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Cultural Heritage Gems of Saudi Arabia

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I try to keep my post short, so I will limit my comment to just say, I wish more people would get out and see more of the world. Traveling to a country like KSA and comparing your perceptions with the stereotypes you observe on mainstream media, like many other westerners who have visited, you are likely to end up questioning a lot of things. To be so fundamentally lied to when it comes to a country - one that is constantly in the news - requires a lot of effort and much propaganda.

A Finnish woman’s mission to show the world Saudi Arabia’s cultural heritage gems



Alho is a Finnish woman who came to Riyadh 10 years ago, exploring Saudi Arabia’s rich heritage ever since. She was attracted by the culture and history of the region.

“I was just so positively surprised about all the amazing places I kept finding around Riyadh and also tired of hearing the negative comments about the country, that I decided the least I could do was to show people that it is not a bad place to live in.”

“Another aim for the blog was to show the outside world what life in Saudi Arabia is really like and to showcase the beautiful places to visit in KSA. What I kept seeing in the mainstream media was mostly negative, blown-out-of-proportion or false info about KSA. I think the country gets an unfair portrayal in the media and that motivated me to try to show the positive sides.”


I will be posting some pictures here, although they don't even begin to scratch the surface of all KSA has to offer.

29710151296_c5f73880f2_b.jpgThee Ain - The Marble village by frapho, on Flickr

22573560335_77a2605af6_b.jpgJEDDAH_AL HAMRA _1 by AHMED SAMIR, on Flickr

38733891112_7fd8a74d1d_b.jpgMake Riyadh Green Again Nov-18-17 by Bader  Alotaby, on Flickr

44379299174_a721a8c37e_b.jpgMadinah by Photography Arabia, on Flickr

16641226393_8b7e70beef_b.jpgSaudi Arabia Snow by ABO_TMEEM, on Flickr

10351602393_97aa7f4dd6_b.jpgDSC00933 by Aiwaah Dot Com, on Flickr

16421693898_a162bb03d7_b.jpgDumat Al-Jandal by Waqas Toor, on Flickr

8268586469_a82474bb92_b.jpg.     Abdul rauf Khalil's Museum & Mosque,Jeddah Alfaisaliya erea Ph.by M.Bakhdar by Muhammad  Bakhdar, on Flickr


9368821351_8122df8cd4_b.jpgHDR-0024.jpg by Linda Polik, on Flickr


32291802058_85e6b59760_b.jpgDay 3 Saudi National Day Festival by ArsEgo.ro Iulian Dinu 115 by Iulian Dinu, on Flickr

31224976187_47fd0561f5_b.jpgDay 1 Saudi National Day Festival by ArsEgo.ro Iulian Dinu 65 by Iulian Dinu, on Flickr

6600902161_f97359e6bd_b.jpgCastle oblique- قلعة المرقب by Mshari AL zhrani, on Flickr

16799586827_7051c5ce43_b.jpgMakkah - the most peaceful city in the world - l by Ferdousi Begum, on Flickr

45085801901_b9c15df955_b.jpgMorning by saleh.sm7, on Flickr

29974408867_fd995d9bb0_b.jpgAl Taibat International City by Aditya Prabaswara, on Flickr

25401672655_7daeb9c74c_b.jpgMasmak by Faisal Bin Zarah, on Flickr

40361612281_a0175ba8d1_b.jpgAisha Al Rajhi Mosque in Makkah by KSA الصور, on Flickr

23499121480_c4d5da866d_b.jpgAngawi House by Walid Mahfoudh, on Flickr


25555639003_97e30f983d_b.jpgRiyadh Cityscape by Andrew A. Shenouda, on Flickr

39339681902_0c64892162_b.jpgDiriyah viewed from Jubeirah Park rommrgb by Manny Dagohoy, on Flickr

25840697208_4df5d9f41b_b.jpgAboveDepy8ObX0AAVpMv.jpg the clouds by KSA الصور, on Flickr


41130679911_6cfc1e04b9_b.jpgHeritage Village In Al Ghat by Maher Najm, on Flickr




8291058218_54e2e6c302_b.jpgMadain Saleh Archaeologic Site, Saudi Arabia by Eric Lafforgue, on Flickr

37856251272_1972e41bdd_b.jpgUntitled by Faisal Bin Zarah, on Flickr





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I would like to introduce myself, I came here to exchange views regarding political events around the world.

The views I share on issues is one that might be different than what many are accustomed to hearing, but as long as you have an open mind to hear me out, I promise to do the same and hear you out as well.  I look forward to exchanging views and believe that, in the process, the various perspectives that are exchanged will leave their appropriate imprint with us. 

 I intend to advance a message that paints a picture that is ultimately different than what the "mainstream media" likes to paint about Saudi Arabia. Secondly, I like to scrupulously avoid getting into exchange of personal insults and ad hominem attacks and look forward to you reciprocating the same.



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All scenes of scenery without people. the few shots of people are all men, boys. Postcard shots. There are no places so empty like that all the time, show us the people. Why not show how people walk in the open street, common areas. Women too, please.

Can my wife walk around freely and safely in the streets, without fear of being attacked?

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