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Free Trade might becoming next week with EU

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Larry Kudlow says the EU will be coming over to the US next week with a free trade offer for Trump to consider. 

No thanks to you canada... So hurry up and conform to our demand or you'll be left in the dust .


"KUDLOW: Jean-Claude Juncker, the head of the E.U., is coming to Washington next week. We will be in discussions, I am told. He’s bringing a very important free trade offer, okay? I am told. I can’t confirm that. This is what I’m hearing. Our ambassador, and others…"


KUDLOW: Yes, it could. Look, I was in the bilaterals – just to step back for a minute – with Justin Trudeau and President Trump and with President Macron and President Trump … so President Trump said to both Trudeau and Macron, and later to Merkel, “Let’s abolish tariffs, non-tariff barriers, and subsidies. Let’s work together together to do that, okay?” We made progress. There were no deals, okay? That communique broke down not because of those bilaterals – the bilaterals were great – but because of a press conference that Trudeau never should have given. 

Now, I am told through our sources – including our ambassadors – that Merkel has been working on that, shaking up the E.U. …



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