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2 Science of Mass, My Scientific Work​​

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2 Science of Mass, My Scientific Work​​

By Exegesisme

1, Mass essentially is a general magnitude of potential being of energy, and energy is a general magnitude of dynamic being of mass. Neutrino oscillation properly shows the relation between mass and energy, and Germany maybe make a surprising scientific discovery in this area. ​

2, Science of mass is different from physics. In physics, mass is a property of physical matter, in science of mass, mass is core of physical world and non-physical world.

3, In science of mass, gravitational mass is different from inertia mass. Gravitational mass is seen as out mass, all out masses are related to each other by gravity. For example, each particle is related to all other particles by gravity, so the jump up or down of an electron in an atom actually causes to absorb or radiate out a neutrino, except a photon, to represent an important change of position in the gravitational relation. Inertia mass is seen as inner mass, all inner masses as a whole show inertia in a motion caused by an integrated force, and as each other form sense, feelings, emotions in spirit, mind, soul.

4, The magnitudes of mass in spirit is so subtle, a being can not directly feel, in mind is just large enough to sense for reason, and in soul is so large, the being of it is named as emotion. In other words, spirit is the faculty for very small magnitude of mass at present stage still without obvious meaning, mind is the faculty for the magnitude of mass with reasonable meaning, soul is the faculty for the magnitude of mass with emotion to form an immediate attitude.

5, In different developed level of individual, or society, the magnitude of mass for spirit, mind, and soul are different. Although all human beings, and all societies should be respected, however, they are truly at different levels in the order of holy hierarchy.

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