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Why does Canadian media ignore highest political level money launderin

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Considering the stink made about Senator Duffy and Rob Ford and Karlheinz Schreiber, I am a bit shocked that Canadian investigative reporters won't dig into massive drug smuggling and money laundering Harper allowed to take place on our soil - especially since the bulk of the black profits went to the yanks. Aside from the $3 million made by Harper, only Levesque and Nesbitt Burns (and the bikers who handled the nation-wide distribution) made the big bucks. But the end users of all this cocaine and heroin included our high school and uni students. Are we supposed to let Stephen just ride off into the sunset with a fat pension for deliberately ignoring and allowing the posioning of our kids - especially at the expense of Canadian investors? RE: http://AmericanFinancialGroupFraud.wordpress.com

Harper did far more than just "look the other way". He made sure that two eye witnesses were rushed out of Canada by using his Justice and Immigration Ministries as political weapons. With these two guys in Canada Harper risks spending the balance of his life in prison, that is why Gorcyca and Ingvaldsen simply had to go. The media toyed with Rob Ford until the video turned up. There has, according to court records and sworn private investigator's report been both audio and video tapes about this huge drug ring for years. Why is the Canadian media afraid to make those tapes public or track down a copy of these seized book manuscripts; http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/off-topic-messages/91146-uncle-sam-seized-book-manuscripts-protect-jeb-bush.html Hrper went out of his way to approve a fake extradiiion of a former federal agent to keep his own ass out of jail.

If the media will not hold our pols accountable on the big down and dirty stuff most foul, why bother with Rob Ford's drug addiction? Why does Canada, just like America punish whistle blowers instead of help them. We are becoming the 51st state and our media is asleep at the switch, or somehow standing to gin from all the corruption they deliberately ignore??? http://www.veteranstodayforum.com/viewtopic.php?t=1229

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There is absolutely no verifiable source connecting Stephen Harper to anything here. You've got an allegation backed up by a link to a web blog with more allegations backed up by a link to another forum post with more allegations. The only time Stephen Harper's name is used is when some person or you are accusing him of something. There is absolutely no official documentation that can be verified that supports any of these claims you make. Show me one piece of evidence that any of the things you accuse Harper of doing actually happened.

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Perhaps you can answer a basic question.....when you look through a lot of this drug-peddling piffle, most, if not all of these clandestine activities take place in the 90's when Jean Chretien was PM. That said, Chretien was no more involved with your journalistic contortions that Harper was. So - what is your obsession with Harper - who wasn't Prime Minister until 2006?

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Some of you clearly cannot read or are too lazy to do so. The two eyewitnesses to the crimes described were rushed out of Canada by Harper before any MP could muster up a formal investigation. There are indeed honest DEA and honest RCMP who if subpoenaed in a court of law or Parlimentary investigation, confirm the allegations. Some of you hope by ignoring the facts they will just fade away. Not likely when 139 Canadians were swindled out of $43 million and $1 Billion of cocaine was allowed on Canadian soil.

Forget the specific crimes for a moment and look at the broader picture... This comes down to CENSORSHIP and freedom of speech. Two whistleblowers come to Canada to alert Canadians to massive corruption being imposed on Canada (maybe even on Harper - there is a small possibility he he was blackmailed and the $3million was a "thank you" campaign contribution.) By criminalizing the witnesses - even resorting to a fake extradition, Harper basically said CENSORSHIP IS OUR NEW POLICY FOR CANADA. I think most Canadians would reject this yet the media stays mum.

