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CRTC flip-flop on the wholesale data rates

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Every time an important for the society decision or area is offloaded to some quasi-independent, hands-off bureaucratic entity, the surprises and strange decisions in not clear whose interest keep coming in.

Like with the cases of privacy commissioner a few years back or highly entitled Canadian mint CEO. And now CRTC is ostensibly protecting the investment of the big telcos, is it what we, the public are paying the generous salaries and pension plans of the entitled bureaucrats for though?

The question is, in this century, can there be more effective, transparent, efficient including less expensive ways of arriving to important for the society as a whole decisions than hiring a bunch of overpaid bureaucrats of unknown competence and interests?

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This problem should be solved with soon to come internet technology. Low altitude satellites from many companies like SpaceX, Amazon and a few others will provide global internet. SpaceX currently has 1500 Satellites with their goal to have 42,000 total. They intend to have a bandwidth one gigabit per second. With this scale and expected global volume they will undercut the Rogers and Bell's of the world.

You may want to buy a wreath for them ;)


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Posted (edited)

It certainly looks like the problem of high cell and Internet rates simply has no solution in this country regardless of the number of regulations and top-paid bureaucrats involved in the matter. In some countries of Europe, especially in the Eastern part it's common to have both mobile and fixed Internet at home for around $10 monthly.

When I was a long-time customer of one of those, my rate would go up by $2 plus tax every 3-6 months just because some commission with some bureaucrat approved it. It took a painful call go get it back but only for another 6 months. Sure that's how business is done in the 21st century Canada. I would so love to see your scenario play out and do count me in for a 50c contribution, each.

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