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"tourists" storm the capitol!

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Spiked-online doesn't agree with the fake news hysterics like the guy writing in the OP for The Hill.

What "insurrection" is more like it.

Capitol riot: the terror attack that wasn’t


Why does this matter? As Glenn Greenwald has highlighted, it shatters the myth that the Capitol rioters were a murderous mob – a myth which helped fuel the overheated reaction to the riot. Who could disagree that tough action was needed to fight far-right terrorism when murderous extremists could apparently overpower and kill the police? But of the five people who died, four were Trump supporters. In fact, the only person actively ‘killed’ in the Capitol riot was a Trump supporter – shot dead by police

Everything the hysterical left rushed out to scare the gullibles turned out to be BS when the facts came in.

Officer Sicknick died of natural causes. 

There were no armed insurrectionists.

Trump did not incite the rioters. 

AOC was full of crap. She was never in any danger. She wasn't even there.

Nancy's claim of Russian involvement and "Putin's puppets" was just more BS for the pile.



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And speaking of the hysteric writing for The Hill, when I say hysteric I'm referring to this:


Republican after Republican on Wednesday repeatedly sought to downplay the violence of the Jan. 6 insurrection

OK so let's hear from one of these "Republican after Republicans" to see what Hysterical Hillboy is so upset about:

The Congressman asked one question in particular I found interesting. Has anybody been charged with "insurrection?"

The answer, of course, is no. So why do we let these fools call January 6 an insurrection then? There's no reason to believe it was one.

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29 minutes ago, BubberMiley said:

But whatabout the fact that most of them are? How inconvenient!

Tell that to the thousands of businesses destroyed, hundreds assaulted and the police officers killed.  But you people don’t care about that, because you can’t use it for political power.

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12 hours ago, Shady said:

Agreed.  Almost as ridiculous as the “mostly peaceful “ protestors of BLM and Antifa!

I'm really not getting it. Why do we always need to qualify something that is clearly and obviously wrong? How is it helping to understand and deal with real problems?

Yes violent riots and damage to property is wrong. And yes, storming the seat of democracy is a violent assault on democracy. Both are wrong. Both lead down the path to even more polarization and erosion of democracy that, as the past has shown is not magically protected and could cease to exist if we insist on walking down it.

Here. Was it really so difficult?

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