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Canada Election Debate Questions

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Here are some questions I would love to see asked in the upcoming Federal election debates. 
Questions for PM Trudeau: Liberal 

The Century Initiative 

It has been reported that the Liberal government supports The Century Initiative, a plan that is focused on seeing the country of 36 million grow to 100 million by 2100. 

Have you not considered the impact on the environment of having 100 million Canadians? It is likely that most of the additional 60 million people would live in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. How would that impact the country’s ability to manage waste, garbage, increased traffic and air pollution, increased housing? 
Where are they going to find affordable housing?
Where will their garbage and human waste go?

How many more vehicles will be producing harmful pollution in these areas?

How much more energy/electricity/nuclear power will be consumed? How much additional water will be consumed?

The damage to the environment would be catastrophic. How can you possibly be willing to support a plan to destroy the environment of our major cities? 






You have suggested that you want Canada to accept 20,000 Afghanistan refugees. Please explain how you will ensure that proper vetting will be implemented. 

Did you prioritize their, or any non-Canadian, entrance to Canada over Canadians who were left in Afghanistan? 

How are you going to get stranded Canadians home?

What do you say to the Canadian troops who served in Afghanistan, and their families, with respect to how Canada watched as the country was handed back to the Taliban under your watch? 


Fake News 


On January 12, 2018, as the PM of Canada, you launched the hijab hoax and spread anti-Asian hate. Despite being the PM and having an infinite amount of resources, investigative experts, advanced technology, you, after three hours on the uninvestigated word of an 11 year old, made a claim that Muslims were under attack. 

You used this as an opportunity to denounce Islamaphobia. You held a press conference and announced to the world that this horrible attack had occurred. You are a part of this phenomenon of fake news, why did you spread the hijab hoax and why have you never apologized to the Asian community whom you blamed for this hoax? 


Who is Hang-Kam Annie Chiu? Julianna Kozis? John Wheeler? Jeffrey Northrup? You didn't have a press conferences or express outrage over real hate crimes but you did over a hoax. Why?

Black Lives Matter (BLM) 

BLM: “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’ that collectively care for one another, especially our children, to the degree that mothers, parents, and children are comfortable.”  

BLM also aims to “dismantle the patriarchal practice”. 

You have taken a knee in support of BLM. Their agenda includes defunding the police, advocating violence against the police, promoting Marxist ideologies, and they want to destroy the nuclear family. Their events also promote anti police hate, rioting, and looting.  


As the PM of Canada, do you support their anti-Police rhetoric? 

Their goal to destroy the nuclear family? 

Crime Policy 


In 2020, Toronto saw 460 shootings. It is becoming more and more common for kids to be shot in cross fire. Malls and parks are housing communities are frequently the targets of these shootings. Your policies that target legal gun owners have been terribly ineffective and gun violence is out of control. 

Are you not aware that the criminals shooting these guns and killing children are not licensed gun owners? 

Why are you not taking action against the gangs responsible for these terrible crimes? 


Human Trafficking 


Your administration seems to focus on “systemic racism” and slavery which happened in other countries 200 years ago. You have no success or any real plans to address the actual sex slave/human trafficking industry that is thriving in Canada today. 

Why have you not done anything to stop human trafficking in Canada? It would seem reasonable to Canadians that every available resources should be directed towards rescuing any person who is being held against their will in the sex trade industry. You seemingly never mention this or focus any energy on this very serious and very real issue, why? 

This should be at the top of your priorities. What will you do to stop this? 




Black Entrepreneurship Program (BEP) 

You give money to groups based on race. The Black Entrepreneurship Program (BEP) is a partnership between the Government of Canada, Black-led business organizations, and financial institutions. With an investment of up to $350.8 million over four years, it will help Black Canadian business owners and entrepreneurs grow their businesses and succeed now and into the future.  


Why do you believe one group lacks the capacity to achieve success?  


What message is our government sending to Black Canadians that they need to be singled out for additional support exclusive to them and them only? 





Chinese, Jewish people experienced real, legitimate systemic discrimination 100 years ago as well. Any special programs for them? 


Canada’s confederation took place in 1867 after slavery had already been abolished. There was never slavery in Canada but many people, white people, were brought over as indentured servants. Any program for them? 


Why do you want Canadian tax payers to support discriminatory programs that help people based on their colour, not based on an individual assessment of their merit?  


Charter Breach 


There was a horrific tragedy in London Ontario this year. You held a press conference calling for domestic terrorist charges on the day of the terrible deaths with no facts or he results of any investigation.  


"Their lives were taken in a brutal, cowardly, and brazen act of violence,” Trudeau said Tuesday. “This killing was no accident. This was a terrorist attack motivated by hatred in the heart of one of our communities." 


The Charter protects all people with the right to a fair trial. 

11. Any person charged with an offence has the right: 

to be presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law in a fair and public hearing by an independent and impartial tribunal; 

You prejudiced the right to assumption of innocence. Why? This was a horrific, disgusting crime yet how could you know the motivation or that hate was in the killer’s heart? How is it appropriate for a PM to make such a comment before the person has had their charter right to a fair trial? 


