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What do you think about godwin'law, Reductio ad Hitlerum ?


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(I get help from a translator because it is not easy for me to speak English)

François De Smet said : We live in an environment where the second world war and its qualifiers of evil and good are still prevalent simply because we don't really have an ideology of good in stock anymore, on the other hand we know what evil is by experimentation [...]


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François De Smet said The godwin point shows that in a society marked by the instantaneous writing, by a liberalization of the word... uh inevitably we manage to exchange more quickly radical arguments because when we are online we exchange in short format... and well there is no more binding, all this communication (a glance, a dead time etc.) and we arrive directly to that the bottom collides [...] 

[...] What is curious about social networks is that we are in a very strong liberalization of freedom of expression [...]   

I do Cherry picking just because I want to say if I don't say anything stupid, internet is a thing made by Americans and so from the beginning there is more freedom of expression because there is the 1st amendment which gives the freedom of expression on the level of the law but otherwise on internet we know that for example Chinese are watched and that they don't really have the freedom of expression in the American way. 

Now you should know what the law of your country says about apology to nazism or revisionism in relation to nazism because the gdowin law is perhaps first of all due to an intellectual terrorism playing on the fear of the law. 

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