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Ontario: No Place for Critical Race Theory (CRT)

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Closing the Gap for Obese Sprinters

Someone looks at the sprinting teams for Canada and across the provinces and in local municipalities. They determine that one group is “over represented” and that obese people are “under represented”. They conclude that the system has been designed, like all systems, in Canada, to serve a single function- ensure the dominance of healthy people over obese people. In this system, healthy sprinters have a system engineered to give them advantages over obese sprinters.

Their evidence for the systemic advantage? Statistical gaps between obese sprinters and healthy sprinters. A reasonable response by a healthy, sprinter who has an aptitude for sprinting, a passion, a great worth ethic, and a dedicated and caring support system all working towards sprinting success to claims that their success is unearned and is a result of a corrupt and evil system would range from being incredulous to outraged. Feeling embarrassment for the critics who believe the obese are oppressed victims would also be rational.

The logic for the belief in systemic bias? The sprinting programs are designed not for success or championships or high level running but rather simply to ensure the healthy sprinters dominate over the obese. Sound absurd?

Orwellian Double Speak

The cult followers of CRT will use their own language to make their nonsense sound more legitimate. Allow me to “deconstruct” their colonist vernacular.

“White Supremacy”

Imagine a government creating programs and allocating hundreds of millions of dollars to support a “theory “ that claims all aspects of Canadian society are inherently programmed to ensure White people succeed at the expense of others and that power and privilege rests with Whites, simply by being White.  A system that does not want the best for the country only that one group, based on something, race, with no actual scientific definition, be dominant over others.  The objective of this system is not to procure the best teachers, engineers, medical staff, economic decision makers to ensure a successful nation and success for its citizens but to achieve a goal of keeping Whites in power and in control. This is what proponents of CRT call “White Supremacy”.

Sound ridiculous? Listen to the media and politicians talk about systemic racism. Go to your elementary school and hear children learn about “equity” from their teachers.

Government run, publicly funded, schools are teaching children that their skin, if White, is bad. They have “white privilege” and the country, and every fabric of Canadian society, is designed to benefit them. This discredits their accomplishments and devalues their achievements and worth. It makes kids hate themselves for physical traits of which they have no control.

Acting with “whiteness” is also bad. This means you are punctual and respectful and follow rules.  Kids are taught “whiteness” is bad. Being non-White or “racialized” is good. This means you have less “Whiteness’ and no “White privilege” and the system is against you so you are a targeted, marginalized, victim. Your achievements have greater meaning and your lack of success can be attributed to the racist system and the evil White people who hold you back.

Whites who do not achieve success and perform average or below average? They really feel like losers. They have an entire system behind them. How is that for boosting self-esteem?


Unconscious Bias

Believe it or not, “unconscious bias”  means that a CRT supporter can read your unknown, primal responses. You may have done something with no intention or awareness that you are racist but a CRT expert can detect your true reasoning for your action.  Your racism.

Your conscious mind may not have had any discriminatory intent or design but underneath that level of conscious awareness there was “racism”  luring in the gray shadows of your brain so deep that you were not aware of it. Thankfully, CRT experts can detect your “unconscious bias” for you.

The beauty of this labeling is that one cannot argue that their actions were neither consciously biased or unconsciously biased because if it were unconscious, you would not have known or be capable of knowing that you are fundamentally racist despite your own thoughts telling you that your action was not racist. As a result of this phenomenon CRT can make any action “evidence of racism”.

If a White person corrects someone or interrupts someone or has a different idea from someone who is not White, there is evidence of “unconscious bias”. Regardless of the fact that they would have done the same action regardless of the others involved, one can also use “unconscious bias” as proof that there was “racist intent” despite race not being a factor. One can never disprove their unconscious bias and attempting to is proof that one is racist.


A ‘micro-aggression” means nothing happened. It is someone taking offense to nothing but  still providing an opportunity  to complain about racism. By calling it “micro”, it means that “on the surface it doesn’t appear to be anything “ but just because it cant be explained or justified it doesn’t invalidate someone’s right to complain about racism.

If you deny the validity and importance of eliminating micro-aggressions, you are a racist which is convenient for someone trying to demonstrate that there is evidence without any evidence. Simply, call it “micro”.

Examples of “micro-aggressions” are asking someone:

 “Where are you from?”

“I like your hair. How do you style it like that?”

“ Do you speak another language”

“ What does your name mean?”

