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GOP only talks about 9/11


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I would like to hear about most of the issues and not just about one.

This is just another detraction because there is nothing else to talk about under the Bush Regime, at least not positively!

They want to talk about Bush's leadership during this time, which is strange to me because he never had a plan to finish in Iraq, never was able to get enough money and troops from other countries, he's used up money like it grew on trees, he's an environmental disaster....I just don't see how anyone with a conscious could vote for this clown!

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Interestingly it was Clinton's lax attitude on terrorism that got us into this mess in the first place. Nevertheless, my wife has registered and will be voteing for Bush. Last night two American friends came over and we got them registered so they can vote for Bush. Yes it will be a close election, but Bush will take it.

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Interestingly it was Clinton's lax attitude on terrorism that got us into this mess in the first place.

Uh huh.

And it's Clinton's fault that the terrorism started up in the first place, right?

Well, if you're comparing Clinton to Chamberlain, the Islamists to Nazi's respectively, I think dare say you need to go back to Reagan.


That was the first blow.

Reagan caved in, and failed to show resolve to the terrorists then.

And in turn, encouraged thousands of more terrorists to try.

Bravo Mr. Reagan Bravo.

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Go back further to the 1972 Olympics.

But wait times change.

We had that pesky cold war and the huge atomic threat. Might have been a priority.

As Laura Bush said tonight, we are not going back under our desks again.


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We cannot afford 4 more years of excuses like:

The economy's bad...oh, because 9-11.

We're going to war again with another country...oh, because 9-11.

We have huge budget deficits...oh, because 9-11.

But the Saudi's were involved, ...yeah, but they had nothing to do with 9-11, just Iraq and Afganistan???

The 9-11 excuse has worn thin to a point where they have made it feel like an annoying subject now, and that, in and of itself is a tragedy.

I know blaming Clinton for everything is the Right's other excuse but, it's time for this president to take responsibility and accountability for what happend under his term...didn't even fire the CIA director, in fact, he praised him! WOW, and you'll call this leadership...

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