BTW... it is matter of police records that both corrupt FBI agent Terry Nelson and Harper's pal Mike Huxtable were arrested with 4 tons of cocaine in 1997 in Weyburn, Saskatchewan and two mounties vehemently protested the cover-up and were transferred to remote outposts as punishment. An investigative reporter named Gary Webb who first reported the shady dealings South of the boarder in Montana was found shot TWICE in the head with a "suicide note" that was typed. Furthermore, MP Paul Szabo was given video and audio recordings as were the RCMP and FBI according to Canadian court files. So yes, dear sir... these things did take place, but nobody seems to have the balls to start a proceeding or Parliamentary investigation. It is a sad day when someone is not allowed to testify on their own behalf in Canada, had a lawyer who after visited by 4 U.S. federal agents and makes a trip to Panama suddenly tells the court "I seem to have somehow misplaced those items", and then has to cooperate with honest DEA and RCMP from the safety of China after their family home in Mississauga is shot up twice in one month.

I once again suggest you stop glancing and start reading. There is ample evidence, recordngs, witnesses, and police files to make a case against Harper, Rob Nicholson, and Michael Huxtable (if he is still alive) Two Canadians have been murdered thus far and more than five Americans were snuffed all within a two year time period and all witnesses to the above matters. Did you read the letters from Ottawa Reporter Paul McKay and the 7 page letter sent to the FBI Director Mueller and the 11 page investigative report of Canadian PI Ed Reiken? If you did, you would not doubt the above scenario for a second. Start here and read http://bruceslawsocietycomplaint.wordpress.com and pay attention to the exhibits and dates. Then read the two chapters leaked from the seized bookmanuscripts at worldlawdirect.com, and finally the letter Gorcyca wrote to Harper when he was drinking in 2006 http://2006bruce.blogspot.ca. Here's the link to the two chapters leaked by "Nico". http://www.worldlawdirect.com/forum/off-topic-messages/91146-uncle-sam-seized-book-manuscripts-protect-jeb-bush.html

I hardly think anyone posting on this forum knows more than RCMP, FBI, and DEA agents - especially a 20 year veteran FBI supervisor (Ted Gunderson) and a 30 year DEA director (now retired Dennis Dayle)

P.S. As for the reference to Mulroney... he did not orchestrate a fake extradition to silence/discredit/remove a witness from Canada - Harper did. See http://www.opnlttr.com/letter/pm-stephen-harper-violated-law-human-rights-treaty-8-times-fake-extradition-bruce-gorcyca

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Get of your ass and go look at the courthouse archives if you think the document scans posted on blogs are fake. I made the journey to Oscgoode Hall and verified that the evidence on file matched the scans posted on the blogs you refer to. I aslo saw many references to audio and video tape exhibits but with the notation "Removed for administrative purposes".

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The two eyewitnesses to the crimes described were rushed out of Canada by Harper before any MP could muster up a formal investigation.

I have a reliable source that then places both those witnesses on the American Airlines aircraft that did not crash into the Pentagon on 9/11.

That of course means that not only was Harper involved, he has access to top secret time travel equipment. SECRET AGENDA