The above are all real examples of micro-aggressions. It is not poetic license or hyperbole. This is what “systemic racism” looks like in Canada in 2021. While mostly White soldiers fought actual Nazi’s in WW2, today, their descendants are being called Nazi’s for making polite conversation and expressing interest in their non-White co-workers and neighbors.

If you suggest that you don’t see racism in these conversation points, it is, to CRT, evidence that you are racist. Only a racist could deny the impact of micro-aggressions on vulnerable, marginalized groups.

Anti-racist = Anti-White

If someone encourages you to be “anti-racist”, be careful. It is a tricky dichotomy. If you are “anti-racist”, you agree to be racist against White people. You, as an anti-racist,  recognize and acknowledge that White people are inherently evil and that they, the Whites, have created an evil society to oppress others.

You decree that being White is bad and “whiteness” is a plague on society and needs to be stopped. You recognize that you need to actively participate in destroying the racist system of “ White supremacy”.  You must deny your “White privilege” and act to take away all of the inherent racial advantages of being White.

A White anti-racist will admit that they are an oppressor. An anti-racist, as an oppressor, could never suggest that all, non-Indigenous, requested to come to Canada. A comparison between the oppressed country of origin and their life in Canada cannot be used as evidence that they are thriving as opposed to being oppressed. Facts like the oppressed bring their family members to Canada and raise their children here are not aligned with being “anti-racist”.

Alternatively, if you are not “anti-racist”, you are a racist. Either you are on their side, against White people, or you are racist. That’s quite the clever trick. There is noting anti racist about being “anti-racist”. In fact, it is the most racist concept of this century.

Toronto District School Board’s Policies

The largest school board in Canada openly admits to prioritizing race-based outcomes. Why should a teacher focus on someone’s race? Why is that important? Why would it be an objective to see people have the same outcome based on their colour?

Why would a sprinting coach’s objective be for everyone to have the same running times?

This concept is so fundamentally racist yet for fear of calling the Emperor naked, no one speaks. They want to close a “well-being gap”? What is that? How is that defined?

Who is marginalized? Any non-White person? Simply by being non-White, one is marginalized? What is the criteria for these descriptors? A Black student with two successful, professional Black parents will be prioritized as “marginal” and be the focus of the “equity outcome” objective? Children from wealthy racialized families are part of this target for improvement? Is there any scientific formula to support any of this?

Again, what? Why is a teacher’s goal to make everyone have the same outcome, based on race? This is what our schools do? Are we now a communist society? Did anyone authorize our schools to change the core of our society to become communist?

Read this TDSB objective for yourself:



Each and every student is capable of success. Our focus is ensuring that all students can succeed by having access – the same access – to opportunities, learning, resources and tools; with the goal of improving the outcomes of the most marginalized students. That’s equity.


To do this, the TDSB has made a bold commitment to equity, human rights, anti-racism and anti-oppression. This sets the foundation to support those who have been traditionally and currently underserved, and will raise the bar for all students.


How does equity improve the school community?


Equity will help close the persistent achievement and well-being gaps our student data has continually identified as being strongly connected to demographic factors such as family income, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation and disability, among others.”



American Politics

The acts of violence and issues of white supremacy, antisemitism, anti-Black racism, other forms of hate and issues related to civil liberties/disobedience we witnessed in Washington, D.C. on Wednesday are felt personally, and in different ways by our students, staff and community. Classroom discussion of last week’s events and related issues can be a daunting task for educators and students.”


The TDSB Chair wrote some commentary about the events on January 6th. The situation at the Capitol, in a foreign country,  are described as “White Supremacy”. What evidence is he using? There have been no criminal convictions. He watched something on CNN and now it is influencing Toronto schools? Left-wing politics are running our schools?



TDSB Data Disproves Systemic Racism and White Privilege


Evidence for No White Advantage in Graduation/College/University Start Rates


The TDSB’s data shows that within three groups, White, Black, “Other”, that “Other” has the highest graduation rate and the highest rate of starting university. Blacks have, of the three, the highest rate for starting college and the lowest, of the three, application rate to university. Logically, the group that applies the least to university would have the lowest  start rates if they are less likely to apply to university. This makes White the only group of the three to not be at the top. This is evidence for no “privilege”.

There is a strong argument for college over university with respect to acquiring actual employable skills, less student debt, and developing a specific career path. The data shows Blacks are at an advantage over everyone else.