Same question for MP Singh 


MP Singh made similar comments and had a press conference. As a lawyer, how did MP Singh not know that this was a Charter breach? 

Question for all Candidates

I am a person of color bit don't call me that. Call me a proud Canadian. This is a great country with some of the world's strongest human rights protection. I am not a victim of anything. So please don't call me that.

Do you believe in systemic racism in 2021? If so, name a single law anywhere in Canada that is racist.

Questions for MP Jagmeet Singh: NDP 


Would it be correct that you claim white supremacists and Nazi organizations in Canada are one of Canada's biggest dangers and that racist, White supremacist organizations are responsible for many deaths in Canada? 


Alexandre Bissonnette was convicted of a terrible and perverse crime but had no link to any organization. He did have mental health issues. 


Guilherme (William) Von Neutegem has been charged with a horrific murder but not yet convicted. No evidence has been raised publicly that he has any proven links to any white supremacist or Nazi organization in Canada. It is not yet known, publicly, if the alleged murderer has any mental health issues. 


Nathaniel Veltman has been charged with one of the worst crimes in Canada’s history. There has been no evidence, as of yet, of any link to any racist organization directing his gruesome, alleged, actions. It was suggested that he had mental health needs and required medication and counseling.  






At least two of the three examples .have potential links to mental health issues but not any hate organization.  


Name one murder in Canada over the past ten or twenty years that can be linked to any of the groups named as domestic terrorist organizations or any Nazi organization in Canada. Name the organization responsible, the victim, and the link between the murder and the organization. 


How many crimes in Canada can be linked to the Proud Boys? 


 Pro-Khalistan Agenda 


The worst terrorist attack in Canadian history was executed by a Sikh separatist group.  Air India Flight 182 saw the loss of 329 lives. Do you condemn these  Khalistani groups who were involved in this terrorist attack? Please provide your clear and unambiguous position on this movement. 

Discriminatory Focus 


MP Singh why do you only seemingly focus on crimes in which the suspect is White? You held a press conference after the London tragedy expressing your outrage with racist White people and the threat of Nazis in Canada. 


Your reaction to Faisal Hussain was very different than to the London horror. You were seemingly not outraged by Faisal’s alleged actions. Why? 


Why didn’t you have a press conference to express your outrage over the murder of your constituent  Marisa Chen? 


You seemingly had no response to the murder of Dante Andreatta. Why is gun violence not a threat to Canadians in your opinion? 


There were 460 shootings in Toronto in 2020. Do you believe Nazis in Canada in 2021 are a greater threat to Canadians than gun violence?  



Who is Hang-Kam Annie Chiu? Julianna Kozis? John Wheeler? 


Do you believe that white supremacist organizations are a greater threat to Canada than the actual existence of human trafficking? If so, why do you seem more focused on calling out alleged Nazis than taking action to address the horror of human trafficking tahat actually exists in Canada? 


Question for PM Trudeau and Erin O’Toole 


Telecom/Internet Gouging 



Jagmeet Singh and the NDP MPs will introduce a Telecom Consumers’ Bill of Rights, expand cell coverage affordable broadband internet, and put in place a price cap to make sure that Canadians aren’t paying more than the global average for their cell phone and internet bills 


Would you support this legislation? Why have you not taken any action to protect Canadian consumers from being gouged by the providers? 



Thank you


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My question to each candidate: Will you commit to an expedited transition from fossil fuels to nuclear power, electrify, rebuild and expand the rail system and export our nuclear reactors to aid other nations to transition off fossil fuels? Since Western Canada is the Saudi Arabia of Uranium, it is a licence to print money.

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The CBC wants to hear from people but it appears they want "people of colour" to be asking the questions.

Leaders' Debate Form 2021 | CBC News

Those are great questions from the above comments but none of the leaders have any intention of giving clear and concise answers to any questions.

None of these guys plan to reign in the current trend of massive overspending anytime in the near future and that should matter to everyone. Buying votes with free stuff, it worked in the last US election.

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On 8/23/2021 at 10:05 AM, ironstone said:

The CBC wants to hear from people but it appears they want "people of colour" to be asking the questions.

Leaders' Debate Form 2021 | CBC News

Those are great questions from the above comments but none of the leaders have any intention of giving clear and concise answers to any questions.

None of these guys plan to reign in the current trend of massive overspending anytime in the near future and that should matter to everyone. Buying votes with free stuff, it worked in the last US election.

Great share. Not surprising that the cbc would do that but seems like anti white racism is growing stronger every day. Now whites can't ask questions on publicly funded cbc? I hope o toole cancels the cbc as promised.

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Canada has the longest wait times for ER visits, doctors appointments access to specialists and specialized treatments in the OECD because of a shortage of doctors which has existed for decades. What are you going to do to bring Canada's current number of 19 doctors per 1000 people up to the level of 30 or 40 which most of our peer countries have?

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With a colleague, I had a chat about Justin Trudeau's French. (It's like he thinks in English but speaks in French.) We then spoke about Pierre Vallieres and I said how much I missed listening to Pierre Trudeau, Bourgeault, Levesque.


I reckon that Pierre Trudeau would be proud to hear Singh and OToole.

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