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    • By OntarioRacism2021
      Trump Hysteria in 2022
      We are all obligated to believe that Donald Trump is evil. We are almost in 2022 and people will not stop complaining about this guy. Why? Well, he is racist to start. 
      Okay, I hate racists, let us examine why we accept the fact that he is racist. Also, I am from Canada and I have no idea why so many Canadians feel triggered and violated by the former leader of another country. The next time you hear someone in Canada criticize Trump, please refer them to this article. 
      Trump Refuses to Disavow White Supremacy: Debate with Joe Biden
      It is absurd that anyone can construe Trump’s words in the debate to mean he supports racism. He clearly answered “sure” when asked if he disavows white supremacy and then he disavowed. Anyone interpreting that response during the Biden debate to indicate that Trump supports racism makes a mockery of themselves. For those who believe that Trump has never disavowed white supremacy or racism please watch below:
      He also directed the Proud Boys to “stand back” which is hardly an endorsement. By the way, the Proud Boys are white supremacists based on what definition? 
      Any specific tenet of the organization to support this claim or just CNN? Their leader, Enrique Tarrio, is black, and their founder, Gavin McInnes, is married to a Ho-Chunk woman. Gavin’s children have tribal rights and are recognized as members of the Indigenous group. PB has Latino, Black, Jewish, LGTBQ, all types of members.
      In Canada, the PB have been labelled as a domestic terror group although no explanation was ever provided. The only incident with the PB in Canada was in Halifax in 2017. The Halifax 5 peacefully, without violence or criminal convictions, asked why protestors wanted to destroy/remove a statue.
      The Halifax 5 includes a member of the LGTBQ and Indigenous community. They were military members proudly serving this country. PB, in Canada, is now labelled on the same degree of threat as ISIS and Al Qaeda- makes sense, right? 
      You could be arrested for wearing a PB hat in Canada. 
      Question: Why?
      Answer: Ummm. January 6th. The “storming” of the capital by white supremacists!
      Question: Was that in Canada or USA?
      Answer: USA
      Question: Did PB organize the January 6th trespassing event?
      Answer: No one knows but, based on CNN, probably.
      Question: Any convictions linking PB members to any criminal/terrorism acts on January 6th?
      Answer: Not as of December 2021. But still, definitely terrorists and white supremacists!
      Sh*T Hole Countries
      Firstly, this was allegedly about Haiti and some African countries. There is also no audio of what was actually said and even the most un-objective person would agree that Donald does not get any benefit of the doubt from the media on context. Anyone who has ever been to Haiti and wants to vouch for the wonderful development of this country, please raise your hand. Statistically, check out the data on Haiti.
      Haiti remains the poorest country in the LAC region and among the poorest countries in the world. In 2020, Haiti had a GDP per capita of US$2,925, the lowest in the LAC region and less than a fifth of the LAC average of US$15,092. On the UN's Human Development Index, Haiti ranked 170 out of 189 countries in 2020. At every standard and every measurement, it is not a successful country. Prove me wrong.
      Secondly, Haiti is a country. If one disparages Haiti, it is not racist. Personally, I think Detroit is a sh*t hole. Detrotians are not a race. This would not be a racist statement. Parts of Scarborough, Ontario (GTA) (see Kingston Road) are a sh*t hole. Shuter Street, in downtown Toronto, is a sh*t hole. Sudbury and Hamilton-predominantly white, are sh*t holes.
      These are not racist statements. 
      Haitians could be any colour or race. Haitian is a nationality, not a race hence the absence of any racism. The comment was against the country not the people. 
      Thirdly. And yes, it is a sh*t hole.
      “Mexicans are Rapists”
      Obviously, on its face this is egregious and offensive. Mexico has challenges as a country-corruption, crime, cartels, etc. However, Mexican people are typically religious, family-orientated, hard working, friendly and al-in-all good people. Context is important. 
      The actual point that Trump was making was to criticize the US Visa lottery process which is based on arbitrary selection as opposed to merit. Would anyone disagree that visas should be issued to people based on their individual merit as opposed to being selected randomly? 
      It is my understanding that this comment/allegation by Trump was also raised in another context in which Trump was referring to the coyotes who transport illegals across the border. Does anyone defend the way people are smuggled into the USA? There are reports of the women being raped and some of the people sold into human trafficking. 
      Human smuggling is a terrible racket filled with horrible crime. If people believe that coyotes do not rape people and their vocation is an honourable one, please present your points below in the comments. Kindly use facts, not hyperbole and empty rhetoric or made up words.
      If the comment was made outside of these contexts and used to describe all Mexicans in all situations, it would be offensive and inappropriate. No argument.
