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What are you reading right now?


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On 9/20/2016 at 5:23 PM, msj said:

I have had this book in my playlist for quite some time:


It's the second book in the Kushiel's Legacy series: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kushiel%27s_Legacy

Fantasy type stuff.

The first book, Kushiel's Dart, was very good but this second one has been very hard to get into as the first quarter is a rehash of the first book.

But since it is an audible book I'm listening to, and the narrator is Anne Flosnik, I keep coming back to it and have finally persevered through that recap crap.

She is one of the finest readers I have ever heard even though with the content of this book I find myself ensuring that the car windows are rolled up as I don't need anyone overhearing the very explicit s&m sex scenes.

I'm reading Kushiel's Dart on your recommendation and quite enjoying it.  

Thank you! :)

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Still working on the second book of the Kushiel Legacy series but the first one is very good.

Currently, noticed I still had $89.44 on a gift card from Amazon so, for an extra 26 cents, bought these books:

Neil Gaiman's "The Sandman Overture." It is the prelude to his Sandman series he created back in the 80's:  



Also bought his latest "Troll Bridge." 



And the complete "ElfQuest" volume one:  




And, finally, "The Behavior Gap" by Carl Richards:  




That book also has cartoons in it that look like this: https://www.behaviorgap.com/blog/

All are a nice change of pace from my usual fare of Audible and Kindle books. 

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On the drive home tonight finally finished Kurt Vonnegut's "Breakfast of Champions" read by John Malkovich: 

Awesome book. 

Story is weird so look here if you are interested: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Breakfast_of_Champions

I tend to listen to these books at 1.5 speed but found that 1.25 was just right.  

Malkovich's voice is just right at that speed as he talks a  bit on the slow side. 

The book has pictures throughout which came in a downloadable PDF. 

When a picture would show up Malkovich would read the section of the book and then say "and here is a picture of an astericks representing an asshole...." 

In context it is very funny and this book should be heard rather than read. 

I' m finding that Vonnegut is an excellent writer as I have enjoyed "Galapagos" a while ago and  "2 B R 0 2 B" which can be found here for free: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/author/9812 

The 0 in the title is to be read as "naught" as in to be or not to be. 

Nice short story about assisted suicide and the Federal Bureau of Termination. 





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Vonnegut was one of my favourite sci fi authors as well, long ago before I stopped reading fiction.
Right now I am reading a forum full of rude and immature sounding people who seem to have it in for each other. Most posts here today are so pathetic there's not a lot I feel interested in commenting on. Is that what this MLW forum is all about?

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43 minutes ago, msj said:


Why did you stop reading fiction? 

No particular reason. I like history and science more I guess. These days I'm reading "Decline of the West", an old book (1918) by Oswald Spengler. German guy. Apparently this book was quite popular in Germany before "Mein Kampf". In it Spengler writes that all civilizations follow the same pattern as they evolve over time, much like a person does, and one sign of the final stages of decline is when the people willingly embrace a strong man or a Caesar.

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Before leaving on vacation I listened to "You" by Caroline Kepnes:




I got the Audible version as read by Santino Fontana; and he is one of the best readers you will ever find. 

Very good book even if the ending is a bit abrupt and a bit weak. 

The book reminds me a little bit like "Lolita" (as read by Jeremy Irons from Audible)  in that the narrator (or point of view of the story) is this horrible person and yet you kind of fall in love with the beauty of the story from his point of view (stalker Joe in "You" and phedophile Humbert in "Lolita").

Highly recommend these two books as something worthwhile reading one after the other. 

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On 6.2.2017 at 0:50 PM, JamesHackerMP said:

conclave, by Robert Harris. it's pretty neat so far.  The Pope dies and, naturally, they have to elect a new one.  Lots of intrigue and stuff.  I tried posting the cover image but for some reason it wouldn't let me.

The site doesn't seem to allow it.

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I just started the second volume (of three) in Lord Norwich's "byzantium" series.  It's unfortunately out of print, but he did make a "condensed" version of it (one 350p paperback instead of 1,200pp!) which is fortunately still in print.  I read that one first and decided to read the long version to see if it had more details.

Man, the byzantines were seriously screwed up.  But that makes the books all the more interesting!

Here's the condensed version, which is still quite good.


Perhaps I should start a Byzantium thread LOL

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