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Where are Ontario's vaccines?

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1 hour ago, myata said:

Sure we can explain it away, and still it wouldn't work as it has no solid rational foundation supported by necessary resources. This is more for the TV that still tries to preach to the virus. Good luck.

It's been pretty well established that the virus moves more easily among populations that live in closer quarters (care homes, prisons, poorer neighborhoods, homeless camps, third world urban areas).  Makes sense to me to vaccinate the populations that are the most vulnerable.

Not to mention, acknowledging facts is not "explaining it away".  

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4 hours ago, dialamah said:

Not to mention, acknowledging facts is not "explaining it away".  

Acknowledging facts means admitting that the real protection will begin 4-6 week (that's when vaccine comes into partial effect after the first dose) after significant fraction of affected population has been vaccinated, say 30% or higher. And that point can be month(s) away but look we're doing good! publicity show is right here. Enjoy.

Secondly it would mean admitting that no one can predict where the next "hotspot" would appear, with sufficient density of population. Edmonton, Winnipeg, Vancouver, any number of smaller places, nobody has done it yet. So unless there's a plan to cover all potentially vulnerable areas this is just a stunt, cheap show for the media.

Thirdly, it means admitting that postal code means nothing, just plain nonsense. I can bet that in (almost) every one of those codes would be a significant fraction of areas that are no different from prosperous rural Ontario (and very likely, given the postal code, more prosperous). And now by a wave of the government wand found itself in the front lines of a brave pandemic fight, fanfare.

If one really wanted to protect vulnerable people it could have be done, but rather differently. Starting maybe with 1) responsibly and 2) intelligently. But clearly that is not what they're there for.

Ok, enough feel free to enjoy the muzak. Pathetic and self-serving (note also $20 K monthly salary of the vaccine "czar") but sadly, no surprise and for a while now.

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4 hours ago, Boges said:

The increase in ICU admissions is an indication that more young people are getting much sicker with the proliferation of these variants.

I wouldn't presume. This data shows that at least 85% of those in ICU's are age 50 and over. Below age 40, it is only 10%.



Scroll down to figure 5 at the bottom.

Sleep well...   ;)

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Hectic, on the spot, lacking sense, intelligent rationale and solid, stable resources activity is not the way to approach this level of challenge and achieve good or even satisfactory results. These are early bells and in six months or so we should be able to judge with more factual ground.

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On 4/12/2021 at 3:18 PM, myata said:

Ontario reports up to 100,000 vaccines administered daily. If the rate was sustained, in four months of the rollout (100 days) the entire adult population of the province would have been vaccinated. With a linear increase in the rate, half of the adult population (i.e. approximately, 5 million).

On the other hand, in my community it is Phase 2, registration open for ages 60+. Even in that group, I'm hearing that registration is less than reliable and scheduling can take weeks. Personally I don't know anyone under 70 who has received regular vaccination (i.e. via provincial or municipal program, not pharmacies).

Ontario vaccination progress site reports the total of 3.2 million vaccinations as of today, roughly the same as the population of the province over 60 (below). Yet as far as I know not everybody in that group received it and not by far.

What has been your experience so far? And where are Ontario's vaccines going as they cannot be seen anywhere around (other than in Toronto and AZ)?

Demographics of Ontario by age

Canadians and their where is my vaccine nonsense. Canadians and their constant whining and always living in a state of fear and panic over not being able to get their vaccine jab is bloody amazing. What a bunch of scaredy cat crybabies. I am sure having a good laugh at your expense. :lol:

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