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Air Travel Collapse


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Yeah, I know we have a travel area and an business and economy one, but this IMHO is such a big deal, I would like to post it where everyone actually reads.

Came back to Canada this weekend flying with Hair Kanada, da fine French Hairline built on the backs of billions of our tax dollars.  I generally avoid them but one of my credit cards gives me a pile of Aeroplan points and this was a family trip, so reluctantly flew with the most incompetent carrier on this planet.  Worse yet, I had a business meeting in Hogtown on the way out, so our connection returning was through Pearson - probably THE most incompetently managed large airport on this planet.   Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

AC screwed up EVERY flight, coming and going to various degrees.  Once I finally got into YYZ (AC delaying many flights - including ours by hours) the first big thrill was the CBS people working to rule.   LONG delays for some (heard of 3 hours in the airplane waiting to get a gate due to customs/immigration backups).

Next fun and games was baggage.  We get to the assigned carousel and there are no fewer than 7 flights listed on it, and literally THOUSANDS of pieces of baggage stacked on the floor - all by a handful of passengers (mostly my son-in-law, myself and one other over 2 hours) and nobody but two flights seeming to find their luggage.  NOBODY from baggage handling there at all the whole time - just one guy in the baggage service booth with a lineup all across the floor.  Most of EVERYONE ends up leaving international baggage claim when it is obvious they will miss their scheduled flight(s) - without their baggage - us included.   Turns out the flights on the screen were actually on OTHER carousels (we find out next day).  Great performance by Pearson (gee, ANOTHER quasi-government agency - who'd-a-thunk it?)

Then, along comes the now "privatized" prize of government in business - AC itself.  They (and the whole aviation industry - not to be inaccurate 'bout that) slurped up billions of our grandchildren's tax debt to stay afloat courtesy of some guy trying his damndest to exploit the situation for some votes.  Well he and they sure seemed to have succeeded.  Got the election called, but geez, AC cancels not just a few, but DOZENS of flights after telling people 1. they should pay for their booking as here is your itinerary - and the bill and 2. every half hour that your flight will leave in another half hour then, after EVERYONE from Air Canada has simply walked out of the door at the end of their shift and gone home leaving a terminal full of people staring a screens and cursing AC and Canada and 3. after rescheduling some (such as our kids and grandkids) to fly the opposite direction in the middle of the night with two small children and NO baggage for a multi-stop substitute set of flights the next day that at midnight they should find a hotel because ... uh...gee...we cancelled that flight too.  Some of us got out on next day but a bunch of us will be on a late flight 2 DAYS LATER!!!!!!!s

Pull this crap in the USA and you WILL pay a hefty, federally mandated price to the customer you just screwed over and you WILL get them to their destination in a timely manner or shell out some more.  We're supposed to live in the more "socially responsible" society, but we have no such consumer protection.   Also, when such a newsworthy total disaster comes in the country that gave the media $2.4 Bn to just not notice that we have some REAL problems, nothing seems to have hit the news.


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On 8/15/2021 at 4:05 PM, cannuck said:

Yeah, I know we have a travel area and an business and economy one, but this IMHO is such a big deal, I would like to post it where everyone actually reads.


When I did my soul searching, decided to try to post in correct forum.  Of course, hardly anyone ever goes here.

Oh:  forgot, this was FRIDAY THE 13th....Canada's lucky day.

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