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Petition to Save the Third Floor of the Royal BC Museum

G Huxley

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Please sign the petition to save the Third Floor of the Royal BC Museum, which is under attack by the NDP government and related political forces more interested in hiding and eliminating history than in preserving it. The Third Floor, which for many constitutes the core of the museum, is scheduled to close on January 2nd and whole sections are planned to be removed and eliminated.

The petition is located here:

The planned closure has been announced in the Times Colonist:

The following is an excellent riposte written by an indigenous writer:


Please sign the petition and then forward this message and/or petition to as many people as you can think of.

P.S. Did you know that the museum was founded in 1886 as the result of a petition with only 30 signatures?


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Indeed and at its worst.

The Royal BC Museum is rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Google, yet the cancel culture fanatics are having the museum gutted and being enabled to do so by the BC NDP government and by the Liberal Federal government (behind the scenes in the way they hand out politicized grants and push the agenda of 'decolonization' doublespeak through universities and other institutions) and by the museum administration.

By the time they are finished, there may be no museum left.

If you haven't already, please sign the petition and forward it on.  If we don't take a stand now, then the cancel culture crowd will eliminate far more history.  One person was even quoted in the first news paper article cited as saying that this is just the beginning and much more needs to happen.

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And in less than two weeks, almost all of the Royal B.C. Museum’s most signature attractions are being abruptly ripped out in the name of “decolonization.”


The demolition contracts have already been signed. Starting on Jan. 2, crews will start taking crowbars to life-sized dioramas of a Peace River homestead, a salmon cannery, a Vancouver Island coal mine and HMS Discovery, the flagship of British explorer George Vancouver.


When the American Alliance of Museums gave the exhibit their Excellence in Exhibition award in 2015, judges marvelled in particular at the RBCM’s work to track down speakers for some of B.C.’s rarest languages in order to build an accurate auditory catalogue to accompany the exhibit.

Our Living Languages — as well as Chinatown and the rest of the third floor — is scheduled to be gone in less than two weeks.



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Posted (edited)
The visionary creator of the Third Floor died just over a week before it was closed:


4 days later, rather than acknowledging his death, the museum ironically chose to post this about the Old Town just a few days before they closed it:

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Ignorant radical activists are destroying artifacts and records of achievements not unlike the young Taliban who deface ancient Buddha cliff statues or beat people for the crime of allowing women to leave home unaccompanied by a man.  We’re witnessing the barbarian invasions of Rome.  Unfortunately Rome never recovered from them. As we shy away from questioning the removal of Ryerson’s statue or the firing of a university professor for questioning pseudo-scientific policies, we should think about historic examples of societies that stopped protecting the reputations of their great figures and their positive achievements.  The Soviets also tried to rewrite history, and the new system they created overnight failed.  

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