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2 hours ago, Cannucklehead said:


Who? You mean John McCain's policy advisor? Founder of the Lincoln Project?

Well, to quote Chairman Mao Joe, "C'mon man." That Guy's so Proggy he makes RINOs look good.

And I like the way he tries to steal the "Walk Away" slogan from the movement that posted hundreds of testimonials of Democrats "walking away from that party." See some here

What is it with Progs that they don't seem capable of an original thought? You see it in their memes too. It's all stuff where they copied the idea and replaced burns targeting the left with the right. And it never really works. That's why they say the left can't meme. The progs have been giving Leftist memes a bad name. Actually some Liberal memes aren't bad. But...and no personal offense to you Canucklehead but you should try harder to find some of those Liberal ones. The ones I've seen from you so far have all been total Prog, Witless, unfunny, flat baseless and tired. 


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