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Topic merge rules??


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1 hour ago, Charles Anthony said:

We disagree on it being an error.  


I looked at this post:  


and associated it with the clutter generated by this post:  


and reckoned there was no need for the separate threads leading The road to 2020.  


You proved me right with this post:  


where, after the merger, you combined 2 quotes that each originated from the 2 threads and you linked them together coherently.  

You did so without realizing they originated from the 2 threads:  



You made the merger was a success.  

plz, give us a break, he don't know you merge them. You can merge all threads and people will do the same

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2 hours ago, Michael Hardner said:

If it were this thread wouldn't exist.

Do you think we are in Mao's time??? In China, people will not "not exist" anymore. They will show your face on TV :lol:. b1c44a2c-d474-4cb1-a2fb-685538fe5491.jpg


Anyway, what is wrong with the mods now? He locked this thread???


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What is wrong with you??? LOck the old thread. That is not a finish busa here. YOu are abuse your litter power. You lock and merge as you like without real reason.

How can you lock this thread 

or merge this two together?

Ilhan Omar campaign strategist's wife claims Omar is having an affair with her husband


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