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15 Citizen Community Globally, Political Philosophy for Human Future


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15 Citizen Community Globally, Political Philosophy for Human Future

By Exegesisme

1 I just reflected the possible foreign policy of US tea party, for it might take more power of US in future.

2 basically its goals are lower debts and lower taxes.

3 positive and effective foreign policy on these two goals could only be citizen community globally.

4 by the phrase citizen community globally, I mean US successful private citizens would play larger role internationally, and US foreign policy would at least encourage this tendency to partially replace the function of governmental foreign relationship.

5 the tendency of citizen community globally would be a strong force for global peace, for the private citizens do not have the power to use troop for their goals.

6 as an example, maybe an US entrepreneur would teach entrepreneurs of other nations how to deal with the relationships with their governments, and force the change of government with more rational and prepared power.

7 this is a good way of more peaceful, more effective, and less expensive for a good national and international order.

8 I believe there are few US entrepreneurs having been preparing to get job done this way.

9 if US politics develops along the way, it would be benefits both to US and the whole world.

10 Cruz is a person prepared to play a role on the way.

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