      Ban on Muslims
      Again, a ban on Muslims is not racist as Islam is a religion, not a race. People of all races/colours are Muslims. It is also important to note that the Supreme Court agreed with Trump. I am sure the Trump haters, with their CNN and google powers, are more knowledgeable than the judges but take that up with the jurists.
      Trump pulled out of wars with Muslim countries, Iraq and Afghanistan, which saved Muslim lives. He also signed the peace deals with Israel and its neighbours, Muslim countries, which has brought peace and security to the Muslim region. Trump also stopped Obama’s drone policy, arguably a war crime?, in which many Muslims were killed by drones without due process, clear identification, or any legal protection or opportunity to defend themselves against accusations. How many Muslims died under Trump’s reign compared to Obama?
      U.S. military forces had been at war for all eight years of Obama’s tenure, the first two-term president with that distinction. He launched airstrikes or military raids in at least seven countries: Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Pakistan. Any pattern in the above seven? Yes, all Muslim countries.
      Fort Hood. Boston Marathon bombing. Pulse. Nothing like this happened on Trump’s watch.
      China Virus
      Trump was racist to call covid the china virus. It was actually universally called that in early 2020. Trump calling on a ban of travel to and from China is no different from countries banning travel to and from African countries sin December of 2021. Is it not?
      Trump was “racist” yet it was common place to use the term Wuhan virus or China virus. Was he following the regular term used?
      Good People on Both Sides at Charlottesville
      Is it not always best practice to be objective and to have perspective? Trump said some people defending the statues and some people protesting the statues were good people. Isn't that fair? Or should everyone on one side of an argument be considered right and the others wrong? History and statues are nuanced and both sides have legitimate points.
      Is anyone suggesting all people defending a statue are wrong? Why should people not want to protect their history and historical figures? History is nuanced and complex. Finding middle ground by Trump seems mature and reasonable.
      From the videos I saw, there was good people on both sides and aggressive people on both sides. It was chaos in Charlottesville. What was wrong with this balanced approach?
      Rigged Election
      Trump is evil because he disagreed with the election results. I am not suggesting there was fraud but does anyone really have 100% confidence that Biden received over 81 million votes? He is not by any definition charismatic, eloquent, competent. JFK and Obama have charm and stage presence. Natural leaders.
      Obama had under 70 million votes in the historic 2008 election. Sound plausible that Biden won over 10 million more votes than Obama?
      Biden's leadership skills, winning personality, and affability? Not so much. He is funny, not charming,  for all the wrong reasons.
      His speeches, gatherings, events do not reflect this massive degree of 80 million people popularity, do they? His most interesting quality seems to be his comical speech pattern which is to forget what he is saying, not a trait that typically brings 80 million votes, is it?
      Hilary Clinton took a similar stance on Trump’s win. A year after her defeat by Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton says “there are lots of questions about its legitimacy” due to Russian interference and widespread voter suppression efforts.
      In an interview with Mother Jones in downtown Manhattan, Clinton said Russian meddling in the election “was one of the major contributors to the outcome.” Can anyone really suggest that this conspiracy by Hilary is significantly different from what Trump did regarding his opinion on the 2020 election?
      How much coverage did “Russian collusion” get? It was ubiquitous yet never made sense on any level. Was the theory that Russians used Facebook to encourage people to vote for Trump or what was it? It was never explained just believed to be true that Trump’s election victory was illegitimate and Russians (ooo scary Russians) were involved!
      The FBI got involved to promote the idea that Trump’s win was illegitimate. The foolishness of the Steele dossier will forever disgrace the famous federal police organization.
       “He Put Kids in Cages!”
      Trump put kids in cages who arrived illegally and separated children from their parents. Sure. The government has policies and process on addressing those who enter illegally which requires detainment, processing and assessing. 
      For anyone who knows anything about correctional facilities, the jailers have the highest obligation to protect those whom they jail. Common sense suggests that children cannot be jailed with adults. If so, they are at great risk of assaults, rape, and murder. It is an unsupportable position to jail children and adults together which is why there are different sets of jails in Canada and the US for youth and adults.
