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All over Ontario, people have been quarantined for weeks in order to flatten the curve and save lives, for the majority of places it has been working. Health officials are now saying that some places in Ontario have reached their peak and the daily number of cases are slowly starting to decline. However, long-term care homes are still at high risk and are being closely monitored to prevent a wide-scale outbreak.



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1 hour ago, Hussain said:

What is the leading death of COVID 19?

I am confused. I don't understand the question, then I went to the link and was even more confused ---since it had nothing to do with your question's verbiage?

Your question is just like, asking What is the leading death of suicides or what is the leading death of heart failure or what is the leading death of cemeteries? 

Was there a misprint which slipped by somehow?

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7 hours ago, OftenWrong said:

We know.

I think I have an answer. What is the leading death for Covid-19? The shutdown.

So IOW you used incorrect words, and I was left confused by that ... since terms like the, death, are not logical regarding COVID 19.

It is not going to die, ever, as it will now strike North America seasonally like the flu does. Again, that's not a COVID 19 death.

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4 hours ago, Tdot said:

Oh, okay.  You need teammates now, to assist your dislike toward me?


Surely you have not let me control your emotions to that huge degree, eh?

Sheer nonsense. I don't even dislike you. Just whenever you post something, I hear flies buzzing.

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