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Communism will win anyway.

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On 3/9/2021 at 10:53 AM, Owl said:


Communism will win anyway.

it is useless to resist.


if you have Education, then try to argue ..

I warn you

- I hit hard and U hurts

Well, now I'm curious about what kind or tendency of communism you're referring to here. Because the lessons of the past 150 years indicate that communist worker movements are very difficult to organize and hold together against outside attacks and dissension spawned within the movement. 

Factions break away every time some charismatic leader is miffed about not being selected for top leadership (Leon Trotsky) and figuratively, throws acid on the debates with other party leaders to deliberately increase the divide and lead a new movement that is the REAL communism. 

After the First World War, some capitalists realized that if necessary, it was better to create or allow a despot to take over government and divide the working people along sectarian lines -- appealing to nationalist, racial or religious sentiments, rather than on shared class interests. 

It's been said that the plutocrats who make up ruling oligarchies have divisions among themselves, but are the only economic class in a capitalist society who understands their class interests and needs for solidarity beyond grabbing short term profits. 

We might also need to ask today whether the biggest stumbling block in the way of socialism and workers movements is that the forces which serve capitalist interests, have become increasingly sophisticated in their propaganda and use of new technology to attack and marginalize socialists. 

By 'propaganda' I would especially include the development and widespread dissemination of psychologically manipulative advertising and marketing campaigns...first on television and now literally everywhere in the age of portable devices that are online 24/7, giving up information about us and our habits to the cyber-goons who spy on us for profit and surveillance purposes. 

Are we close to or already in a "1984" type of world where we won't be able to trust any information we receive from any source, and be unable to escape the clutches of our oppressors?  Just asking! Hope it's not true.

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