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Why Debate when you can Rap Battle?


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Hi Everyone - I too am looking forward to this whole election to be over. In the meantime here is a fun song I made about the Canadian Federal Election. Trudeau vs. Mulcair vs. Harper!! (and May)..


I hope you enjoy it!


My main reasons for making it:

1. Trudeau is such an easy target and I feel no one has properly called him out on his 'Canadian Pride' and 'Victim of Harper Gov.' rhetoric.

2. We still live in a Capitalist System and I think a lot of these Leftist ideals will be a disaster financially.

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The Harperman song is being sung by thousands across the country and there is a website where hundreds are contributing lyrics.

Good luck with whatever it is you're trying to do.

This is waaaaay better than the Harper song. I understand you don't like it because it's pro-Harper.

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