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The Battle of Moscow---A Soviet Tale of the History of WWII


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The Battle of Moscow is a 1985 Soviet two-part war film. And each part includes 2 episodes which last one and half hour, so the whole movie lasts nearly 6 hours.

I watched the film decades ago in China. Unlike most slow-paced Soviet movies, The Battle of Moscow is intense, fast-paced and relatively objective. In short: that day in the cinema, no one fell asleep during 6 hours play time, so It means it's a quite good movie and worth to watch.

Some YouTuber uploaded the whole movie on YouTube. I guess most west war loving....LOL.....war history loving fan boys and girls haven't had opportunity to watch it, so I post it here in case someone wants to watch it.

Part 1: Aggression (Episode 1)

Part 1: Aggression (Episode 2)

Part 2: Typhoon (Episode 1)

Part 2: Typhoon (Episode 2)


Highlights of the Movie

Dec 29, 1940, 6 months prior to the war on the east front breaking out, General Zhukov who played "Blue" ---the German side, used almost the same strategy which Field Marshal Fedor von Bock used 6 moths later, encircled "Red" ---the Soviet side army, which was under command by General Dmitry Pavlov. Zhukov was thus promoted as the Chief of the Red Army's General Staff by Stalin.


General Pavlov was executed by Stalin, for his troops were encircled two times within 6 months---one in the war game before the war by General Zhukov, another in the rear war by Field Marshal von Brock due to the same mistake.😢


General Zhukov anticipated German might incircle the Red Army's Southwestern Front, and asked Stalin withdrawing Southwestern Front troops from Kiev. After being refused by Stalin, Zhukov resigned from the post of chief of general staff.


Stalin asked Zhukov to tell him the truth, with the honor of a communist, if Moscow could be hold.


Zhukov told Stalin that it was time to launch counter attack and push German back. After being convinced by Zhukov, Stalin told the chief of general staff to give Zhukov the reinforce troops he asked, and told him: "I believe, and comrade Zhukov also agrees, that German army is in crises and it's time for us to launch a counter offensive...."😜


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Yes, I noticed this on my feeds as well.

'Come And See' was another great Soviet flick from 1985. The saga re: being trapped behind enemy lines as the Einsatzgruppen conduct their business.


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I'll show you a cuter one for a short watch (8 minutes) that hypes you up to know more and may even encourage clicking on the long one. 

This one is 2 Russian twin cuties watching a music video by the Swedish music group Sabaton called Defence of Moscow. It's worth a watch because the story is personal to them and they go into why:


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