Question for CRT Advocates

Why the need for millions and millions of funding and claims of “systemic racism” if Blacks have the best chance to start college?

Evidence for Advantage to “Other” in Suspensions

Whites are also suspended at a higher rate than “other” – 18% to 15%- which demonstrates no statistical advantage to being White. A system that is engineered to give Whites an advantage would not generate this data in which Whites have no statistical advantage. The data seems to focus on Black students which make up 12% of the student population.  There is a clear bias and manipulation of the data to fit a narrative.

Groups such as East Asian (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) are intentionally not singled out despite their significant population, 19%,  because their  numbers would also disprove “systemic racism”.  They are grouped with “other” in order to dilute the data to show other variables, non-race-related, are what determine success..

This is not an honest conversation that we are having.


No Empirical Evidence for Racism

The TDSB report cites the following evidence for systemic racism in schools:

No one expects Black students to be successful.”

This is anecdotal and the existence of this philosophy/culture is not proven on any level. If any teacher or staff member suggested this, they would be severely disciplined.

I went to a majority Black school, yet the awards still went to Asians.”

Awards typically are merit-based likle running times. They go by your test scores/grades. The people with the highest grades win. This is how a healthy system should work. If one group is committed to academic excellence, that should be an indicator that there is no systemic racism. This is akin to the obese sprinter lamenting:  I went to the track meet and all of the healthy sprinters won.”


See page 49



Question for CRT Advocates

Why is the data geared adversarially as white vs black?

Where is the outcome or gap that needs correcting?

Why is university better than college?


4.1.b Graduation rates

Graduation rates provide a good indicator of how well schools are performing in educating Black students. Figure 6 shows the outcomes for students at the end of the 5-year period. Within this cohort, 84% of White students had graduated from high school at the end of 5 years, compared to 87% of other racialized students. By contrast, only 69% of their Black peers had graduated from high school over the same 5-year period.


4.1.c Post-secondary confirmation

Figure 8 compares the post-secondary plans of Black and White high school students in the same cohort.  As the graph shows, almost half (47%) of the White students in this cohort applied to and were accepted by an Ontario university. A larger proportion of other racialized students (60%) in this cohort applied to and were accepted by an Ontario university. By contrast, only a quarter of Black students (25%) applied to and were accepted by an Ontario university. Conversely, a greater proportion of Black students applied to and were accepted by an Ontario college than their White and other racialized counterparts (21% versus 14%). Of note is the high rate at which Black students did not apply to a post-secondary institution. Black students did not apply to attend post-secondary education at almost the same rate as White students went on to university in Ontario (43% versus 47%).


4.1.e Suspensions

Suspension rates are an important indicator of school success, as they reflect lost instructional time, which reduces students' opportunities to learn. Further, suspension can undermine the attachment of students to their school, particularly if they feel they have been unfairly treated. Figure 11 shows the cumulative suspensions received by Black, other racialized, and White students during their time in high school.


Which Law is Racist in 2021?

The sad truth for these arguments is that there are no systemic barriers.

If someone is treated better than someone else because of their race, this is illegal in Canada. In Ontario, this is a breach of the Human Rights Code. Each province/territory has legislation making this illegal. The legal system which CRT advocates claim is , at its core, racist has laws preventing someone from being paid more being White or preventing someone from  only renting housing to Whites or providing better/enhanced services to people for being White.

This does not happen in Canada. If it does, it is illegal and can be stopped by using the mechanism within the existing system.

If a White worker makes more money for the same job while having the same qualifications and seniority than a non-White, that is illegal. The other employee can use the law to seek redress. The system will work for the other employee against the employer to ensure their pay is equal. Systemic racism would not allow for that.

Question for CRT Advocates

Any preferred treatment to Whites for being White is illegal. So, what law in Canada protects White people or empowers White people over anyone?

What law in 2021 is racist in favour of Whites?  Anywhere in Canada? Federal, provincial, munipal? Name a single law that explicitly states a White person has a right to better treatment than a non-White, in any aspect of Canadian society. Can’t name one? 

Black Privilege

It seems the only laws and systemic racism that are racist are against White people. There are many examples of Black only government programs (The Black Entrepreneurship Loan Fund  and special employment programs that provide advantages for non-Whites all across Canada. Many universities have special admission guidelines that are empirical examples of Black privilege.

