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The Unconstitutional Political Practice Should Be Ended Soon


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The Unconstitutional Political Practice Should Be Ended Soon

By Exegesisme

The definition of democracy: is ruled by the omnipotent majority. In a democracy, an individual, and any group of individuals composing any minority, have no protection against the unlimited power of the majority. It is a case of Majority-over-Man.(1)

The definition of republic: A republic is a representative democracy with a written constitution of basic rights that protect the minority from being completely unrepresented or overridden by the majority.(1)

From the definitions of democracy and republic, I found that politically a republican regime is more advanced than a democratic regime, and a republic is developed for overcoming the trap of democracy. The definition of republic includes the good part meaning of democracy, but the definition of democracy does not the more advanced meaning of republic. If I have right to choose, I choose to live in a republican regime other than a democratic regime, and I choose to live in a more republican regime other than a less republican regime. The reason is that, if I am one of majority, I dislike the omnipotent power, and if I am one of minority, I hope my fundamental rights are in good protection.

As I measure the politics in Canada, I believe that it is a republic other than a pure democracy. We have a written constitution, we have the Chapter of Rights and Freedoms. However, I also notice that, in political practice, because of the Canadian political history, even the rights and freedoms of the representative function of a MP are under the limitation of the discipline of her or his own party.

"Whether MPs should act as delegates or trustees, both views of representation are constrained by another reality of Canada's parliamentary tradition: party politics and discipline. Most MPs are members of a political party and, as such, are required to follow the wishes of their party when deliberating and acting in the House. In Canada party discipline is much more acute than in other western democracies. In the United States and the United Kingdom, for example, representatives enjoy considerably more freedom from their parties. Canadian MPs, however, are expected to follow the direction set by their parties' leadership and caucus — even when that direction is in opposition to their views or the demands of their constituents."(2)

This corrupt custom, the discipline of a party has been put over the constitutional rights and freedoms, and also over the representative function, is unconstitutional, and should be ended as fast as we can. We, the Canadian people, should ask strongly that each MP should be really responsible for her or his riding, and we need more republic and good democracy, we do not need a false democracy!


(1) http://www.diffen.com/difference/Democracy_vs_Republic

(2) http://mapleleafweb.com/features/house-commons-introduction-canadas-premier-legislative-body

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      Reformation direction: Senators should be elected, and a strong Senate is in need.
      2, The government which is responsible to the elected representatives of the people and must maintain the confidence of the House is the second weakness
      Reformation direction: the government should be more regular, which means that the government should be changed more expected and more responsible, usually should be changed on term.
      3, The representative function of the members of the House who are under acute party discipline is the third weakness
      Reformation direction: MPs should enjoy considerably more freedom from their parties, the party discipline should be improved to higher levels, because it is out of natural law and case law tradition, weakens the republic ingredients of the political system, and injuries the dignity of these MPs, as the MPs are expected to follow the direction set by their parties' leadership and caucus — even when that direction is in opposition to their views or the demands of their constituents.
      4, The critical legislative function, which is weakened and less refined and less qualified and then faraway from the largest benefits of Canadian people in long run, the education system is an vivid example, is the fourth weakness.
      Reformation direction: refers to 1 and 3, the benefits of Canadian people in short run and in long run should be well represented.
      5, The number and distribution of seats in the House absolutely on the population, which disturbs the formation of the root political structure and weakens the political influence on the community of a riding and forgets a riding is a basic organic political body, is the fifth weakness.
      Reformation direction: allows the population of a riding waves in a range, pay efforts to the growth of the political leadership of a riding in the basic affairs of its community. I suggest to consider the number and distribution of seats in the House on an index which balances such factors as population, area, tradition, future importance and so on.
      6, An elector, who has residency somewhere in Canada and not necessarily in the electoral riding in which s/he is seeking election, is the sixth weakness.
      Reformation direction: an elector should have had residency for at least 5years in the electoral riding before she or he is seeking election there, this condition is key to improve the representative function, and in turn to improve the efficacy of the critical legislative function, and still in turn to promote the benefits of the people in the riding and the benefits of Canadian people as a whole.
      7, A Parliament, which too easily ends prior to its five-year limit and is less predictable for the expectation of the people , is the seventh weakness.
      Reformation direction: the term of a Parliament should be more predictable for the expectation of the people, which is the crucial factor for the people to promote their benefits.
      8, Most legislation originating with the government, which weakens the legislative role of both MPs and Senators, is the eighth weakness.
      Reformation direction: to widen the source of the legislation.
      In total, Canada's parliamentary system should be into fundamental reformation for improving its efficacy to promote the benefits of Canadian people.
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