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Why does Canadian media ignore highest political level money launderin

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Considering the stink made about Senator Duffy and Rob Ford and Karlheinz Schreiber, I am a bit shocked that Canadian investigative reporters won't dig into massive drug smuggling and money laundering Harper allowed to take place on our soil - especially since the bulk of the black profits went to the yanks. Aside from the $3 million made by Harper, only Levesque and Nesbitt Burns (and the bikers who handled the nation-wide distribution) made the big bucks. But the end users of all this cocaine and heroin included our high school and uni students. Are we supposed to let Stephen just ride off into the sunset with a fat pension for deliberately ignoring and allowing the posioning of our kids - especially at the expense of Canadian investors? RE: http://AmericanFinancialGroupFraud.wordpress.com

Harper did far more than just "look the other way". He made sure that two eye witnesses were rushed out of Canada by using his Justice and Immigration Ministries as political weapons. With these two guys in Canada Harper risks spending the balance of his life in prison, that is why Gorcyca and Ingvaldsen simply had to go. The media toyed with Rob Ford until the video turned up. There has, according to court records and sworn private investigator's report been both audio and video tapes about this huge drug ring for years. Why is the Canadian media afraid to make those tapes public or track down a copy of these seized book manuscripts; http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/off-topic-messages/91146-uncle-sam-seized-book-manuscripts-protect-jeb-bush.html Hrper went out of his way to approve a fake extradiiion of a former federal agent to keep his own ass out of jail.

If the media will not hold our pols accountable on the big down and dirty stuff most foul, why bother with Rob Ford's drug addiction? Why does Canada, just like America punish whistle blowers instead of help them. We are becoming the 51st state and our media is asleep at the switch, or somehow standing to gin from all the corruption they deliberately ignore??? http://www.veteranstodayforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=1229

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There is absolutely no verifiable source connecting Stephen Harper to anything here. You've got an allegation backed up by a link to a web blog with more allegations backed up by a link to another forum post with more allegations. The only time Stephen Harper's name is used is when some person or you are accusing him of something. There is absolutely no official documentation that can be verified that supports any of these claims you make. Show me one piece of evidence that any of the things you accuse Harper of doing actually happened.

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Perhaps you can answer a basic question.....when you look through a lot of this drug-peddling piffle, most, if not all of these clandestine activities take place in the 90's when Jean Chretien was PM. That said, Chretien was no more involved with your journalistic contortions that Harper was. So - what is your obsession with Harper - who wasn't Prime Minister until 2006?

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Some of you clearly cannot read or are too lazy to do so. The two eyewitnesses to the crimes described were rushed out of Canada by Harper before any MP could muster up a formal investigation. There are indeed honest DEA and honest RCMP who if subpoenaed in a court of law or Parlimentary investigation, confirm the allegations. Some of you hope by ignoring the facts they will just fade away. Not likely when 139 Canadians were swindled out of $43 million and $1 Billion of cocaine was allowed on Canadian soil.

Forget the specific crimes for a moment and look at the broader picture... This comes down to CENSORSHIP and freedom of speech. Two whistleblowers come to Canada to alert Canadians to massive corruption being imposed on Canada (maybe even on Harper - there is a small possibility he he was blackmailed and the $3million was a "thank you" campaign contribution.) By criminalizing the witnesses - even resorting to a fake extradition, Harper basically said CENSORSHIP IS OUR NEW POLICY FOR CANADA. I think most Canadians would reject this yet the media stays mum.

BTW... it is matter of police records that both corrupt FBI agent Terry Nelson and Harper's pal Mike Huxtable were arrested with 4 tons of cocaine in 1997 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan and two mounties vehemently protested the cover-up and were transferred to remote outposts as punishment. An investigative reporter named Gary Webb who first reported the shady dealings South of the boarder in Montana was found shot TWICE in the head with a "suicide note" that was typed. Furthermore, MP Paul Szabo was given video and audio recordings as were the RCMP and FBI according to Canadian court files. So yes, dear sir... these things did take place, but nobody seems to have the balls to start a proceeding or Parliamentary investigation. It is a sad day when someone is not allowed to testify on their own behalf in Canada, had a lawyer who after visited by 4 U.S. federal agents and makes a trip to Panama suddenly tells the court "I seem to have somehow misplaced those items", and then has to cooperate with honest DEA and RCMP from the safety of China after their family home in Mississauga is shot up twice in one month.

I once again suggest you stop glancing and start reading. There is ample evidence, recordngs, witnesses, and police files to make a case against Harper, Rob Nicholson, and Michael Huxtable (if he is still alive) Two Canadians have been murdered thus far and more than five Americans were snuffed all within a two year time period and all witnesses to the above matters. Did you read the letters from Ottawa Reporter Paul McKay and the 7 page letter sent to the FBI Director Mueller and the 11 page investigative report of Canadian PI Ed Reiken? If you did, you would not doubt the above scenario for a second. Start here and read http://bruceslawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com and pay attention to the exhibits and dates. Then read the two chapters leaked from the seized bookmanuscripts at worldlawdirect.com, and finally the letter Gorcyca wrote to Harper when he was drinking in 2006 http://2006bruce.blogspot.ca. Here's the link to the two chapters leaked by "Nico". http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/off-topic-messages/91146-uncle-sam-seized-book-manuscripts-protect-jeb-bush.html

I hardly think anyone posting on this forum knows more than RCMP, FBI, and DEA agents - especially a 20 year veteran FBI supervisor (Ted Gunderson) and a 30 year DEA director (now retired Dennis Dayle)

P.S. As for the reference to Mulroney... he did not orchestrate a fake extradition to silence/discredit/remove a witness from Canada - Harper did. See http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/pm-stephen-harper-violated-law-human-rights-treaty-8-times-fake-extradition-bruce-gorcyca

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Get of your ass and go look at the courthouse archives if you think the document scans posted on blogs are fake. I made the journey to Oscgoode Hall and verified that the evidence on file matched the scans posted on the blogs you refer to. I aslo saw many references to audio and video tape exhibits but with the notation "Removed for administrative purposes".

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The two eyewitnesses to the crimes described were rushed out of Canada by Harper before any MP could muster up a formal investigation.

I have a reliable source that then places both those witnesses on the American Airlines aircraft that did not crash into the Pentagon on 9/11.

That of course means that not only was Harper involved, he has access to top secret time travel equipment. SECRET AGENDA

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