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What's in a name? Reporter? Propagandist? Journalist? Commentator?

Guest Peeves

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What's in a name? Reporter? Propagandist? Journalist? Commentator? Some times it becomes a matter of source. Sometimes a matter of agenda. Sometimes a matter of spin, but targets?

I suppose if you're a Hamas propagandist with a camera in a 'war' zone you're putting yourself at risk, because you are known' as an enemy agent and you might be 'taken out' just as another enemy of the Israelis.

But if you're an honest reporter on scene you probably should be allowed free reign as is possible.

Reporters die in wars.

Often of their choice in being embedded with the military or on the front line.

Israel knocked off three they apparently considered propagandists.SEE BELOW>

I fear for retaliation in kind.

the provided Link reviews the (?) distinctions.

Not that those with bias will necessarily agree. Still, I find it interesting. There have been from time immemorial military reporters, thence 'scribes' to put a spin on the rulers victories. Alas poor Goliath felled ? While stoned?

Look to the written word of the day when the Ernie Pyles (a roving WW 11 correspondent for the Scripps Howard newspaper chain)of the wars carried the day for their country.

All too often today we accept news media commentators as reporters, when in fact they take news provided them and spin same for the best public relations and profit.

Snake oil salesman all?


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