An important element of CRT is “recognizing lived experiences” of the oppressed.  Part of validating these lived experiences is to engage in race-based hiring. It is becoming increasingly common to find discriminatory hiring practices in which “lived, Black experiences” are preferred. Here are two examples of publicly funded, discriminatory positions. Job descriptions are below:


Black Student Engagement Coordinator

University of Toronto


As the Black Student Engagement Coordinator, your role will consist of developing, coordinating and evaluating the department’s prominent community-engaged co-curricular experiential learning opportunity, with an emphasis on Black student development and Black student success. This will involve fostering an open and inclusive world view environment; organizing and facilitating student development workshops; recruiting and training work-study students; and developing innovative programming that celebrates the Black-identifying diaspora present at UTSC. Your work will involve extensive partnerships and communication with campus, tri-campus stakeholders and external community partners



Preference will be given to Black candidates (which include but is not limited to candidates of African, Canadian or Caribbean descent) who have lived experience as a Black person




Black Community Liaison Advisor

City of London

As an effective leader with an ability to engage others, the Black Community Liaison Advisor works to develop and strengthen the City’s relationship with Black and racialized people, and representative organizations in our community.  Calling upon a deep understanding and knowledge of the experience of Black and racialized people in Canada, informed by lived experience, the Black Community Liaison Advisor recommends processes and initiatives and facilitates the City’s ability to align service delivery to the identified needs of Black and racialized people and communities.

Qualifications and Lived Experience


  • Lived experience as a Black person who can acknowledge and speak to the social, political, cultural, spiritual, health and economic history, challenges, and opportunities relevant to diverse Black people and communities and the impact of systemic racism and oppression.



No Straight, Able-bodied Whites Need Apply

We also find some publicly funded organizations openly denying people to apply for jobs based on being White. CAS Toronto has imposed this policy for Human Resources Advisors. There is no evidence that the human resources field/industry has great disparity of need to eliminate White people from applying but here is their job posting:

Human Resources Advisor

Children's Aid Society of Toronto


We are currently looking for a permanent, full-time Human Resources Advisor who will perform a wide range of services related to human resources on a professional level and works closely with management in supporting their departments/branches primarily with staffing and recruitment. The HR Advisor works collaboratively with managers to ensure that all HR policies and legal compliances, as well as collective agreement obligations are met. This role also carries out responsibilities in the following functional areas: HRIS administration, compensation and benefits, and leave of absences.

Equity Hiring Strategy and Application Process The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto (CAS of Toronto) is committed to building a skilled workforce that reflects the population of Toronto as well as the diverse communities we serve. For this specific career opportunity in support of our Equity Hiring Strategy, CAS of Toronto is inviting applications from qualified individuals who self-identify as being part of one or more of the follow under-represented groups:

 • racialized (visible minority)


• persons with disabilities


This initiative is deemed to be a Special Program under the Ontario Human Rights Code.



·         The Special programs under the Code is only defensible when it can demonstrate that there is a specific need and barrier facing a specific group that requires addressing. Human Resources is a general field. Eliminating all straight, White people with no disabilities does not help a specific group; it only excludes one group. In fact, straight, Whites in Toronto are less than half of Toronto’s  population.  What specifc group does this help? What specific barrier is broken by this discrimination?

Equity in Athletics

Team Canada’s men’s basketball team is almost entirely Black. Does anyone complain or express concerns of “equity”? No. It doesn’t matter what you look like, it is how well you play as a team member.

We should not ensure there is equity in outcomes and that players are selected based on their race.

Question for CRT Advocates

Is there systemic racism in selection for Team Canada’s basketball team? If so, how? If not, how can systemic racism not penetrate this field yet has permeated every other aspect of Canadian society?



Tokyo Olympics


Back to the sprinting team.

There is statistical “over representation “ in sprinting all across Canada and the USA and the world. No one complains about this or believes this to be unfair. Sprinting is time-based and a meritocracy. One group dominates sprinting. If “White Supremacy” is embedded in every fabric of the social tapestry (whatever that means), how come White sprinters do not dominate Canadian sprinting?

Every member  (Bolade AjomaleJerome Blake, Bismark Boateng, Aaron Brown, Andre De Grasse, Brendon Rodney, Gavin Smellie) of Canada’s 4 x 100m sprint team is Black.

Canadians will cheer for them without taking that into consideration. Why would they? They are the best and earned their spot, good on them.

