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Pandemic will likely get worse in the fall and winter but no more lockdowns.

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2 minutes ago, OftenWrong said:

Again? The mask idiocy has never stopped in ON. Even when working in fully vaccinated mandated workplaces and schools, masks and social distancing continue.

“The vaccine will bring freedom, at 75%.”

“The vaccine will bring freedom, at 80%.”

“The vaccine will bring freedom, at 85%.”

”The vaccine will bring freedom, at 90%.”


Booster shall also be mandated.


There is a new covid variant on the way to your home. It is called the "MU' virus and they say that it will be worse than the other covid flu bugs. This virus bullshit is never going to come to an end. It will just go on and on and on with no end in site. A new one will be coming around every 8 months or so. 

Sadly, the empty headed brainless buffoons out there will once again go into a state of panic and fear and demand that they get the booster shot that will be offered to them so they won't catch the "MU" bug and die. 

It is weird how we were all told that once we are all fully vaccinated we can get back to our old normal life. And what is really weird is the fact that people who took the covid vaccine jabs still have to wear a face diaper mask even after they have been fully vaccinated. Gesus people, can you not yet see that there has to be something wrong with this covid picture? Wake the hell up and start asking questions for f'n sake's. You have a mouth and a brain so use the gawd dam things. 🙄

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There are people who say the coronavirus is a load of bullshit and all restrictions should be lifted and there are people who think that everything should be closed because of the virus and people should be locked in their homes and the army on tbe streets to make sure that people stay in their homes. 

The clever policy is somewhere between those two approaches. 

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An intelligent policy is to look for solutions, test what works, adopt what was proven to work and has brought results, and then look to improve it. This is how intelligence worked so far, til this century.

We haven't learned much, too bad. Did lockdowns work? If they have, why cases and tolls were at all time high? Did universal masking work? Same question. Will shotgun vs. intelligent vaccination be different? Who knows that and how?

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Well, it was not really difficult to predict, and here it goes: CMA calls for lockdowns in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

OK, "state of crisis". Sure, "to save crumbling system"... wait, who happily gobbled and consumed countless public funds for decades so that the system ended up in this state? Who not so long ago blared merrily from a high tribune, "not a problem for our (great) system!"?

But that was then and this is now. And now we know that there's a universal and handy sledgehammer for all kind of failures, shortcomings, underachievement and such. Yes, not difficult at all to predict what state a bureaucracy with no constraints or limits, responsibilities or oversight will evolve to. No, the courage was not in intelligence, efficiency and achieving real results. The real courage is in calling for ever stricter rules and restrictions just because if they they wouldn't work, what would be other options? This is Canada today and who wants to guess where it is heading?

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