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The Spectacular of Peaceful Protest in Hong Kong


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On 9/1/2019 at 9:56 AM, xul said:

Third Cathay Pacific Group oxygen tank found emptied before take-off from Hong Kong airport


Only Cathay Pacific employees could access these oxygen tanks. But from their union leader's mouth, they are all peaceful and dedicated professionals who should not be kicked out by their employer regardless what kind of damage they have done to their employer.

"We don't want to lose Cathay" ? What a joke! Does she think Cathay Pacific is the only airline in the world so passengers have no option but use it anyway regardless how much it is unreliable? She even don't know that what they are doing is destroying the company then the lives of themselves since no employer would hire an employee who used to sabotage the employer's property and endanger the employers's customers' lives.

I despise these people, not because they are Honkies and I'm a mainlander as Rue speculated, but because they are so selfish persons who never consider others but themselves.



13 months have passed. This lady and her fellow flight attendant union members have finally got what they wanted----strike forever....


Cathay Pacific will cut 8,500 jobs and scrap its regional airline as it grapples with mounting losses during the COVID-19 pandemic. The job cuts account for around 24% of the company's headcount. As part of efforts to save cash, Cathay Pacific would scrap salary increases in 2021, not pay a discretionary bonus in 2020, and extend its unpaid leave scheme for non-flying staff until 1H2021. In an internal memo, Cathay CEO Augustus Tang said management had taken every possible action to avoid job losses, but the airline would not survive without further measures.


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On 8/10/2020 at 8:37 AM, Michael Hardner said:


Jimmy Lai was arrested.  The world will have to get together and say something about this.  The US seems to me to be making noises on this front, but I wonder if they would shut up again if a trade deal was achieved.

My knowledge/impressions on this one are based on reading the headlines...

The world...?


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I have never been a fan of Trump and Trumptards, but this time I have to speak something for them. What these Trump supporters did today is nothing worse than what those HK protesters did in 2019:Using rumors and baseless accusation to prop their movement against the system, illegal gathering and rallying, breaking in governmental buildings, etc.  Exactly they appeared to be more civilized than those HK mob protesters, at least I see they have damaged nothing but a door which they needed to get through:

But why are they treated differently by mainstream media and politicians? The mainstream media called HK protesters "peaceful protesters". American politicians invited these foreign HK protesters whom they were not committed to represent to congress and praised them. But to these Trump supporters, media call them rioters, politicians who are committed to represent them just ignore them and condemn them for the violation of law, and police shoot them. Nobody even bother to listen what they want to say? At least Carrie Lam invited protesters in to listen their requests during HK protests.

American politicians In 2019:

American politician Today:

Even in 1989, CCP also invited the leaders of student protesters in to listen what they would say...before they decided to crackdown the protest:


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Senator Booker: "But this time, we brought this hell upon ourselves."

What an irony!

Have these American politicians had any idea on how many times they and CIA have brought this hell upon other nations? How many lives in those poor weak third world countries have been lost just because they are too enthusiastic to play regime-changing games for their own domestic political gain?

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