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Do you donate and what for ?

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At least in my neck of the woods the pressure for donations is steadily increasing.  I cannot go through a check out at a grocery store or a liquor store without an ask.  There is always a reason - a disaster that happened in country Y, an incident that happened somewhere in Canada.  Today, it was for the BC forest fires.

Wal-Mart changed their check out process in their store in town.  No more employees needed - use the check out machines.  All good, except for their nagging "would you like to donate today?" question.  Of course they don't even attempt to tell you what you are donating for.  Is it for the BC fires, the destitute kids in Africa or to just offset their loses from shoplifting after the self check out was introduced.  But hey, they saved all employee wages there.

And of course there are the homeless, stretching out an arm in the parking lot, or in front of a bank or liquor store. 

Naah, I say "NO" to all of that.

Tomorrow I will mail a letter to Wal-Mart to ask them the "Would you like to donate today?' question.  I am sure they will appreciate my loyalty and donate.

As for the BC forest fires, I can only help with my recommendations.  If not needed, so be it, let the province burn!

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It is not that much of burden to donate a little bit to less fortunate. I don't mind being asked for donation at the cash out. After all I have $200 worth of grocery for myself and $5 is not going to kill me but may result in one person having one less night of hunger. That said what I don't like are those charities which I am donating on a monthly basis a fix amount I have agreed to, but in the middle of the month and sometimes more often, I receive emails or letters asking for even more and more donations for various reasons on the top of the monthly donation that we had agreed. 

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I give to some Christmas charities, but aside from that I feel my taxes are already going to take care of the less fortunate.

Oh, and the conservative party keeps mailing, calling and emailing me trying to get me to join again or at least donate. It's not working. I flat out told the last person to call that they need to get some policies I'm interested in supporting or forget my money.

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