No Canadian would begrudge them for the colour of their skin yet CRT advocates only want to focus on “equity” in outcomes and disparage those who find success.

Question for CRT Advocates

Why do we accept meritocracy in some fields yet claim “gaps” in performance/outcomes are racist in others?

Need for Race-Based Outcome?

Blacks are 4% of the population, therefore, should be a dramatic need for new policies to address this outcome disparity. There is a group that is 4% of the population yet 100% of the group in 4x100 and over 90% of the men’s basketball team. This represents the most dramatic disparity, except for crime, of all fields/industries.

We should not argue that groups based on their race should receive team membership. That would be absurd. The same logic applies to pilots and doctors and pharmacists and teachers and electricians. Individuals, based on their performance/skills/attitude, should be included in fields and professions and teams. Race should not be a factor in decision-making. Anything to the contrary is racist.

Non-White Dominance (Asian, South East Asian, Jewish)

If Canada is systemically designed to ensure White superiority over others, why are there several non-White groups who, statistically as a group, out perform White Canadians? People who claim that the system is rigged in favour of White people need to explain how the system in situations that are merit-based, like sprinting, see non-Whites dominate.

Asian (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) and Southeast Asian people do not suffer from statistical gaps in average income compared to Whites across the board. They, as a group, do better in some industries/data points. This is because there is a meritocracy.

If people do well academically, they typically have a better education and are more employable, will earn more money have better overall success as a member of society, however one would define that success. That is how the Canadian system works. The system is not designed to fail. It is designed to give the most opportunities to the smartest, the hardest working, the best.

Health Care


South Asians, Koreans, Japanese, Chinese all earn more than Whites in health care. In fact, the average Chinese salary in health care is ten thousand higher than a White counterpart: 58,000/year to 48,000/year.



In the field of math and computer information, Chinese are at $67,000/year and White people are at $70,000.  No reasonable person would conclude that there is a systemic force engineering success for one group at the expense of others in mathematics.

Companies, like banks, want the most capable people making billion dollar decisions. They don’t care about “race”. No company would hire a White over a non-White knowing that the White would perform poorer than their counterpart. It makes no sense.



Japanese earn, on average, 76,000/year to 72,000/year more than White people in the STEM industry.


Look at law, Jewish “over representation” in law as lawyers and judges demonstrate that no systemic forces are preventing their success. Anti-Semitism has a long, dark history in Canada. A system designed to keep White people dominant over Jewish people would have failed in the area of law. This is especially controversial to CRT advocates as judges are appointed within the system designed to keep Jewish people, as non-Whites,  down. Yet, statistically, look at the proportionality of lawyers and judges who are Jewish compared to their population in Canada.

No Degree/Diploma

South East Asians, on average, make more money than White people without a diploma/degree. This indicates that work ethic, not systemic forces, are an important variable to achieve success.


Question for CRT Advocates

Name one industry in Canada in which a non-White with a Masters degree earns less than a White person with no post-secondary education. If the system were rigged in favour of Whites, one would not see the importance of other variables. The leading indicator is level of education. This determines societal success, not race.

The system works the same for everyone. Get educated, work hard, collaborate well with others and make positive contributions, follow the rules, enjoy a nice life in a great country.


Important Variables: Non-Systemic

Generational Wealth

Logically, a group that has been in one place longer than others might have a better opportunity to accrue generational wealth. Passing down property and savings will help the next generations. This is not unique to any one group.

Any group can leave financial support to their family to help future generations. This, not any racial privilege, is a key component to achieving economic and educational and societal success. These resources can be used to generate wealth and facilitate educational opportunities.

A group not exercising this fundamental economic principle should not seek to blame a corrupt system. If someone lived and died in Canada and managed to accrue nothing for the next generation, blame that individual. If you are a newcomer and just arrived to Canada with no financial capital then it would be reasonable to expect you to leave less than a group that has the benefit of being multi-generational.  Systemic racism/white privilege/whiteness has nothing to do with generational wealth.


Should one wish to use slavery as a reason for a lack of generational wealth in 2021, one should note that neither Canada nor Ontario had slavery. Ontario,  as Upper Canada,  banned slavery in 1793 and slavery was banned across Canada back in 1833 both acts of legislation happened pre-Confederation of 1867 meaning Canada, which came into effect in 1867, never had slavery. There is a stronger argument for the impact of the Great Depression on all Canadians than the impact of slavery on generational wealth for those living in 2021.

