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The new cold war with China

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All the noise you hear about trade war is only the tip of the iceberg. There's also an ideological war over authoritarian rule and western freedom (speech, religion, press etc...)  The CCP is not really interested in reforming and loosening control causing chaos like tiananmen square. Ultra nationalistic soviet era propaganda are in full swing. Welcome to the new cold war of our time. Join us cannucks or you can kowtow to your new masters. They won't be so polite about dairy prices. 


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I already joined you in the First Cold War, cousins,  and I for one never stood down because in actual fact neither did the Communists, 15 minutes notice to launch on warning hair trigger alert, has never stood down.

You have to understand though, due to its weak and watered down constitution, with no free speech in a practical sense,  and no property rights at all,  Canada has already fallen to the "Progressive" communists who are in league with China against American freedom as a fifth column inside the perimeter of Fortress North America.

So those of us who are with you, are already caught behind enemy lines, a new Iron Curtain between us and our rights endowed by the Creator.

The speech banning, gun grabbing,  totalitarian enemies of freedom have come to rule here by way of their proxies in academia, the unions and associated state propaganda arms, and we have no First nor Second Amendment to defend ourselves from them.

The Chinese are already the masters here, why do you think they are throwing such a hissy fit over Meng Wanzhou?  Beijing simply cannot believe that their sycophants in Canada would ever defy them, even though obviously their Canadian proxy is not doing it willingly.

Big Daddy Trump, President of Canada, don't stop driving a wedge between Ottawa and their masters in Beijing, that's the only thing protecting us right now.

In terms of the wider operational picture in the Western Pacific which will end up coming down to defense of freedom of navigation, now that ABM 72' and INF 87' are defunct, America needs to ramp up the pursuit of a comprehensive counterforce option in the event it becomes necessary to preempt the PLA at the breach.

Eagle with thunderbolts in talons grasped; Peace Through Strength.

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