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Gordie Howe Bridge

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Are there going to be second thoughts to the new bridge since a new report says its going to cost an extra 2-3 billion because of the low C$ and will it ever get paid off? The price tag , I think, was around 3.2 Billion, now we could be seeing a 6-7 billion $ bridge. I wonder if it would be cheaper to talk to the Ambassador Bridge company and work together to improve the existing bridge? http://www.ctvnews.ca/canada/slumping-loonie-could-add-3-5b-to-cost-of-windsor-detroit-bridge-documents-1.2723027

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I would say Harper and his gang wanted the bridge more than MOST Canadians and a new born baby today will probably be paying it off when its an adult, unless it moves to the USA.

Canada pushed for this bridge project really hard while trying to screw over the Ambassador Bridge owner...next time, be careful what you wish for.

Karma....DRIC style !

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Hopefully, enviroMentalists can delay the Gordie Howe Bridge project for many years. Related to the new cost projections, the Canadian peso is headed back to Liberal lows and cross border shopping will continue to plummet.

I worry more about China owning more of the US than the US.

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I was in Windsor over the holidays. They just opened the Herb Gray Parkway beyond EC Row. Make absolutely no mistake about it. They will be building that bridge. Image of the parkway here:


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I also wouldn't be the least bit surprised if the Ontario government blocked access to the Ambassador Bridge once the Gordie Howe Bridge is complete. The Ambassador Bridge is literally crumbling. They had to close streets in Windsor from the debris. You could stand under the bridge and see the sky through the roadway. All of this in private hands. I would not be the least bit surprised if they just barricade off the entrances to the Ambassador Bridge plaza once the new bridge is complete. Trucks will never use the old bridge. The 401 stays 100km/h to the proposed location of the new customs plaza. Taking the Ambassador Bridge means leaving the highway and driving a local street in a commercial zone that has seven traffic lights before getting there. Never going to happen once the new bridge opens.

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