Family Support: 2 Parent Homes

Children raised by two healthy, positive, law abiding, educated parents have an advantage over single parent homes. This is true across all races. Should a parent choose to leave and to not support their children, this is not the fault of systemic racism. This is a parent’s failure.


For those that would argue that slavery is the reason why fathers in some communities are not involved with parental responsibilities in 2021 are asking for a lot of latitude from their audience- especially in Ontario.


Children raised by two parents who both graduated college/university/achieved specialized training are more likely to also achieve educational achievements. These educational skills are the single most important factor in achieving societal success. This is true across all races. A parent’s choice to have children without achieving any tangible, employable skills is the choice of that individual and not the fault of a system.



No sustainable system will ever support/promote/incentivize violent criminal behavior. Any group statistically being more involved in gun crimes, shootings, murder, violent assaults/criminal behavior will find themselves at odds with any successful societal system. This behavior will not ever be congruent with a healthy society.

 If one group is disproportionately responsible for the majority of violent crimes (shootings, murder, etc.) then the factors that create this quantifiable data point are responsible for any perceived societal inequities, not a racist system.

An empirical barrier to obtaining generational wealth and societal success is criminal behavior. This is true across all races. Chinese people have an inverse relationship between their criminal activity and their societal success. Do not get involved in serious, violent criminal behaviour while focusing on education and one will find measurable success in all areas of life in Canada.

Question for CRT Advocates

Black males aged 18 to 35 make up less than 1% of Canada’s population and less than 2% of Ontario’s population, what percentage of the shootings in Canada and Ontario are by convicted perpetrators from this group?

Percentage of victims?

Percentage of suspects?

 Is it not logical that a group that engages in the most reprehensible anti-societal behaviors would have the least amount of success or would it be more reasonable to conclude that the system is racist against those who disproportionately shoot and murder others?


Ontario Works (OW)

A parent who elects to raise their children on OW, regardless of race, is more likely to pass on the OW system to their children. Parents who choose to have as many kids as possible for the financial benefits from receiving more public funds create a stronger likelihood for their children to be OW recipients as adults. These are individual choices independent from any societal prejudice. This contributes to gaps, not race.



If you advocate for CRT, you espouse racist ideologies. You are part of a cult with no science or evidence to support anything you suggest. Your only evidence is anecdotal and you rely on gaps as evidence. There are gaps between groups, agreed. This is not evidence of anything that you claim.

The obese runner will never achieve greatness in sprinting. Blaming and creating divisive hate against others will never make their timed-runs any faster. Mandating that track teams meet quotas for over weight runners will never bring championships to any track program. Taking a talented, healthy runner’s spot and opportunity to compete as a sprinter, after working hard, for the purpose of “equity” will not create equity.

Finding one’s passion, one’s aptitude, hard work, positive behavior and family/social support will make them great in other areas. Simply being unsuccessful at something does not equate to a discriminatory system or a victim make.



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Basically there’s nothing in government or business policy that indicates systemic racism.  I do believe that when you see that a child is struggling to participate for financial reasons or due to poor parenting, the adults should rally and try to cover the costs of field trips, help the child get to and from practice, and give that extra help with school work, hygiene, etc.  That’s why we donate clothes, have food drives, etc. We do it for all races.  If more “racialized” children need this help, we give it. Schools do this very well in Ontario, and I’ll always support that.  We run into difficulty when we try to ascribe the challenges people face to factors like the legacy of past systemic racism because it’s impossible to quantify or determine just how disadvantaged someone is or why. Adding up intersectionalities of marginalization doesn’t work, because we sometimes see people who appear to have all the cards stacked against them thrive and vice versa.  Sometimes apparently privileged people lack motivation, suffer depression, lack mental strength or intelligence, etc.

It’s hard to determine what people are up against except in very obvious ways, such as lack of food, clothing, shelter, physical or cognitive ability, having been abused, and so on.  Yet even those factors don’t tell the whole story.  We have to be careful not to create new biases and disadvantages as we try to level the playing field.  Critical race theory may be an attempt to call out race-based privilege, but its solutions are to reduce advantage to race and inevitably result in new forms of race-based bias.

Reasonable attempts by society to create equal opportunity is good.  Mandating equality of outcome is sheer totalitarian collectivism that crushes motivation and freedom.  We cannot know completely why people do what they do and their level of privilege.  To think we can do this and “fix” people is very misguided and dangerous.

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