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Wasting Canadian Blood and Treasure

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How does this even relate to the conversation that myself and smallc had. It does not....it was never about choosing a carear, it was about Canadians and their treatment of the armed forces, and the current condition of our military....

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How does this even relate to the conversation that myself and smallc had. It does not....it was never about choosing a carear, it was about Canadians and their treatment of the armed forces, and the current condition of our military....

I would assume that the reasons for joining the military might have something to do with its current condition and the perception that Canadians have of the military. As to your conversation, I thought that by placing it into the common forum that you are requesting other comments. There is a way to converse directly with other members and by-passing the common board.

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The reasons I joined the military, are in no way reflected or tied to the current condition of our military, or it's perception of Canadians may have upon it , as I tried to tell you earlier. The topic was the current condition of our military, and the way our nation treats it's vets.....

And your right the common forum is for anyone to post in. This conversation was for the general forum public, I did not mean you could not post, but rather informed you that your post was off topic.

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Joining our forces is career decision. I think the vast majority of our soldiers know what they are getting into and still choose that career. There appear to be a philosophical shift in the way our government wishes to use the military. It wants to move from "peacemaking" (as the Americans call engagements in nation building) to peacekeeping - which most Canadians seem to prefer.

The individual joins the military knowing that they are subject to the changing governments and/or changing whims of governments. This includes financing, deployments, foreign policy etc.

I find it fruitless when anyone complains about their career choice. They made the choice, they did so with the knowledge of the conditions and can always leave. Most of us had the opportunity to join the military as a career but chose not to do so because of the nature of the work. Others chose to join. That was their choice.

With me it was a boredom decision. It was a "My God, I've got to do something to get out of here" decision.

Myself and a friend joined because the poster had people skiing and sailing and shooting guns, and all we did was weld and smoke and drink.

I lost touch with him not long after we joined, being posted to different areas and such, and I later found out he had been paralyzed in a skiing accident.

Still, I never regretted my decision.

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Interesting Matthew Fisher column on a former Canadian Army L-Col on the upcoming dangers faced by Canadian soldiers who will be questing in Africa for a security council seat so Trudeau can brag about it.

"The Kumbaya thing will not work, especially in Africa. Given the volatility of these countries, why do we think that our human kindness will work over there? Maybe niceness will work if it is backed up with some real teeth and a line in the sand.”
Grenier recalled what a fellow blue beret from Senegal told him early in his UN tour in Rwanda.
“‘When an African shows you his fist, you show him your knife’,” the officer said. “‘When an African shows you his knife, you show him your gun. You never show weakness’.”


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Actually, the Security Council seat wasn't even in the platform. Peacekeeping one. In other words, peacekeeping because of itself.

Yeah, okay. You keep trying to spin that. Everyone knows the Liberals have been on their knees in every UN office that will let them in the door promising the world if only we can be allowed to have a security council seat.

And this is NOT peacekeeping. Even the Liberals have acknowledged that old-fashioned earnest, 1960s peacekeeping is dead and won't work in Africa. This is going to be more like Afghanistan or Iraq. Trying to keep murderous jihadis from slaughtering people.

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And speaking of treasure I heard trudeau flights have cost us 1300 per person for food and beverage. Where under harper it averaged $41 per person. Did any one read that??

Did you skip over the line in the article (which you conveniently didn't link to) that said those costs include flight security and staff?
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Trudeau is heading to Israel for the funeral and Chretien is on board flying on our dime. But evil harper is flying commercial and paying for it himself.

So is Trudeau evil for going on the plane he usually goes on? I don't know how I'm supposed to feel based on your posts.

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The point is that it's stupid to compare it to Harper because this figure includes things to that were not included in a the past. It's sheer dishonesty to put the numbers side by side when they account for different things.

I never mentioned Harper.

You did.

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You jumped into a discussion I was having with another poster. Stupid me for thinking you were addressing what you quoted. :rolleyes:

I'm ticked at what Mr Trudeau is DOING. Not what your favorite go-to did in the past. Funny that. I suffered his father...now the son. Seems like royalty to me.

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It's certainly a different format. It's still a peacekeeping mission. I supported Afghanistan - why not this?

Your party was violently opposed to Afghanistan, and all things military.

Yet here is your great leader 'whipping out' his military to show what a big man he is.

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