 999,179 participants.

Low serum level 25 (OH) D level was associated with covid-19 infection, severe presentation and mortality.

This is from March 2021.

If Tam really gave a shit about public health, she would've recommended that part of Canada's pandemic response be sending out free bottles of Vit D3 to every citizen.

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While SADS certainly occurred pre-pandemic, it seems to be happening much more frequently. As with many pandemic issues there is a lot of gas-lighting over whether SADS is actually occurring more.
SADS deaths have more than doubled post pandemic.
Here is a study from 2005 which looked at mice which were exposed to a virus that caused them to suffer from myocarditis.

But here’s the interesting part. They looked at what happened when the mice were injected with epinephrine (adrenaline). Being injected with adrenaline significantly increased the mortality of the mice during all three phases of myocarditis.

The survival rate for the mice with myocarditis, who were followed for 30 days, was 70% with a saline shot but this dropped to 40% with a shot of adrenaline.

Mice that were not inoculated with the virus (and so therefore didn’t get myocarditis) and were then given adrenaline had a 100% survival rate.

Even more interesting, some mice were inoculated with the myocarditis inducing virus and then left for 120 days. After 120 days they were given a shot of adrenaline. 70% died within 10 minutes due to their hearts being too damaged to take the adrenaline rush. None of the mice in the control group died after the same dose of adrenaline.

The covid inoculations interfere with the body’s Type 1 interferon response and therefore too much adrenaline is allowed to be released.

So to summarize, this study shows that getting myocarditis (in this case after infection but could equally apply to vaccination) caused a significant increase in mortality when injected with adrenaline. Even more worrying, sudden death was observed after 120 days, with 70% of the mice dying within 10 minutes of an adrenaline injection.

Clearly even mild myocarditis can turn out to be a lot more dangerous than the gas-lighters make it out to be. Is a sudden surge of adrenaline, for example while playing football, causing a mild case of myocarditis to turn into SADS, similar to what happened to the mice in the 2005 study?

With so many ‘unknown cause’ excess deaths occurring at home, could this be one of the reasons? Whether myocarditis is caused by covid or the inoculations, this should be investigated immediately.

Most recent studies haven’t found increased risk above background, for myocarditis with COVID infection.
This connects the dots between sudden death and the athletes that seem to be more likely than others to experience it. And it also demonstrates that it can happen after a period of time (after receiving the vax), because the trigger is the adrenalin.
@Boges  Note, after 120 days.  That's 4 months.
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Well, this is just gaslighting taken to a whole new level:

They knew: why didn't the unvaccinated do more to warn us? - IQfy

The unvaccinated knew what we didn't. Some of them said too little. Most said nothing at all. A lot of blood is now on their hands.

As the world struggles to come to terms with the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, one question that continues to surface is why the unvaccinated didn't do more to warn us about the potential dangers of being injected.

But the unvaccinated had access to important information about the potential side effects of vaccines. They knew about the risks of severe allergic reactions, blood clots, and other serious health complications. They knew that vaccines did not immunize us. They knew it wasn't effective, and that they can cause more harm than good.

They knew all of that, but instead of warning us, the unvaccinated chose to remain silent. They chose to look the other way and not speak out about the potential dangers of vaccines. They let millions of good folks who did the right thing (at the time) fall to death and disease

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Massive spike in excess deaths sparks calls for an 'urgent investigation' | Daily Mail Online

MPs have called for an urgent investigation into Britain's soaring death rates as thousands more people than usual are dying each week.

Some 17,381 deaths were registered in England and Wales in the seven days to January 13 – 2,837 above average for the time of year.

This is the highest number of excess deaths since 3,429 in the week to February 12, 2021, when the UK was experiencing its second wave of Covid-19 infections and vaccination had only just begun.


50,000 excess deaths 'clearly concerning,' says health secretary | Politics News | Sky News

The NHS is under tremendous pressure, according to the health secretary, but he also adds that other countries are facing similar issues.

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BBC News
Excess deaths in 2022 among worst in 50 years

More than 650,000 deaths were registered in the UK in 2022 - 9% more than 2019.

This represents one of the largest excess death levels outside the pandemic in 50 years.

Data indicates pandemic effects on health and NHS pressures are among the leading explanations.

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Also in that article:

No evidence of vaccine effect

The rise in cardiac problems has been pointed to by some online as evidence that Covid vaccines are driving the rise in deaths, but this conclusion is not supported by the data.

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