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CBC's Rosemary Barton most blatant Trudeau fan!


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At last Thursday English debate, Barton was all seriousness with everyone else, but jokes with Trudeau!  :rolleyes:  (oh, aren't we just so chummy and  cosy with one another).


Today, her face-to-face episodes show a big difference of demeanor between O'toole and Trudeau.   Just the clips alone shown on CBC this morning show that clearly.  

She is hostile towards O'Toole - and interrupts  him as he explains (like she doesn't want to let the audience soak up O'Toole's explanation), and her facial expression looks harsh.................


..........................whereas, look at the softness on her face as she listened to Trudeau....and she lets him finish his message.  Even when she poses her question, it's with diplomacy and "gentleness."


Rosemary Barton must be in love with Trudeau! 🤣

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Overblown nonsense. The government under Trudeau is remarkably similar to the government under Harper and what it would be under O'Toole. The middle class will be overtaxed at roughly the same rate under both, and the super-wealthy will continue to take advantage of them. 

And Rosemary Barton's facial expressions are appropriately ambiguous.

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O'Toole's fault. He should have simply refused to being interviewed by a member of the Justin Trudeau cheerleading squad. You want to interview me? I get to pick which of your people do it. The CBC would have given him that.

BTW, she was just as hard on Singh during their one on one. It's only Trudeau she gushes over.

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