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Judging the author, subject or content by context and fixation.

Guest Peeves

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Guest Peeves

Here, there, or in between ethics on moral ground.

When I read an author-group-source- or org. that focuses singularly on an issue or subject beyond what one might consider to a normal or reasonable degree I tend to consider the sources biased, slanted, fanatically obsessed or uninformed.

A couple of examples might be the church orgs. that want to put bans on products made in Israel(That employ Arabs btw) yet ignore totally those countries like Saudi Arabia that still have virtual slavery. Those that choose to Ignore those countries, some Arab countries that murder their citizens by the thousands. That ignore the atrocities perpetrated on gays in Arab countries, in Gaza controlled by Arab Hamas, in Iran (hanging gays I have read), while Israel, a democracy gives gays free reign, parades even.


The UN where the "Human Rights Council has adopted more resolutions condemning Israel than it has all other states combined.[1] From 1967 to 1989 the UN Security Council adopted 131 resolutions directly addressing the Arab–Israeli conflict."Ignoring for the most part the Arab violence against Jews -Christians-Kurds.

The Unions like CUPE that votes to censure Israel ignoring the abuses in other countries, some Arab atrocities year after year.

..........and the odd poster here that with an apparent agenda suggesting to me near anti-Semitism, that unreasonably focuses constantly on Israeli Jews yet ignores the thousands being killed by other countries, some Arab countries there deprived of the freedom Arabs have in Israel, or ignoring by exception sectarian murders of Shia by Sunni and Sunni by Shia that go on and on and on for generations.

One can ONLY assume the author(s) of such obsession are unable to put things in perspective in our world, and must time after time return to hate and vitriolic spewing of much exaggeration, elaborate falsehoods and spinning of fact to the absence of any accounting of the Arab history and continuing violence.

Now, I think it reasonable to assume that those that focus ONLY on one small democratic country with fault after fault, time after time ad infinitum, cannot be other than rabid agitators hoping to incite ani-Jewish hate in a single purpose of mind set.

I'm so glad they can spew their venom openly as did Joseph Goebbels for Adolph with the final solution seemingly still a goal by some like Iran and other detractors even here perhaps.

How do you picture them ?

I see a swastika behind them all. Maybe it's only me. I see storm troopers marching goose step. I see seig heil salutes. I hear


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