      If he had jailed kids with adults, he would have been a monster and responsible for anything that happened to them. If he separated them and placed them in protective custody, he would be a monster for “putting them in cages”. The separation between kids and adults resulted in parents being separated from those whom they claimed to be their children. Obviously, this is not ideal. The infrastructure does not exist to provide each group arriving illegally private housing. This is the result of their parents committing crimes.
      President Obama’s policy was the same. Obama stated: “Don’t send your children to the borders!” He had the exact same position as Trump on people to not send their children to illegally cross the border. It is a difficult situation and one without a perfect solution.
      For anyone believing this to be an easy fix, check out Biden’s response. He has camps all across the border towns and under highway passes. Does this look like a better response than Trump’s? 
      Kamala Harris’s role? To research the roots of the issue. Why are they coming? Trump already answered that- see sh*t hole countries above. 
      Ukraine was an Impeachable Offense
      If you really believe that the call trump had with the leader of Ukraine would warrant the entire democratic process of elections be overturned then sadly, you are dismissed from this conversation. That is absurd. By no logic does that under the legal analysis qualify as treason/impeachable offense.
      First Step Act
      Trump signed into law the First Step Act which is designed to help those with criminal records succeed upon their return into society. Many racialized people will benefit from this program. This is different from Kamala Harris who incarcerated many racialized people for drug use.
      Next Steps
      If you live in Canada and you hate Trump and spend hours on social media letting everyone know how much you hate him…sigh…Time to let it go. Go for a walk. Get a pet. Play Candy Crush. Swipe away on Tinder. Watch a hockey game. Turn off CNN and keep the virtue signaling to a minimum. Its not your country. Not your problem and you don’t know what you are crying about.
      Big Jim on the Danny (Toronto)
      Go Leafs go!
    • By Greg
      I'm going to be making some major changes to the forums over the next few weeks.
      The first, and likely the biggest change, is going to be in the name of the site, and the domain name you use to access the site (and consequently the discussion forums). I'm not going to release the new name yet (or the domain), you'll just have to wait and see what it is.  Not to worry, all of the old URLs will still work, everything will just be forwarding to the new domain URL scheme.
      I will also be modifying the sub-form categories somewhat, incorporating some long overdue changes.  Mostly, I'll be expanding the US Politics section, so that it has it's own section (similar to what we have for the Canadian Politics section) 
      Canadian Domestic Politics Federal Politics Provincial Politics Local Politics United States Domestic Politics Federal Politics State Politics Local Politics International Politics Canada / US Relations The Rest of The World The remainder of the forums I plan to keep the same.
      Of course I'm always open to suggestion for organization of sections, so please post below if you have any ideas.
      If you have any other good suggestions on reasonable changes we can make to the forums, please post them below. If they're good ideas, I'll do my research and see how easy it would be to incorporate into the new forums.
    • By Hussain
      All over Ontario, people have been quarantined for weeks in order to flatten the curve and save lives, for the majority of places it has been working. Health officials are now saying that some places in Ontario have reached their peak and the daily number of cases are slowly starting to decline. However, long-term care homes are still at high risk and are being closely monitored to prevent a wide-scale outbreak.
    • By Hussain
      Canadians won’t be able to return to life as they knew it before the novel coronavirus pandemic until a vaccine is available, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Thursday.
      “Normality as it was before will not come back full-on until we get a vaccine for this… That will be a very long way off,” the prime minister said during his daily news conference on Canada’s response to the COVID-19 outbreak.
    • By Hussain
      As Canada confronts the worsening COVID-19 outbreak, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has hinted his government might declare a federal emergency, giving his cabinet extra powers to battle the pandemic.
      “It is a major tool and I can tell you that we already have a lot of tools that allow us to do what we need to do,” said Trudeau, at his Thursday news conference outside Rideau Cottage in Ottawa. “If there are other steps that need to be accomplished and can only be accomplished through invoking the Emergencies Act then we will do so.”
      Some experts have been urging the government to invoke the Emergencies Act, while others have shuddered at the idea, which would be an extraordinary step in the government’s response to the crisis.
      “We do recognize that the Emergencies Act is an extreme law with certain implications that would also require us to bring back the House of Commons to pass these measures,” said Trudeau.
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